Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 7

Stand By Your Woman

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Johnny is in his room and lays out Greta's angel costume on his bed. His mom calls him for breakfast and he puts the costume in a backpack. Karen walks in the kitchen and Bob is making breakfast. They begin to argue a little until Johnny walks in. They start to argue again, whispering this time, and Karen calls Bob John (her diseased husband).

Jesse Jo wakes Nikki up to help him rehearse for a show he has coming up at the country club. Cliff comes to the door and wants to talk to Nikki. He apologizes, but Nikki does not accept.

Johnny apologizes to Liza and tells her he took the dress and that Nikki caught Cliff with Mrs. Nolan. Liza shows Johnny her online chats with Eddie, which show that Eddie knew about Cliff's affair with Mrs. Nolan.

Johnny goes to Greta's house with the angel costume in the backpack.

Maria Nolan and Skip talk, until Tess overhears. Skip goes and talks to Tess. He asks her out, but she declines.

Johnny and Greta are talking and Johnny tells Greta about Cliff's affair with Maria. Greta thinks it's just another piece of evidence, but Johnny tells her that from now on he will believe her. He gives her the angel costume.

Karen and Bob argue again, and he brings up her old marriage.

Cliff asks Johnny to talk to Nikki for him, and Johnny confronts Cliff about the affair. He asks if Eddie found out, but Cliff denies it being a long time thing.

Greta talks to Skip and asks him what he meant by "he made it all go away" the night Eddie died. He tells her he made some calls. When Greta leaves, Skip opens up a folder with a picture of Eddie lying on the floor with a pool of blood around him. He opens a drawer and puts the folder in, right beside a gun.

Johnny talks to Karen about all the arguments in the house lately, and she just says that they'll get through it.

Greta goes to see Liza and talks to her about Eddie. They wonder why they never got to know one another.

Tess invites Karen to go and see Jesse Jo's show, and they talk about her spat with Bob. Bob walks in and things are awkward.

Jesse Jo, Nikki, and Johnny are talking about Cliff. Greta shows up, and Johnny invites her to go see Jesse Jo's show.

Cliff is at the golf course and Maria shows up. They talk and Cliff says he wants to move on from their relationship.

Greta tells Johnny that she thinks Maria Nolan has more of a motive than Cliff. Johnny says that she doesn't seem like a grieving mother.

Karen and Tess arrive at Jesse Jo's show.

Greta talks to Liza and Johnny sees. He asks Greta if they are friends now. Cliff shows up and asks them where they are going, and if Nikki will be there. He tells Johnny that his relationship with Maria Nolan is over. Johnny tells Cliff that he and Greta think Maria killed Eddie, but Cliff doesn't buy it.

Johnny and Greta arrive at Jesse Jo's show. Johnny speaks to his mother and playfully tells them not to get into trouble.

Cliff goes into the dressing room and tries to talk to Nikki, but Jesse Jo and the girls chase him off.

Skip and Maria have drinks, and he, too, confronts her about her affair. They talk about Eddie's case and Cliff, and Maria ends up threatening Skip with videos on Eddie's laptop.

Karen tells Tess that she called Bob John. Tess says that she's done worse.

Skip opens a package that was slipped under his door, and inside is a DVD that has the words Enjoy and Maria written on it.

Nikki does Jesse Jo's makeup and he tells her he wishes she was his daughter. Jesse Jo does 'her' singing act, and Johnny and Greta dub this as their first real date.

Skip watches the DVD, and is shocked to see himself putting a gun in the deceased Eddie's hand.

Nikki is walking Spatz, and Cliff comes up. They talk about their relationship and Eddie's murder, and then kiss. Jesse Jo walks out and Nikki sees him. She tells Cliff that she doesn't have room for people like him in her life.

Karen and Bob talk things over, and then go to bed.

Greta comes home to a drunk Skip. He tells her that he's a really bad father and talks about her mother.

Cliff comes home to Maria Nolan in his bedroom. They begin to have sex when Tess walks in.

Johnny goes to Liza's garage and looks on her laptop. He finds a video chat with Eddie and Liza in a heavy make out session.