Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 8

Second Chances

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 04, 2007 on The CW

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  • This is the episode all the viewers, including me, have been waiting for since the beginning of the series.

    The series itself is great and original. I'm was sad and glad that they decided to end the series early in eight episodes. Sad because I liked the show and wanted more of it. Glad because it wouldn't be dragged on uselessly like I've seen other shows do.

    I expected more out of the series finale. You don't find out what really happened to Eddie til the last half minute of the show. Even then they leave you hanging for a second season that's not going to happen.

    Good series with a careless finale.
  • So neat.

    I like Hidden Palms because it takes place at the beach.

    Second Chances.

    This episode is one of my favorites. It's classic and fun. If I were in Hidden Palms, I will swim. Mom and I watched it in a hotel called Americana. This episods is great and fun for all ages. This reminds me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Want to watch it?
  • It's finally revealed who killed Eddie, or is it?

    This was an OK season finale but not a good series finale because the ending was once again a cliff-hanger. Now that a second season seems highly unlikely, that is just not a good way to end this series. The viewers want closure, in some form or the other and they didn't get it with this cliff-hanger.

    The final 30 minutes of the episode were great as a prelude to a second season. The way Liza so easily believed that Maria Nolan killed herself (when she had so much trouble accepting that Eddie did) seemed an easy way out to provide some closure but if the writers had really wanted that, they wouldn't have added the final scene of Johnny watching the movie clip. That was a great scene too, just too bad we will probably never know what was going to happen in season 2.
  • Watchable but unoriginal.

    The season/series finale was watchable. It did have some interesting parts. But the thing is that everything happened too fast. I know that they only had these eight episodes and that pretty much sucks. The show would have been so much better if they had got at least 15 episodes. I would have wanted more story around everything that happened. And I definatly would have wanted a longer wait before Greta and Johnny hooked up. It just didn't feel right. Anyway, the show is also a bit unoriginal but that I can deal with. Many tv-shows are unoriginal these days, so that's not a big problem for me. I think that this show should get a second season so that they can show us what they can do with a lot more episodes.
  • In the series finale will Eddie's murderer finally be revealed?. And what about the other mysteries of Palm Springs? Will Nikki take Cliff back? Will Johnny's mom stay with Bob? Will Skip become a dad for Greta? And will Jessie Joe finally belong?

    Awnsers in order of questions asked in the summary: No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.
    The last four could all be awnsered before you'd ever see this episode. The first one is so disapointing I actually laughed during the episode. Never, ever, ever did I think I would see this kind of television in this age. Wow, I mean, they should get rewarded for having the worst episode I have ever seen. And this is me being rational. The acting was below anything you can imagen. I mean the scene where Johnny watches how Eddie died was hilarious. The acting of Eddie/Eddie's mom and Skip was so bad it made "Farmer Wants Wife" actually better then Hidden Palms. Awful is the word and Painful To Watch is the classification. The mystery wasn't revealed it was just said "she did it Johnny, she killed Eddie" and that was it, no discovering, no conclusion just that stupid line that summurized 8 episodes of mystery. I can't believe the crew actually watched this and said "yeah, this is the way we want it, this is how it should air on television". Hopefully America was celebrating 4th of july and NOBODY saw this terrible episode. God, I still can't believe how bad it was. It was amazingly bad, like I'd rather die then ever see that episode again bad! Sorry, I sound like one of those irrational teenage girls who don't care about anything but the shows they love.
    Sorry, I'm not like that (first of all I'm a guy), but this was just bad...really, really bad.
  • Wow!

    The last few weeks of this show to me were guilty pleasures. It started out horrible but I could not stop watching. The show progressed and turned out to be somewhat watchable. Even though this show is not my favorite I find it an enjoyable "mini" series that I would watch again on a rainy day. This episode was pure evil! I hate when shows end on cliffhangers! I think that they should have made one more episode to clear things up but they probably left it open to somehow persuade the cw to rethink their decision. That would be crazy since barely anyone watched the show to begin with...
  • What????

    I don't really know what to say about the finale.... i didn't like it but i think that is because it wasn't a series finale!!!!! it ended with a cliff hanger!!!!!!! how can you do that if there is going to be no resolution!!! there should have been closure!!!! and Gretta's dad and Maria killed Gretta's mom??? What?? and how did Liza know that Maria killed Eddie? did she just assume that was why Maria shot herself or was it in the suicide note?? i really don't like the CW for canceling this show!! they never even gave it a chance. they aired 8 episodes!! Eight!!!! how do u expect a show to be a success in 8 episodes!! this show had a ton of potential it really sucks that we will never get to see where it could've gone.
  • What started out as a dud ended up being a great ride

    The last episode of the series, not too much can be said about it really. The episode started out slow and was a little boring through out the first 20 minutes or so but after those initial minutes the show picked up the pace and delivered what, I the reviewer felt was one of the top ten series finales a show has ever had. Great Camera angles, music, lines and directorship really brought this episode to a close. Also the cliff hangar that it ends on is int all too horrible, it gave a sense of closure to the show but left room open for what will *hopefully* be another season. If the show had kept itself showing exactly what it had showed the last 30 minutes or so of this episode, it may have survived long enough to see another season. So really, does the truth always make us feel better.
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