Higglytown Heroes - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Higgly Frog Day: The street sweeper clears the streets of confetti during a parade.
    Eubie's Ele-Fantastic Adventure: The zookeeper helps rescue the kids' drawings.
  • Fripp takes the kids bowling and shows them his pride and joy - his X-57 bowling ball. After they finish, Fripp accidentally drops his ball in the parking lot and it rolls away. Pizza guy tries to chase it down but is smashes against a lamppost and breaks. Fripp is crushed. Bitty & the kids go to the bowling shop to buy a new X-57 but the shop is sold out. What to do? Enter the Truck Driver. He has a truck full of new balls that he delivers to the shop. They buy a ball and give it to Fripp as a present. / The kids and Fran are playing outside on a really hot day. It's so hot they hardly want to play anything. They decide to get some Frosy Cream Pops to cool them down but they melt before they can eat them. Twinkle has the idea to go swimming at the pool. They get to the pool but realize they don't have an adult to watch over them. With no one making sure they're safe, they can't swim. Enter the Lifeguard. He tells them he'll make sure they're safe as the kids finally cool off and play in the water.moreless
  • 7/20/05
    Kip's Sweet Tooth: A dentist fixes Kip's tooth after discovering a cavity. Wayne's Lollipop: A barber helps Wayne remove a giant lollipop stuck in his hair.
  • All Tire'd Out: The Higgly Kids love splashing in the pool - too much! There's no more water left in it, so Wayne & Twinkle's mom suggest they all go to the beach instead. But on the way to the beach, the car has a flat. They can't get to the beach without a tire - they need a hero! Enter the tow truck driver - he fixes the car in a jiffy and they drive on to have fun in the sun. Great Un-expectations: The Higgly Kids go exploring in the backyard for unexpected things. They find a caterpillar and go to the library to get more information about it. They need a hero to tell them! The librarian explains that their caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly soon.moreless
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    First Snow: The Higgly kids are very excited about the First Snow of the season. They rush to put on their snow clothes, only to find that they have all outgrown them. They can't enjoy the weather if they're not dressed properly. They need a hero! Kip's grandma comes to the rescue by knitting them size-appropriate warm clothes. Snow Dazed: The Higgly Kids go to the park to play after the big snowstorm. But they get lost on the way back home. They need a hero to get home. A Police Woman shows up and takes them home.moreless
  • Eubie's Pink Dot: The kids are in school making paper hats when the teacher dismisses them to the playground. Eubie's hat promptly gets blown off his head and sails into a wooded area. Eubie follows only to find it in a mud puddle. As he exits, Twinkle sees several pink dots on his hand. And they itch. Two Bees or Not Two Bees: Kip's Grandpa-pa & Grandma-ma are taking the kids berry picking at a special spot where they'll find the biggest and best berries. It's also the spot that Grandpa-pa & Grandma-ma fell in love many years ago. After a long hike they get to the spot but all the berries are gone!moreless
  • 6/20/05
    Higgly Hoedown: A cowboy helps capture a wandering cow. Eubie's Turbo Sled: A snow plow driver rescues a hot dog cart stuck in the snow.
  • Twinkle's Favorite Author: A crane operator helps clean up a mess. Don't Fence Me In: Uncle Lemmo and his neighbor disagree over the color of a fence.
  • 5/8/05
    Kip Joins the Circus: The Fricky Frack Funhouse catches on fire. Baby Boom: An ambulance driver takes Mrs. Barber to the hospital.
  • Fran Takes a Hike: A forest ranger helps the kids when they lose their hiking trail. Mystery at Kip's House: The kids try to discover the source of a mysterious noise.
  • Bright Lights, Big City: A cabdriver helps the kids when they get lost in the city. Kip's Shadow: The kids find a stray dog while playing.
  • 2/6/05
    Patty Cake: The baker teaches the kids how to bake bread. Havin' A Ball: The Coach teaches Eubie and his friends how to play Higglyball.
  • Wayne's Good Guess
    Episode 17
    Wayne's Good Guess: The kids guess how much candy is in a jar.
  • Wayne's 100 Special Somethings
    Wayne's 100 Special Somethings: Wayne is asked to bring in 100 of something, but he can't think of what to bring in.
  • 1/20/05
    Say What?: A translator helps the kids talk to a new girl. Higgly Harmonies: The kids learn how to play musical instruments.
  • Wayne's Ripping Adventure: Wayne accidentally ripped his clothes before Twinkle debut. Meet Eubie's Cousin: Eubie introduces his cousin to the rest of the Higgly kids.
  • Twinkle's Masterpiece: A guide dog helps a blind art teacher deliver Twinkle's artwork. The Egg-cellent Adventure: The kids learn about slang.
  • Twinkle's Wish
    Episode 12
    Twinkle's Wish: Twinkle's Christmas wish comes true when Pix the elf allows her to wrap presents for Santa.
  • 10/18/04
    Catch Up With Ketchup: Fripp opens a new hot-dog stand near the Ferris wheel. Star Stuck: The kids decide to go camping.
  • Soup With Stars: A grocer helps the kids shop for soup ingredients. The Happy Friend Sparkly Toast Club: Kip and his friends start a club.
  • 10/25/04
    Smells Like a Mystery: A police dog helps find Fripp's lost hot dog cart. Ship Ahoy!: A tug boat pulls the kids to safety when their boat runs aground.
  • Higgly Halloween
    Episode 8
    Higgly Halloween: Uncle Lemo tells the Higgly kids the story of the Pumpkin Monster.
  • 9/20/04
    Weather or Not: Wind destroys Fran the Squirrel's Acorn Day barrel. Green in the Gills: A painter helps the kids design a card.
  • 9/17/04
    Smooth Operator: An operator helps Grandpa find Aunt Susie's phone number.

    Stinky Situation: A garbage collector helps the kids clean up.
  • Great Un-Expectations / Snow Dazed
    Great Un-Expectations: A librarian helps the kids learn about interesting creatures in their backyard. Snow Dazed: A policewoman directs the kids back home when they get lost in the snow.
  • Flappy's Not Happy: A veterinarian helps an unhappy bird. Electric Evening: An electrician helps during a blackout.
  • First Snow / All Tire'd Out
    First Snow: Kip's grandma knits the kids new winter clothes. All Tire'd Out: On the way to the beach, the car has a flat tire.
  • 9/13/04
    Twinkle Tooth: A plumber recovers Twinkle's tooth from the drain.
    Flower Power: A gardener teaches the kids about plant care.
  • 9/12/04
    Up a Tree: A fireman rescues a cat from a tree. Missing Grandpop: Eubie sends his grandfather a letter.