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  • The Best Show ever

    I would love to see hidden palms again

    And why discontinue if johnny has the evidence showing gretta dad shooting eddie while in the struggle?
  • It looked good to me.

    The show is quite acceptable. I understand maybe it's not as popular or as bright as others, but I give it a pretty good mark. The storyline is good, the idea of the show in general isn't bad at all, and the characters, for the most part, do a good job. I really don't understand what made it last so short. Much worse shows last seven seasons more. If you watch it more than one time, and we cannot say the season's too long, you might be able to discover some details that make Hidden Palms worth watching. Summing up, not the best show ever, but it definitely deserves to be taken a look.

    this is the BEST show i have seen in a LONG time! why was it cancelled?!
  • This show makes "the O.C."look like the best show ever.

    This show had 8 episodes. And they were 8 simple, without story and imagination episodes.
    Since when does a kid who is living in a room where someone died feels he has to know all things that happened before he arrived.
    Why does a girl whose boyfriend commited suicide fall in love with a guy that is living in her deceased boyfriend room.
    I don't get it. Palm Springs is such a bad place to live?!! Girls are hot all right! But why do young fellows sleep with their friends' moms?
    Man, so many misteries and in the end we feel like we've been watching all the show for nothing. Awful story, awful end, awful actors. Girls are pretty hot though!

    My friends started a thread on the CW lounge forum in a pretty much useless attempt to bring back hidden palms. Ya theres a tiny chance (basically none) it will come back but it was so interesting and as you can clearly see it just takes time to find out about it. Fans all realize that its been 4 years, but clearly that should show CW that people were really into the show and really want it to come back. They have so much money from all their successful tv shows they can definitely splurge to advertise it more so people watch it.Go comment on the CW forum and bring back Hidden Palms!!!!
  • The pilot didn't convince me at all. Looks like a poor copy of The OC...

    Not that OC was that cutting-edge itself, but at least it was the original. The introduction of the characters was very indept and it's all pretty obvious where the story is going: Troubled teen moves to a new town where some dark secret is waiting to be discovered, and which ultimately will drag him under. And don't forget the romantic components: sexy and mysterious girl (ahh, excuse me - enigmatic!), always ahead of the shy but cute neighbour (which will befriend our blonde and blue-eyed hero and secretly fall in love with him, as we all know they'd be be perfect for each other). and not to forget the nice buddy with the good looks and a boyish charm, who has a dark side of course - he's hitting puppies after all! (what an uninspired way to show this to the audience by the way). All in all - not very groundbreaking. Not at all.
  • it makes me want to be a teenager again!

    supposedly, you did checked the website for information about the show. in a nutshell, it is about a boy moving to palms springs after his father comitted suicide. at the beginning he is struggling with the sunny attitude and the "deserted" lifestyle those rich parents with their only adolescent children live. and may I add, they are all good looking! so, johnny, the kid that moved to palms springs, finds himself in the middle of a suicide/murder extravaganza of the previous owner of his house. now, we experience how johhny tries to figure it out himself, what was going on.

    first of, I am glad, this teenie-show isn't about minorities and/or stereotypes. which makes this show so much better! another thing is, the whole agatha-christie-meets-ferris-bueller-feeling comes across as believeable, because: 1. the snobby parents are too occupied with being egoistic and 2. there is obviously nothing else to do than investigating a possible murder, etc.

    hopefully, this will find its way to a second season.
  • After his father unexpectedly commits suicide, Johnny Miller moves with his mother and stepfather to the wonderful Palm Springs. However, Johnny will soon learn that the place is not all sun and beauty, as murder mysteries and town gossip quickly ensue.

    When I first heard about this series I thought it would be boring but as the summer went on I grow to really like this show. But by the end of summer and I was somewhat upset. But I guess they didn't see a future for this series so they end it. I am glad I was able to see this series while it was still airing on television. Anyway, anyone who interested in seeing the series I wish you good luck at finding the show and hope one day that a new and better series is made off of this one or something along the same lines that will last longer.
  • this show was awesome..they need to bring it back..i used 2 love it everytime it came on..i used 2 feen 4 it.this show is awesome.i cant believe it was only 1 season that show was the best.

    this show was awesome..they need to bring it back..i used 2 love it everytime it came on..i used 2 feen 4 it.this show is awesome.i cant believe it was only 1 season that show was the best.this show was so intense i was so bummed when i found out it was canceled.this show was so good. johnny is so cute i would date him in a heart beat.they really really really really need to bring it back everyone i kno loved this show thats how could this show was. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Bring it backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back! OMG! I was so upset when I found out it was cancelled! I was so addicted!
    Like you should seriously bring it back!
    They never even revealed the ending, it just stopped and I was like WTF?!? If it were to come back on, I bet so many people would be watching it. Just like One Tree Hill! Do someting to bring it back. Or like give me a job working on the set and I'll bring it back myself! I am seriously one of those serious soap opera people, and it's important that it comes back on. Even if it starts from the beginning!
  • I loved the show hidden palms. I would look forward to it every week. Then i found out it was canceled and i got so mad. they didnt even let you know what had happened and how had killed eddie.

    i miss my hidden palms. I think that they sould start the serous up again or make it into a movie or book. i really want to know who killed eddie. the show got great reviews and it was alot better then some of the other shows they have on there now. they should really bring it back i miss the show and the cw could loss another show to bring this one back. now we will never find out what happened and how hooks up breaks up and how gets killed. Please bring back the show hidden palms. PLEASE, Please Please
  • LOVE.

    This show i beleive is a one in a kind. Its exciting and fun. Taking place in a warm beautiful climate which gives it even more appeal. It was creative and every week there was a new twist. It is and will always be truely missed. I just wish it would come back. Lasting only a few months, the worst months, the summer ones when many dont already watch tv. But for me, and many others i knew it was a break in between the week to forget about a persons own reality and focus on a totally untrue hollywood soap!


  • I enjoyed watch the first season so much !

    So I'm just trying to imagine how was an other season of this great show ,an other season with our hot couple Johnny & Greta , with all this reach famlies secrets and problems , to just start from an other investgate , an other crim that been hidden for a long time and just let the truth go out.

    What about Karen & Bob can they keep their marrige ?
    What about Cliff & Nikki ?
    What about Liza and her secrets ?

    Hope some one will finlly come up with the idea of bring the show back all ready , I know you agree with me.
  • BRING it BACK!!!

    This show was a fresh Teen soap with a twist it's like desperate housewives meets 90210. It was great and such a shame it ended way 2 soon only 8 eps. The show had a great cast too!! Taylor Handly(The O.C.),Michael Cassidy(The O.C.),Tessa THompson(Veronica Mars) and a few newcomers like Amber Heard who was amazing playing messed up Greta. The whole Cliff story was cool too. I haven't seen the last few eps. but i know there is gonna be 1 hell of a twist i hope it doesn't end on a cliffhanger cause if gilmore girls won't have a minni series,TV movie etc. Unfortuanitly a teen soap that lasted 8 eps. won't shame!!!
  • Hidden Palms was a great show that they cancelled after only 8 episodes.

    I liked this show. It was just getting good when the producers decided, "oh lets just randomly cancel this show here." I was very upset when they cancelled it. The two things that made this show interesting was Liza lying about knowing Eddie and the heat between Greta and Johnny. I just don't understand what possesed the producers at the cw to cancel this show. I personally think the show needs to be brought back because it was just about to get extremly good and spicy. That totally bites how all of the Hidden Palms fans had to go on not knowing if Eddie's killer is going to get caught or if Greta will find out the her dad is the killer and if so how will she react. I liked this show alot and I wish they didn't cancel it.
  • Hey Do you miss Palm Springs? Do you miss the urder and scandal! Well it can all change! CWTV is giving me limited time to put together a petition and get it signed. IT TAKES NO LONGER THEN 3 seconds http://www.ipetitions.com/petition

    Sign it and you will get hidden Palms BACK!

    Hey Sign this petition to save Hidden Palms just your name and email and comment and THATS IT!!!
    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehiddenpalms Hey Sign this petition to save Hidden Palms just your name and email and comment and THATS IT!!!
    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehiddenpalms Hey Sign this petition to save Hidden Palms just your name and email and comment and THATS IT!!!
    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehiddenpalms Hey Sign this petition to save Hidden Palms just your name and email and comment and THATS IT!!!

    Hey Sign this petition to save Hidden Palms just your name and email and comment and THATS IT!!!
    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehiddenpalms http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savehiddenpalms Hey Sign this petition to save Hidden Palms just your name and email and comment and THATS IT!!!
  • Why did they cancel the show?

    The Hidden Palms is a great Soap for teens. It's clearly a new version of the O.C. but with mystery and a new kind of script.
    Why did they cancel the show? The show started with a weak argument but soon started to show new things, new mysteries and new things to explore in future episodes!

    The only thing I didn't like was the overstated of the "tension" between Johnny and Greta. And his doubts about her were a little exaggerated. Btw, don't you think that the start of the relationship between Johnny and Cliff was stupid? Like, they started to talk in minutes because of a trick… But the first meet between Johnny and Great was amazing!
  • BOOO! know wonder they cancelled it! what did i ever see in this stupid showw??did not like it in the end.

    Ok,I really want to delete this review but i can't and if you know how,please tell me because this show is stupid and it is a waste of television and a waste of time.The ending was sooo "cliffhangerish" and if there isn't going to be another seasons/more episodes than why the heck would you make is a cliffhanger!? Its just stupid.the music on the season finale was good though.coldplay rocks!How come when it was first airing,they made it like "Oh,Eddie killed himself and it was a suicide" but in the end,it was a murder!Im kinda glad it is over! Crappy stuff.
  • Why was it ended and so soon, it was getting interesting.

    Why was it ended and so soon, it was getting interesting. As for me i like it very much and i will watch it if it returns.
    and i hope it returns, yes at first it seemed like a spin off of the o.c, but it has it's own difference, and even if it is a spin off of the O.C or some other TV show it is still very interesting, also i think people will still watch it and it will be popular if it wasn't ended just like that, i was really shocked i never thought it will be gone like that, well i liked it very much anyway.
  • da most amazing show! there just has 2 b more episodes made!

    i started downloading it by accident but began 2 rlly like it. Now i saw that there were no more episodes to be made, im so sad. Its a great show. Its like a teen version of Desperate Housewives. Exciting and fun.
    We shud start like a petition or sumthin. Go Hidden Palms!
  • Why did it go of? It was totally the new teen show.

    When all the other teen shows are going to an end, why stop a real good show like this. Hidden palms was drama, funny and mysterious. It was perfect enthronement. It could go realy good, be a real teen age hit. In the beginning i was a little scared about Johnny ,because his role as Oliver in the OC was a little creepy. But in the new role he was alot diffret that Oliver and i started to like him very well.
    Greta was that mysterious hot chick in the beginning who had a secret. Cliff was a little mysterious in a hot way, and alot diffrent from his role in The OC as Zack. The gossip parents and the teenages family was alot like the OC family who you just love.
    Why did it stop, when it was this good?
  • Over.

    This show had much potential, it was a disappointment that it never got past more than seven episodes. So much as i despise the O.C. i feel that this show is much different with its 'murder' twist. It didn't make it, and thats extremely disappointing.Hopefully, it might come back in the future.
  • At first look it may look like a O.C. spin-off but it truly isn't. Not that it's a completely original show, but it stands along in its own genre if you ask me. Basic elements of a teen drama with its own spin at the secrets behind a sunny neighborhood.

    Okay, first off, let me say, this show isn't for everybody. No show is for everybody, but it does a damn good job at surprising me often. Not only with the secrets and the events within the show, but the entire demeanor it gives off. A lot of people seem to get offensive whenever I compare the show to Veronica Mars but this show isn't exactly The O.C. meets Dawson's Creek. I find a better comparison of the show is The O.C. meets Veronica Mars with a little bit of Desperate Housewives to carry out the adult scenes. That's a lot more fitting for me than to compare it to any old teen drama.

    Don't get me wrong, the show just screams teen drama but it has a fair mix of surprises, frights, and mystery to seperate it from the average dramas. With a few minor set-backs to bring it right back up to the teen drama level. One of my biggest problems with the show was the fact that the two major charactersm Johnny and Greta, were just about as annoying as every goth's 3 year old cousin. They both have a background of interesting drama but it does nothing for their likings as it's just an excuse for them to sulk for every other scene. Thank god for Cliff, Liza, and Nikki because if it weren't for them then the show would be filled with less interesting Marissas(don't be mistaken, Marissa was my favorite character).

    Bottom line, if you can't stand aggravating characters and average teen dramas, then you might want to steer clear, but if you think this is like every other teen drama then you might get a pleasant surprise.
  • This show is interesting, funny, sad, exciting. The ppl on the show are hot and much like the weather!! Palm Springs is a great place but when you look colser there is alot under the surface!!! The romance is hot and the murder history is very thrilling..

    I love this show. I want them to bring it back now!!! it is great. I mean what the heck they have something interesting sexy funny exciting and just because it isnt normal or like anything else. I think they have great actors. unique ideas things that are based on one thing the murder and have bloomed into so many other things that are also very interesting. I want to see more Cliff and johnny HOT!! and Love Gretta she is gorgious and Nikki love her as well. I just dont see why they cant give it a little more time. Its only been eight epids. and I want more!! I know there is at least 1.63 average that agree so why are they taking our show away.
  • If they could keep OTH, then this show definitely didn't deserve to be canceled.

    Johnny is main character of this series, but I must say the most irritating, too. This is another rich kids teen soap (I must say I like them better then poor kids teen soaps) with mystery twist. Who killed Eddie? Did he killed himself? Or was that his Mom? Or Greta's Dad?

    I liked they tried to mix Veronica Mars with OC. It's like bringing two audiences together. And it was cool for a while, I must say. But now it's bye, bye Hidden Palms. I hope they'll change their minds, but I seriously doubt that. No matter, I'm glad I know who killed Eddie :)
  • i love the show

    i think it was a great show a cross between The O.C. And Alfred Hitchcock bring it back stupid CW you are so stupid stupid...........IT was one of my fav shows i lost the oc now i lose this grrrrr i hate the cw they cancel all there good shows VERONICA MARS,RUNAWAY,HIDDEN PALMS,EVERWOOD,........and you didn't even have a ending to veronica mars you idiots i will never watch you i hate you......and if anyone agrees with me reply.........UGHH THE CW SUCKS.....Here Are Some Words That Describe The CW.......,HATE,MEAN,DUMB,STUPID,NO BRANS,UGLY,JERKS,RETARDS.........THEY ARE SOFA KING RE TOD DID
  • Great Show

    Hidden Palms is a great show. It's combines all the parts of a teens life and puts it all into a one-hour show each along with an incredibly well-thought out mystery. Hidden Palms is the best show out there this summer and people need to realize it. If you don't judge it before you see it and give it a fair chance, you won't be disappointed at all. Hidden Palms is entertaining for all 60 minutes that it is on each week, and you never find yourself bored. Hidden Palms should be back for a fun and exciting season two!!!
  • Intriguing new "teen drama" that attempts to blend a tired format with a murder mystery.

    First I must say that I'm a sucker for teen drama shows that have beautiful women. Sophia Bush got me hooked on One Tree Hill and Amber Heard has done the same to me on Hidden Palms. Any show those two make could be complete crap and I would watch it anyways.

    Hidden Palms, however, is not complete crap. It's not the greatest show out there; it has plenty of things wrong with it. However, I like the fact that the show taken a tired and overdone format (the teen drama) and tried to liven it up and make it something original by including a mystery.

    As a fan of the Law and Orders, Monk, Moonlighting and just about every other show that involves "detectives" solving a crime or mystery, I was hooked by the fact that more than anything (except Amber Heard) I want to know what really happened to Eddie Nolan.

    The shows acting can be spotty at times, some scenes are very well done while others can make me laugh, and not because I'm supposed to. However, I like the casting Taylor Handley does a good job play Johnny, our reluctant hero/detective. Amber Heard is gorgeous and brings a nice flare to the mysterious rich-girl that is Greta Matthews. Also, Matthew Cassidy is hilarious and also very dark as the questionably evil Cliff Wiatt.

    I enjoy this show alot and would definitely call myself a fan. If you like shows with mystery and a good looking cast then this show is for you. Hate teen dramas? Stay away.
  • awsome show! too bad its axed

    Great show too bad its final episode will be the 7/4/07. Mostly in part from the network CW and lack of proper adverts. First advert I saw for this show was after 4 episodes were already aired. Had they aired adverts for the show previous to airing the pilot they might have actually gotten some decent ratings. But as with that network and its predicessor they're horible at launching new shows. If they launched them like fox cbs nbc abc did with tons of adverts months in advance then they might actually get a hit show again
  • Take The OC and combine it with Veronica Mars. Take all the fun stuff from The OC and Veronica Mars and then you get Hidden Palms...

    It tried to be the next OC/Veronica Mars. It failed. Not even having cast members from both shows helped. They tried to make the parents interesting, one thing The OC was great at and that just backfired. Don't get me wrong, its not terrible, I watch it. Its good summer show, but after the 8th and final episode, there is no place for this show to go. The mystery was prolly better off for a 6 episode run. I just tried to hard to be like the two shows I mentioned and didn't try anything new or original.
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