Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 4

What Liza Beneath

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2007 on The CW
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What Liza Beneath
Greta reveals disturbing information about the night Eddie died. Johnny learns that Eddie's mother still lives in the area, so he pays her a visit. Meanwhile, Cliff plots to get his mom to dump her gold-digger boyfriend and Nikki goes on a wild car ride with Cliff.moreless

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  • Great!

    Johnny finds Mrs. Nolan, Eddie's mom, and tries asking questions. He and Liza begin to form a friendship. Johnny ends things with Greta. Cliff hates Travis and wrecks his car on purpose with Nikki. They also kiss, Cliff and Nikki, that is. Bob tells Karen to talk Johnny about his dad. Johnny and Jesse Jo want Nikki to stop drinking and she does too. Greta and Johnny make up after she tells him that she slept with Cliff the night before Eddie died. Tess makes Travis leave after he tries to kill Cliff. Liza reveals that she was the one IMing Johnny. She says that Cliff and Greta murdered Eddie.

    This episode was great! Probably my favorite so far! I really like Liza, but she's so mysterious. I don't like Travis though. I'm glad he left. The end was really good! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Greta makes a confession and Johnny discovers who's been sending him instant messages.

    Another episode with a great ending. The writers must like big climaxes, the last 3 episodes ended with a big revelation. I'm not exactly sure why they do this, they're revelations, not cliff-hangers as such, even though they are still probably intended to make you want to tune in next week.

    This week’s was a slight anti-climax for the viewers, we already knew Liza was the one writing the IMs but for Johnny it was big news. Then her claims that Eddie was actually murdered and that she saw the murderers. A nice set-up for the next episode.

    Quite a good episode.moreless
  • pretty great episode

    Well i liked the liza and johnny friendship in this one...but he should find out the truth that liza knows about the murder. i dont like cliff's moms boyfriend

    And when cliff took nikki on his moms boyfriend car and went on a wild ride was awesome. I liked how he destoyed it plus cliff and nikki are totally cute together

    and cliff moms was awesome at the end with the gun
  • You sober people don't know when to quit!

    I titled one of my blogs "You sober people don't know when to quit" because I thought it was sooo hilarious when Nikki said that. I really hope Nikki is gonna recover. I like her character, but I'm a little disappointed that she seems to be wearing so many similarities to the character Tessa Thompson already played on Veronica Mars. Still, I really like her and I hope she'll not screw up again. Somehow taking on a sponsor is a good start, I guess.

    I have to confess though that I totally dig her and Cliff. He's a psycho and I hope she'll realize soon that it's better to stay away from him. But they were kinda hot in this eppy!moreless
  • The last scene in Liza's garage was good, but previous 40 minutes of dullness to make a right impression is not a good idea for the show that is to end soon, is it?moreless

    In this episode we got to see more Cliff, like he warmed up or someting. He can have quite a good storyline if he's not around Greta all the time teasing her and longing to her as noone sees him. The way he got rid of his mom's boyfriend was so devilish and nasty but also very deliberate. He knew exactly what was gonna happen and he took advantage of his mother's priority order :]

    I did not expect her to jump out with the gun and "I'm from Texas, you moron!" by the way.

    Greta tried to calm down Johnny by telling him the fairytale where essentially she was the victim. Oh, poor Greta. I wonder if Johnny believed her, hope not. After his last conversation with Liza he has no choice but to smell the swindle of some kind.

    I am going to watch next 3 episodes inter alia to see how long Nikki will stay sober.moreless
J.R. Cacia

J.R. Cacia

Travis Dean

Guest Star

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan

Jesse Jo

Recurring Role

Valerie Cruz

Valerie Cruz

Maria Nolan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Johnny learns that Liza is 08NOVA.

    • In the final scene where Johnny is talking with Liza and Johnny notices her sweater in the mirror, it's messed up. The writing on the sweater when reflected off the mirror should be in mirror image. It was not and Johnny was able to read it just fine

    • Goof: When Cliff demolishes Travis' car, he breaks both left-side front lights. When Travis looks for his car later, only one of the two lights is broken.

  • QUOTES (40)

    • Liza: It's not what you think!
      Johnny: So you're telling me you didn't send me IMs from a dead guy?
      Liza: Eddie was murdered Johnny. And I know they did it. I saw them.
      Johnny: Who did you see? Who did you see Liza?
      Liza: Cliff and Greta.

    • Travis: I thought you were going around the block.
      Cliff: Oh, I guess I lost track of time. A car like that it's easy to do. But I was really careful.

    • (to Greta)
      Johnny: The past is exactly that. It doesn't change the way I feel about you.

    • Greta: I'm tired of the lies Cliff. I can't do this anymore. I won't.

    • Mrs. Nolan: Tessy. We've known each other for years. Our boys are - were best friends. You don't have to censor yourself around me, I won't break.

    • (About Cliff driving the car)
      Travis: Not a chance. This is - This is my baby.
      Tess: And this is my baby. Make an effort.
      Cliff: Come on, a quick spin around the block.
      Tess: He's trying Travis. Now you have to give a little.
      Cliff: Yeah Travis, you gotta give a little.

    • Liza: Maybe someone is trying to tell you something.
      Johnny: Why me? Tell the cops. It's enough already. You know, it's already caused me to come to blows with Cliff, ruined any chance I had with Greta, the whole thing sucks. But anyways, enough with dead Eddie. Let's play.

    • Johnny: Let's just say that I've learned quickly that this place is for disfunctional and psychologically damaged.
      Jessie Jo: Palm Springs is no different from any place else.
      Johnny: Oh, okay. So you're saying I'd be getting IMs from a dead guy no matter where I'd live?

    • Johnny: (To Liza) You're 08NOVA?

    • Johnny: You can't make someone commit suicide Greta. Trust me.

    • Greta: The night before Eddie died, I slept with Cliff. It was just that one time, but it was the biggest mistake of my life and when Eddie found out, he killed himself. It's my fault. Johnny. It's my fault Eddie's dead.

    • Nikki: So, do you think this heap will make it back?
      Cliff: Oh, barely.

    • Karen: I took a lot of photographs that trip.
      Johnny: You wouldn't let us take any of you.
      Karen: I was eaten alive by insects. I looked horrid, remember? I don't do camping.

    • Cliff: (Hits the car) So generous of Travis to lend me his baby (Hits it again) It's just a shame that that unfortunate man in his pick-up truck was changing lanes and side-swipped us. (Hits it again)
      Nikki: I shoulda known you were up to something.
      Cliff: Luckily nobody was hurt.

    • Cliff: Damn.
      Nikki: What happened?
      Cliff: Nothing.
      Nikki: What's the problem?
      Cliff: I was sure I'd bust a rim on that spin.

    • Nikki: I'm not used to having nonalcoholic-related thrills.
      Cliff: What about sex?
      Nikki: Never had it. Sober.
      Cliff: It's just as fun, trust me. If you wanna try it out sometime.
      Nikki: Oh, is that why you called me? For the record, I'm a drunk, not a slut.
      Cliff: Except when you're drunk.

    • Maria: (To Greta and Cliff) I know Eddie pulled away near the end, but he pulled away from us all. I hope you don't blame yourselves.

    • Cliff: How are you holding up Mrs. Nolan?
      Mrs. Nolan: Well as can be expected.

    • Cliff: (To Greta) Would it make you feel better if you hit me again?

    • Cliff: So I heard the bad news about you and Johnny. Sorry it didn't work out.
      Greta: I can tell you're weeping inside.
      Cliff: As it happens, I was rooting for you two. I was on the edge of my seat. Will they, won't they. Oh, the suspense!

    • Johnny: I'm willing to help you. I'll be your friend, whatever you need, but not until you help yourself. Until then, we're just both wasting our time.

    • Johnny: How many times you think you can apologize and have it still mean something?
      Nikki: I'm sober.
      Johnny: Today? Do you want a medal?

    • Nikki: I was afraid to try your house.
      Johnny: Smart move. I don't think you'd be very welcome.

    • (Washing his car)
      Travis: Wanna help?
      Cliff: Wanna let me drive it?

    • Johnny: Mom, Mom, he died in my room!
      Karen: But...
      Johnny: Forget it! I screwed up. That's the point! I am screwed up. Do you understand that?

    • Cliff: Nikki, how does one get in touch with you? If, say, for the sake of flirtation, one wanted to.

    • Cliff: Travis, I'm being sincere. Kay, I know you don't recognize it, having never seen it from me before, but this is genuine. Truly.
      Travis: Okay. Great. So I'll just stay for the rest of my life. Maxing out Mommy's credit cards. Doing her in the next room. Maybe – maybe we'll have a couple kids. Kinda seal the deal, lock me in. Take this ride to the last stop.

    • Nikki: I'm avoiding calling his house. I'm sure you've heard, being his sponsor and all.
      Jessie Jo: Being his sponsor, I'm sure you know that what's said between sponsor and sponsee is private.
      Nikki: Right. So I guess asking if he's still mad at me is a waste of time?
      Jessie Jo: Bingo.

    • Johnny: I did hear you haven't really been around.
      Mrs. Nolan: I thought it would be too hard to go back. The truth is, it's no easier staying away.

    • Johnny: I get that there's something you think you can't tell me, but it's like you're walking around with this dark cloud over your head and it's never gonna go away no matter what we are.

    • Jessie Jo: Think of all this crap as a great big, shiny neon drink. Just say no. No no no.

    • Cliff: (About Eddie) His mom is still around here.
      Johnny: In Palm Springs?
      Cliff: Yeah. I haven't seen her in like forever. She took it pretty hard. Heard she never leaves her house anymore. Sad, huh?

    • Cliff: Since we're making amends, I should say, if I caused any friction or interference in the epic love story that is Johnny and Greta, I am sorry.
      Johnny: Greta and me? It's not gonna happen.
      Cliff: Was it those E-Mails that I didn't send you?

    • Cliff: (To Tess) What I want is for my mother to see through the transparency of her mid-life dilemma and realize that she is better than her choice in men.

    • Cliff: Oh Travis, no need to dress for breakfast.
      Tess: Sweetie, maybe you better put something on.
      Travis: I thought you liked me in less.

    • Tess: Good morning sugar bear. Wow, you're up early.
      Cliff: Yeah, its hard to sleep with the Superbowl going on in the next room.

    • Liza: I like science because it does what its supposed to. True is true and false is false.

    • Nikki: You scare me.
      Cliff: Isn't that the appeal?
      Nikki: What am I doing here? Why did you call me?
      Cliff: What can I say? I'm attracted to the hopelessly reckless. Why did you say yes?
      Nikki: Because I'm attracted to the pathologically insane.

    • Travis: Where the hell did you get a gun?
      Tess: I'm from Texas, you moron, we get a gun before we can walk.

    • Nikki: You sober people don't know when to quit!
      Jesse Jo: 'You sober people don't know when to quit!' Yeah, I'll stew on that one.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: June 21, 2008 on TV3

    • This is the first episode to feature recurring character, Maria Nolan (Valerie Cruz).

    • Featured Music:
      "Strange World" by Highbench
      Johnny & Liza in her garage
      "Bigger Than Life" by Josh Fields
      Nikki visits Jessie Jo.
      "Steal the Air" by Josh Fields
      Mrs. Nolan visits with Tess
      "Devil In A Midnight Mass" by Billy Talent
      Car drive with Nikki & Cliff
      "Stars and Boulevards" by Augustana
      Cliff & Nikki Make-out scene in the desert.
      "Boston" by Augustana
      Nikki comes to Jessie Jo for help.