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  • Wild Brain can do better, but this show IS better than Yo Gabba Gabba.

    This show follows the adventures of Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, Who are kids who pop out of each other and live in the town of Higglytown. Higglytown has many "Heroes" such as police officers, Frefighters and construction workers. The kids learn how to be an amazing hero.

    The animation is OK, but could do better. Same goes for the Voice Acting.

    the humour is stupid, but better than what Yo Gabba Gabba can do.

    overall, give the show a 6.5 out of 10 with the title of OK.
  • Really

    Ok the comments are just amazing me!! Do you really think that having a pizza guy is teaching children to eat pizza all day? Did angelica make us as children eat cookies all day? No! I think this show is an excellent show to show children who does what and not to be scared of people such as policeman. My little girl loves this show!! People always complain about the craziest stuff then wonder why our society is so screwed up.... go figure!!
  • Copies other shows

    Higglytown Heroes is such a fail, they copy things like, singing about what their doing, i see them sing even the most dumbest thing ever. I don't get why they even try but still its a little weird. Another thing that bugs me is that they usually have the pizza guy on the show. They are literally encouraging kids to eat pizza all day? I don't even know, and that one little girl that has these childish imaginations, obviously that doesn't bug me a lot but even my younger siblings agree that she is too annoying.
  • Used to watch it.

    Well it is a little weird but yeah I like it. Kids canlearn about the world around them and the people that contribute to our society. The only thing I don't like about the show is that the animation. It just needs some more work to make it look better. Overall great show. 9/10
  • IMO it needs improvements.

    Plot: Higglytown Heroes is a about Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, and Fran, a squirrel, always has their own problems and doesn't know what to do on that problem. The "heroes" are the ones who saves their day.

    Characters: They are mostly annoying, they need to calm down and they always exaggerate and panic. It's a bad idea to panic. Why? You won't know what to do. We don't want that in our children to happen just in case that happens around when there is danger. I dislike Twinkle's imagination a little. Voice acting is average.

    Education/Humor Value: Yeah, alot of people are misunderstanding the word "hero" or the "heroes" on this show, but for me, the non-hero in this show is the cook that is mentioned below. The heroes that I remember is the lock expert, when they got caged inside with a lock, and the electrician. This is a kid's show, and it's a hero to them. The schoolnurse and the plumber, the electrician, and the lock expert are the ones that are good enough to be mentioned as a hero. There are wrong categories on this one. The humor, It's kiddish, but IDC. since it has a good value of education. They just need to categorize what is worth to be mentioned as a hero, and what is unworthy.

    Art: I like those concept, people as dolls. It's okay. But the animation is somewhat a problem.

    Overall: 5. If they improved this show using the improvements that I mentioned above, this would make a flow.
  • Wayne is overreacting all the time

    Everytime Fran corrects Twinkle's theory/imaginative story, Wayne freaks out like hes gonna die.
  • Why do you keep playing episodes for this show over and over again disney?!?!

    I used to like this show when I was younger and I stopped watching it a couple years later because they barely play new episodes and now I'm starting to not like it anymore, I don't know why they came up with this crazy idea to play the same episodes too much but I don't care about it I just stopped watching it because of that so like there are 5 or 4 heroes and a squirrel trying to save the day and I seen this as like two short episodes or something and I didn't remember a squirrel in them and she is in this one a squirrel wouldn't save the day what were these people thinking?

    I remember twinkle likes sparkles and she acts like a total retard cause she can't propose anything and I forgot the green hero's name but his annoying motto just irritates me because I remember he always said "Let's go let's go let's go!!" just awful people.
  • same thing over & over....

    this show is so lame! each ep is just the same thing over & over again. it gets boring and repetitive. all the characters annoy me. the humor isnt good at all. what was Disney thinkin when they decided to make this show?? Twinkle annoys me the most! she constantly says "aw pickles!" grrrr! this is just a failed attempt at tryin to make a good show. Higglytown Heroes needs to get the airwaves as soon as possible! i also hate it when Twinkle comes up with the most retarded ideas known to man!! they're so dumb, it's unbelievable!

    the plot: 2/10 boring & repetitive

    characters: 4/10 they're annoying & i HATE Twinkle!!!

    jokes:1/10 not funny at all

    voices:1.5/10 ahhhhhhhhhh! my ears!!! they hurt!

    animation:1/10 my eyes!!!!! i cant stand CGI!!!

    bottom line: avoid this show at all costs! uugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! this show sucks!
  • They are not "heroes"!

    I rated this show a ZERO because the producers don't seem to know the definition of a HERO! I know it is just a silly kid's show, but I assume it aims to be slightly educational. So why would they be telling children that a short order cook is a hero? I'm sorry, but saving a person from a burning building is heroic; making the perfect patti melt isn't. I watch it just to see who they think a hero is each day and laugh. Today it was a trail donkey. I rest my case.
  • eh, it's ok

    it starts out with the higgly kids with the MOST STRANGE names ever. i mean twinkle, definitely a strange name. and the situations they are in are never emergencies. and fran a talking squirrel....what!!!!! whenver there in trouble which is never really trouble a higglytown hereo comes. it's like that song they sing about this looking like a job for a higglytown hero, summons a hero. this show is JUST ok.
  • It's pretty good

    Higglytown Heroes is a cute show that airs every morning on Playhouse Disney. It's a show that follows five main characters. Eubie, Wyane, Twinkle, Kip, and Fran, whom is a squrriel. Fran is almost like the kid's babysitter. All the characters in this show are nesting dolls that hop around, a nest inside of each other when scared or in danger.

    In each episode, the kids are faced with a problem where the solution is far out of their reach. So they call in a Higgleytown Hero for some help! With the help of the Higgleytown hero, they are able to accomplish any goal. Plus, they always have the help from the almost useless Pizza Guy! Pizza Guy, I think, brings most of the humor into this show.

    So the show is pretty good for perschoolers, and it's cute to watch for anybody older. It does have some pretty good messages, like how almost everybody is a hero. How often do you consider a farmer, or your teacher a hero? It's a great show for preschoolers.
  • Not so bad for a little kid's show.

    There have been times in my life that I've insulted my little sister's favorite preschool shows and I've even written a review on this site about one, but not this show. I think the first time I've ever seen this was when I was babysitting my little sister and the TV was on. I noticed that the theme song is played by They Might be Giants and I thought that was pretty cool. I also like how it's about Russian nesting dolls that hop around in 3-D and the concept about the heroes in our town or neighborhood. That show could teach kids a thing or two!
  • Umm...

    I'm like, 11, and I think this show is good. I first watched it with my nephew, and now i want to watch it at home when my 13 year old brother isn't around. I don't know why but this show is really fun to watch.
    It's kind of cheesy too, but I like cheesy shows. And little kid stuff.
    The theme song is cool too. Of course I like almost any song. I even like the Wiggles!
    Anyway, I know my nephew likes Higglytown Heroes, and so do I, and I think it's kind of cool and cheesy. Well, that's all.
  • It's a little kid's show and, as such, it's not supposed to appeal to a teenager!

    Higglytown Heroes is a great show for kids, spreading messages of sharing, compassion, and realizing that everyone can be a hero. Me (being of such intellect) highly recommend it for younger children and feel that older people should stop insulting the show because it's "stupid." I'd like to remind them, once again, that it is dumbed down for children.
  • It looks like a 3D version of South Park, no?

    I watch this show on the weekends whenever I'm babysitting my younger cousin. "Higglytown Heroes" is about four kids who wants to be heroes of Higglytown, just like most of the adults they encounter. However, they don't want super powers to be a "hero", that's not how the "hero" works in this show. At first, I thought it was. The "hero" is actually an ordinary person who specializes in something that assists the people surrounding them in any way, both physically and mentally.

    I think the show is quite entertaining to the naked eye of the children. It is in full 3D animation, and I can't help to think that, whenever I watch it, it's like I'm watching a three-dimensional South Park, only aiming at children.

    "Higglytown Heroes" is an original children's show. While I think that it's not important for me to watch, now that I'm alot older, my younger cousin keeps begging me to watch with him.
  • Higglytown Heroes is entertaining to young children, and it’s probably harmless, although due to television viewing limits, my child opts for the competition.

    Higglytown Heroes is a computer-animated television series targeted to young children 2 to 5. The show follows 4 playmates, and their furry friend on their daily exploits through Higglytown. A typical episode finds the friends with ordinary events, such as loosing a tooth, or going camping, and while attempting to sort out a problem, they realize they need help from an adult. There’s the obligatory sing and dance number, and everyday people such as a firefighter, or a truck driver resolve the dilemmas with ease. In the end, the kids honor the grown-ups, and bestow them with the title of, Higglytown Hero.

    The Characters and Setting:
    Firstly, these aren’t human friends. They are Russian nesting dolls that nest inside each other. They graduate from small to large, so that they are able to nest when scared, or when needing to hide. These characters don’t have legs, and they either hop along, or do this gliding thing like the snowman character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Higglytown is bizarre looking. It’s a cross from something out of a Dr. Seuss book to the futuristic Jetson’s. The houses look like enormous peanuts with arms. They’re painted in garish colors like robins egg blue, and have airplane-like windows. The vehicles look like egg crates on wheels.

    There isn’t a central character, as all the friends come together to save the day. It appears that Eubie is the oldest child, as he’s the biggest. He’s a sweet kid, agreeable, and helpful. Wayne is the worrywart of the group. He’s easily excitable, but when in need, he’s ready to lend a hand. Twinkle is a princess, who loves everything sparkley, and the color pink. She’s Wayne’s little sister, and a little high-strung. Kip is the youngest, and the brightest. He’s fearless, and is always up for an adventure. Fran is their ever-present grown-up companion. She is the leader of sorts, and is a squirrel. Fran is usually found resting on top of Kip’s head, although she hops from child to child at will. Fran is witty, and uses “nutty” expressions like, “Heaven’s to breadcrumbs,” and “Good gravy Higgly kids.”

    Pizza Guy, Uncle Lemmo, Aunt Mellie, Plunkie, Uncle Zooter, and Fripp round out the cast of Higglytown Heroes. In addition, there are frequent guest appearances from stars like Betty White, Camryn Maheim, Katey Segal, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Travis Tritt to name a few.

    Our Experience:
    When watching Higglytown Heroes for the first time, I was enticed by the vivid animation. I appreciate the premise of this show as well. Every job has honor, and no matter how insignificant it may seem, the average person can, and should be honored. How often do we see a librarian as a hero? This show acknowledges the roles we play as contributing member of society, and offers an appreciated pat on the back. I like that the “hero’s” offer advice too, like remember to wear your seat belts, never play with matches, and don’t be a littler bug. These simple reminders are useful, and present positive role modeling. In addition, the series celebrates diversity in families, and in ethnicity. Wayne and Twinkle are African American, while Kip, and Eubie Caucasian. Kip’s from a nuclear family, Eubie’s being raised by his Southern Aunt and Uncle, and Wayne and Twinkle’s mom is a single parent.

    Higglytown Heroes encourages respect, and reminds kids to work together. It also influences children to be self-starters, by suggesting creative ways to solve problems. On the other hand, Twinkle’s ideas are wacky, and completely implausible. For instance, in Don’t Fence Me In, Uncle Lemmo, and his neighbor Gloria can’t decide on a color to paint their bordering fence. Twinkle proposes they get some gofer fairies to crack open a hole next to the fence so that pelicans can fly in from the sea shore and fill it up with sand. The beavers can flatten the sand with their tails making room to add another fence. Fran, the voice of reason always pulls Twinkle back to earth. Is this child taking psychedelic drugs, or what?

    Fran’s character is an annoying little creature. Hopping from head to head like a jackrabbit. In addition, what’s with all the hoping, and popping inside each other? They don’t ask, “Um, do you mind if I hop inside you for a minute?” They just hop up, and pop inside their playmates. It’s bizarre! Anyway, how is there enough room with all the accoutrements they stow? In one episode, Wayne pulled out earplugs, sun block, a life preserver, water toys, water wings, a pool float, a beach towel, and a beach umbrella. Then, in Baby Boom we knew Mrs. Barber was in labor, because her baby was knocking to come out, “Bang, bang, bang!” Now, that’s just disturbing!

    The overall concept on the show is clever; however, the delivery is lacking. Do you consider a squirrel an appropriate guardian for preschoolers? It’s obtuse! In the episode A Really Hot Day, the kids decide to go to the pool without adult supervision. There’s a lifeguard on duty, in fact, he’s the hero of the story, but these characters are supposed to be preschoolers. This doesn’t set a good example when in our state, drowning is the leading cause for accidental death in children under 5. Honestly, the more I watch the show, the less I like it.

    Some of the themes are applicable to everyday life, like learning a new sport, or musical instrument while others are just off the wall. For example, in the episode, Twinkle’s Favorite Author a gigantic pizza falls on top of the library trapping P.J. Butternut inside. A crane operator removes the colossal pie rescuing Twinkle’s favorite author. WHAT?

    The popping, and nesting thing puzzles my son. He also wonders why the Higglytown people don’t have feet, legs, or fingers. I’ve explained that it’s make-believe, but he’s still confused. William likes Kip the best, and gets a kick out of Pizza Guy. He’s a knarley dude with funny antidotes that my son finds humorous. Higglytown Heroes doesn’t challenge kids with vocabulary, nor does it attempt to educate them. In Green in the Gills, a painter shows the playmates they can make green by combining blue and yellow, but largely, little instruction is presented in this series.

    Bottom Line:
    Higglytown Heroes is a funky show. The premise is positive, yet the end product is bizarre. If I were to rate each episode from 1 (avoid it) to 10 (excellent), I’d probably rate most of the shows from 5ish to 7ish. Higglytown Heroes succeeds in some areas:
    ● The themes honor everyday people, and
    ● The show reminds kids to work together, to lend a helping hand

    I’m hesitant to recommend Higglytown Heroes. Some of the themes are strange, and the lack of adult supervision is bothersome. In addition, the unusual popping, and nesting behavior has me questioning the sanity of the writers. The show is entertaining to young children, and it’s probably harmless. William’s entertained by the show, but considering his television viewing is limited, he prefers The Backyardigans, and Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends.

    Mary Batson
    Previously published on Epinions.com
  • Need to watch it more then once.

    This was a show that the first time I turned it on for my 2 year old that I was ready to write Disney and ask them what they were smoking as the show appreared to be quite immature. The characters in the show are better known to me as ' Weebles '. If you can get by that fact and actually watch the show and understand the messages, it is a great show.
    Each episode features a well known celeberity voice and has a very important message for pre-schoolers.
    If you turn it or have turned it on in the past and thought it was stupid, give it another try.
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