Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 7

Stand By Your Woman

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2007 on The CW

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  • jessie jo cracks me up!

    this episode was amazing!! jessie jo is soo funny:) Johnny and Greta are totally cute. and i loved how cliff ending things with eddies mom but she seduced him again. cliff trying to win nikki back was totally sweet. and i have a feeling eddies mom killed him. and wtf is wrong with gretas dad..i mean the video then the gun!!!
  • Johnny and Greta make up, Nikki and Cliff break up and Bob and Karen are having marital problems.

    An excellent episodes with more teaser revelations.

    First there's the video evidence of Skip tampering with the evidence in Johnny's room. It seems he is trying to make it look like a suicide, but who is he protecting?? The obvious choice is, of course, his daughter Greta.

    Secondly there's the video of Eddie and Liza. It seems as if her role was not really limited to being Eddie's 'pal'.

    The question is, did Greta know?? Did she confront Eddie and did she kill him in a mad rage? Is that why Skip plants the gun in Eddie's hand making it appear like suicide.

    So many questions and just one more episode to go...
  • Great acting, a lot happens, great show.

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  • Greta and Johnny go out on a date to Jessie Jo's show, Cliff tries to win Nikki back and we learn a few more deatails surrounding Eddies death.

    This was a really good episode where we gain a little more insight into everyones lives, and in Hidden Palms true fashion we change our minds many times about who the murderer is. Cliff while trying to regain Nikki's affection shows us that he is a good person who just wants someone to believe he is a good person not crazy. Karren reveals that she still loves Johnny's father and that she has rushed into her marriage. Skipp's character seems like a womanizer and liar not to mention a horrible father which helps us to understand him much better. Maria Nolan does not appear to be upset or phased by her son's death but wants to sleep with Cliff making her seeem like a prime suspect for his murder.
  • Do we have enough suspects!

    Oh come on everyone; was it really that bad tonight. I am not seeing so good a scores here. We have a pretty decent mystery going on; you have to at least give credit where credit is due, right. Sure we do feel like we are going in circles, I do admit that, but maybe the "BUTLER DONE IT". But being serious now, this episode was not too bad tonight. So much more info came out, like it could have been jealous Liza, or crazy sl__ mom, or it could have been Cliff I suppose but I doubt it, what about Greta's Dad because he was protecting Greta since Greta killed Eddie, or just Greta's Dad taking him out because of Greta or another reason, by the way where is Eddie's Dad because we need another suspect. The fact is Eddie could have committed suicide or it might have been an accident and the mother was afraid it would not look that way so she had Greta's father make sure her or her husbands prints were not on the gun and cleaned up the scene some. So there are so many possibilties and these were just some of the obvious ones, so now we just have to wait and see what really happened.