Hidden Palms

Season 1 Episode 4

What Liza Beneath

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2007 on The CW

Episode Recap

Johnny is taking out the trash and he sees Lisa throwing something smoking into the trash and goes into her garage to talk with her. They begin to talk about Eddie. Liza notices a picture of her and Eddie pop up on her laptop screen and she walks over and closes it before Johnny can see it.

Cliff is getting ready in the morning and hears his mom and Travis in the next room. He meets him mom in the kitchen and they talk with Travis. Cliff doesn't like Travis and wants him to leave, but his mother doesn't want him to. They have a light argument.

Johnny meets Cliff when he's riding his bike. They talk about Greta, Eddie's suicide and Eddie's parents. Johnny discovers his mom still lives out there.

Johnny talks to Jesse Jo about the drama in his life. Greta shows up to talk with Johnny. They talk and Johnny basically says that they can't be anything and walks away.

Johnny goes to Mrs. Nolan's house. He talks to her about Eddie and she asks him to leave.

Nikki talks with Jesse Jo. He tries to help her, but she pushes him away.

Liza and Johnny are at Johnny's house, talking about Eddie supposedly being murdered. They also talk about the IMs then begin to play Halo 2, which Liza is pretty good at.

Cliff talks with Travis. Cliff pretends to be nice to him by getting him a drink. Travis tries to push his buttons by painting a verbal futuristic picture, but Cliff keeps up his act.

Cliff sees Nikki. They talk about her current living conditions and some flirting is involved. She gives Cliff her phone number.

Karen talks to Mrs. Nolan on the phone and then asks Johnny why he went to see her. Karen isn't happy. They yell and Johnny tells her that he's screwed up.

Tess is watching Travis wash his car when Cliff comes out. Tess and Cliff manage to convince Travis to let Cliff drive his 'baby'. Then Travis makes out with Tess in front of Cliff.

Bob and Karen talk about Johnny. Bob thinks Karen needs to talk with him about John.

Johnny meets Nikki. They talk about her current sober status. Johnny leaves, saying he'll help her if she helps herself. Jesse Jo tries to help, but she gets angry and leaves.

Tess meets Maria. They talk about Maria and Tess's new neighbors (Johnny's family), which is where Maria used to live. Tess is glad that she's back.

Cliff finds Greta and Greta promptly gets mad at him.

Tess and Maria are still talking when Maria sees Greta and Cliff. She heads over and starts talking. Greta and Cliff are stunned and quiet. Maria says comforting words to them, like how they shouldn't blame themselves. After she leaves, Greta tells Cliff that she's tired of the lies.

Cliff takes Nikki for a wild ride in Travis's car. Cliff is upset the car didn't sustain any damage, so he hits up the car, while making up some story about being side-swipped. Cliff and Nikki kiss.

Karen brings Johnny's laundry into his room. She looks at a picture of Johnny and his dad. Johnny comes in and they take a trip down memory lane. They talk about John.

Nikki and Cliff make out and then proceed to talk some more.

Greta goes over to Johnny's house and admits to have slept with Cliff the night before Eddie died. They kiss and make up.

Tess and Travis are preparing to leave when Cliff comes home. Travis sees his car and goes after Cliff, saying that he's going to kill him. He tackles Cliff and starts to strangle him. Unable to get Travis off Cliff, Tess shoots her gun into the air and then aims it at Travis, telling him to "get the hell out of [her] house before [she] shows him what a good shot [she] really is."

Nikki goes to talk to Jesse Jo and he lets her stay on his couch with certain rules and commitments.

Cliff apologizes to his mom, but she says he shouldn't be apologizing. Cliff tells his mom that he wants her to be with someone who sees her as he does.

Johnny goes to Liza's house and he discovers from the back of her jacket that she is 08NOVA. Liza tells Johnny that Eddie was murdered and that Greta and Cliff killed him.