Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 3

Party Hardy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2007 on The CW

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  • At least one mystery solved!

    Johnny is left alone with Nikki and Karen tries to trust him. Johnny leaves to talk to Greta and Nikki throws a party. Cliff and Nikki drink. Greta knows something but won't tell Johnny. Bob and Karen go dancing with Tess and Travis. Nikki runs away. Cliff learns that Travis isn't very trustworthy. Liza is the one sending Johnny those creepy IMs.

    This was a great episode! I knew that Liza was important somehow! She is one of my favorite characters! I was disappointed with Nikki. I thought she would be triumphant with her problem, but she did it again. This episode gets a 9.5!
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  • Johnny continues his hunt for the story of what really happened with Eddie.

    A good episode with more character development and, in the case of Nikki, more character disappointment.

    Johnny and Greta’s kiss and budding relationship causes Cliff to warn Greta about what would happen if Johnny ever discovered the truth of what happened with Eddie. Greta threatens to tell Johnny everything but reconsiders. I loved the revelation at the end of this episode, Liza, the little wallflower (though why is everyone’s guess) turns out to be the one impersonating Eddie and sending Johnny messages. Despite this, she may turn out to become a good friend, though Johnny may not think about her in this way yet. In this type of series and with such a storyline, it is inevitable that he will discover that she is the one sending him these instant messages (which they continue to refer to as e-mail). It will be interesting to see what effect that will have on them.
  • It was pretty good

    Well first of all i didnt like nikki inviting all her friends and grtting johnny in trouble. Cliff is a total sweety and i can see what he hates his moms new boyfriend. I think cliff and nikki make a cute couple. And im not happy johnny and greta are having problems
  • Kept me entertained.

    I don't expect much from a summer serious other than not to feel that empty void of my fave Fall shows. With that said Hidden Palms gives me the same satisfaction that TheOC did the summer it premiered. This ep What Liza beneath had more of my favorite character Liza and finally felt like it was moving forward. Maybe a 8.5 is too high for some. But I feel like it portrayed exactly what it should. The mystery moved along, Cliff had some great moments and Nikki grew as well. Unfortunately, Johnny's going through a Dawson esque obsession with Greta (Jen) but still.

    I'm not sure if it's normal to love the secondary characters more than the main ones but it seems like Kevin Williamson has a nack for just that.

    Either way the best ep so far. And more Jesse-Jo please.
  • The show smells gin, suntan oil and lies. Actually it stinks like this.

    I think I was supposed to like Cliff after he had been shown in a different light, not only is he the party'n'play kind of a guy but also may have some problems. Here--with his mom's boyfriend. I don't feel him anyway.

    Liza being Johnny's internet stalker is predictable. But still--she may do something to cheer up the atmosphere.

    So is this going to be like this now--Cliff and Greta trying to cover the truth and Liza giving Johnny clues of how to get to it? Boring.

    It is annoying that they live between parties. You drink today, you dring tomorrow and in between as you do nothing but lying beside the pool. Is it just me or do normal people get tired of this lifestyle?

    I really don't know why I keep on watching Hidden Palms.
  • Ok, ok I am fealing it.

    This was actually a good episode!! Liza's storyline is finally introduced to us when we find out is her who is sending Johnny emails as Eddie.We also had a fight and a party. Finally Nikki went away I can't stand her. What about Cliff getting punched? I say he deserved it wherever he send the emails or not. So the show is becoming interesting little by little but what I say is that is has to hurry up with only 5 episodes left if the authors don't put some effort to make people like it,we will definetely not see a second season.
  • Better then the last eppisode...

    I'm not really into this show yet, but I'm trying to like it since I'm looking for a Veronica Mars replacement. Pretty much Greta says she can't be with Johnny, Nikki's friends drop by and start a huge party which Johnny gets blamed for and loses trust with his mom. Johnny starts a fight with Cliff and it ends with the stalker telling Johnny that Eddie was murdered.
  • This episode was okay. It was mainly about how Johnny wants to know more about Eddie, what happened between Greta and Cliff and who his cyber-stalker is. Nikki also throws a party and gets drunk.

    It wasn't the worst episode but it wasn't something that I liked either. Nothing new happened. Johnny wanted to know more answers but Greta told him nothing. Cliff and Johnny got in a fight because he suspects that Cliff is his internet stalker. I predicted that Nikki was going to throw a party. It's kinda annoying that Johnny always leaves her alone for Greta all the time. He did that in the previous episode too, and what a surprise, She gets drunk. He keeps talking to Greta about dead Eddie and what went on in the past but she keeps silent. She should've SAID something to make the conversation between them more interesting. I believe Greta and Cliff are lying about having no realationship with each other. But I'm guessing their secret is not going to be revealed for a long time. Cliff's mom is also letting her boyfriend move in and he hates that. It was cool to add Cliff's new hatred becuase it kinds makes him Johnny have something in common. The ending was best part of the episode in my opinion. We, the viewers, find out who is behind the whole cyber-stalking thing. This show kinds repeats itself but I'm hoping it well get better.
  • Good episode

    It was a good episode of Hidden Palms , all the mistery is making the serie better and better. Absolutily sure I'll keep watching this serie. Weel written, it was the best, after the pilot the serie is getting better and better . . .
    The cas t is very good to o , that two guys of the oc, they weren't so good there but here they are doyng much better, and the girls are beautiful I felt in love for Greta , I can't wait for de nex Wednesday to watch de episode 4 called What Liza Beneath.
  • Wow, it actually wasn't horrible.

    "Party Hardy" would be referring to Johnny's old friend, Nikki. After living with the Hardy's for a while, and being left alone unsupervised, Nikki always finds a way to get into some sort of trouble, as much as she tries to avoid it.

    Johnny continues to investigate who as been sending him creepy instant messages; Cliff is on the top of his list of suspects. Greta starts acting like a drama queen and Cliff is just asking for trouble. Liza and Travis play bigger roles in this show than most people would expect them to.

    As Johnny continues to search for the person who is instant messaging him, his relationship with Greta gets strained and his friendship with Cliff has decomposed. I think they're stretching the whole mystery thing way too long, but it seems like he will find out soon since viewers already know who it is. There are still a lot of questions that need answers, but I'm sure they will be covered soon. Johnny also jumps to conclusions and suspect Cliff has the one who is instant messaging him, but when he finds out it isn't Cliff, thing just get a whole lot more complicated for him.

    Ever since Johnny has been bringing up Eddie, Greta has been acting very distracted and bothered. She plays a part in the break-up with Johnny, so it wasn't completely Johnny's fault. Her character has grown from being the confident self-reserved to the Marissa Cooper drama queen type. Two of the stars in this episode were taken from "The O.C.", and now they try to pull off a character as annoying as Marissa Cooper. There is a difference though, Mischa Barton can't act and Amber Heard can barely act, which is better than nothing.

    Liza (shy girl) and Travis (Tess' boyfriend) seem like they have bigger roles in the mystery than we thought. As useless as their characters seemed to be in the past, this episode just shows that everyone plays a part in Eddie's death. Of course there are still a dozen questions that we would like answers to, but with an eight episode season, they wont "Lost" it out for us. Yes, I did use "Lost" as a verb. I'm pretty sure by episode 6 most of our questions will have their corresponding answers.

    This episode had a great improvement from the first two episodes. Most of the cast still sucks at acting, but at least the story wasn't horrible. They are actually going somewhere. Johnny and Greta are starting to bother me, while Cliff and Nikki have started growing on me. The actors for Cliff and Nikki are the most talented cast members this shows has, so I think they are really the only ones keeping this show alive.
  • In my mind a brilliant episode, left you really wanting to see the next episode.

    I was abit sceptical about the show when I first heard about it but these first episodes have got me hooked to it, I just hope the show gets more of a fanbase so it can have a second season.

    I really hope people start to give this show a chance, it is really showing the potential to be the next hit show like The OC or One Tree Hill. We are starting to get to know the characters alot more, like there is more to Liza than just a chemistry girl as this episode showed. I'm looking forward to finding out what her deal is.

    I believe a great show always leaves you wanting more and this show definately does that for me.

    But for now I shall be waiting for the next episode "What Liza Beneath"
  • Well at least we know it's not Cliff pretending to be Eddie.

    The character development is now starting to pick up and it looks like a decent show is starting to unravel. I was not exactly sure in the beginning what to expect from a show supposedly filmed in Palm Springs, but this show is starting to look interesting with a little bit of darkness and some depth in it. This is actually the first week where I am slightly interested to see the next episode. I do believe the show has a great cast of actors and actress's and the show has some great potential. If only the negative viewers would give the show more of a chance, I do believe they would see it too. In this episode the parents who live there did not look so plastic to me, they were revealed in such away that we were able to see there pain and there personal demons that they battle. I felt for Nikki because it was easy to see she wants to be clean of alcohol but it looks like the alcohol has her. She really needs help but first she is going to have to make the decision to really help herself if she wants to be free. It seemed like Cliff's mom has accepted her fate of being with men who just use her. There are a lot of great story lines to build from and I believe the show has a great chance at it.
  • While Johhny trys to help his friend Niki stay sobber, his parents leave for the night, and he goes off two, leaving Niki there to throw a party.

    When I first stareted Hidden Palms, I was expecting something around the line of Summerland or Degrassi, Not what I got. I must admit starting the show off with a boy talking to his drunk dad who goes out into the hall and shoots himself is quiet a way to start a show. But then I'm not writing about the pilot now am I. Nope. I'm writing about tonights Episode Party Hardy. This Episode was so good. It was exacly why I love this new show so much, answering questions, and opening up new ones. What I think made it even better was that now that the charactors are astablished, there moving on with their promblems, not giving you a whole first season of Let's Get To Know Each Other.
  • More suspense..

    The Doors are slowly opening as to what has happened to Eddie, who is the guy that used to live in Johnny's room. Johnny trise his hardest to get his answers and finds himself in a comforntation with neighbour Eddie. This was a good episode and will open up a few doors but still no answers as to what is going on in this mysterious town. Take the time out to watch this episode and give this show a chance i mean its not the OC but its good for the summer. I am enjoying it and see you next week.