Higglytown Heroes - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • A Hoppin' Poppin' Problem: The pizza man is attempting to gather all of the special ingredients for his pizza that he is going to make on tv, when his truck breaks down.
    Hay Hay Hay!: Eubie's grandfather has to deliver some hay to the farm of Farmer Lulu. The kids help out and receive ice cream for their hard work.moreless
  • Wayne's Day to Shine: The kids needs to get the paint off of their costumes before the school play with assistance from the laundry worker. Wayne Listens Up: Wayne has swimmers ear.
  • Frozen Fish Follies: The kids use sled dogs to help them get their fish home. Look Who's Squawking: A flock of penguins invades Higglytown and animal control workers come to their rescue.
  • 9/25/06
    Kip Hits the Road: The kids get a lesson in road safety from a road worker and his steamroller, when they build a car out of household items and try to drive it. Amazing Museum: A museum curator explains her job and offers the children a lesson in art.
  • Higgly Island
    Episode 16
    Higgly Island: The Higgly kids travel to the top of a mountain by helicopter in order to break an ancient curse, when they are found by Uncle Zeke.
  • Kip's Rocket Rescue
    Episode 15
    Kip's Rocket Rescue: The Higgly kids get 100 copies of a lost rocket flier from the printer.
  • 9/1/06
    Corn to be Wild: After helping GrandPop Crink with the corn harvest, the way home is blocked by a boulder. Overnight Moose: Uncle Lemmo takes the kids to see the Magnificent Moose Monument.
  • Eubie's Big Boat Float: The parade is in town and Eubie builds a float for it, except it gets stuck under the bridge because it is too tall. A Slippery Situation: Kip has an accident and falls down. Just to be careful, he has an x-ray taken of his arm to make sure it isn't broken.moreless
  • Don't Wayne on My Parade: The kids view of the parade from the high rise window is being blocked by dirt. Twinkle's Terrific Twirl: Twinkle has a figure-skating performance to get ready for while the ice-resurfacer smooths the surface of the ice.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Fish: On a trip to the beach Twinkle looses her bathing cap in the ocean. A submarine driver drives down to get it for her. All the Wrong Moves: Eubie is going to be the Ring Bearer at his aunts wedding. Only he must learn how to dance.moreless
  • All Warm Inside: The kids come inside from the cold and playing in the snow, only to realize that the furnance is broken. Calling All Ducks: Eubie's Aunt Mellie and Uncle Zooter lure ducks to their lake with the help of the town and their musical instruments.
  • 9/15/06
    Shear Luck: It's "Biggest-Longest-Tallest Day" in Higglytown and the kids get help from Grandma to knit the longest scarf ever! Big Night Out: The kids win tickets for their parents to attend a musical.
  • 6/23/06
    Me and My Shadow: Kip needs the assistance of a dog trainer to help him control his dog named Shadow. Out to Sea: The lighthouse keeper helps the kids navigate their boat through the fog.
  • Wayne's Big, Big Discovery: Wayne finds a dinosaur bone while planting in the vegetable garden. Dirigible Day: Kip's Uncle Zeke needs help landing his plane during an airship parade in Higglytown.
  • 6/21/06
    The Legend of Higsquatch: The gang tries to document the existence of a mysterious creature.
  • 6/20/06
    Cry Baby Pookie: It's baby Pookie's 1st birthday party and she is not having such a good time because she is teething. Wait for Me: The kids & other townsfolk are invited to a fancy French restaurant where a kind waiter helps them order from the menu.
  • Balloon-a-Palooza: The kids run into trouble while hiking and rely on members of a mountain rescue squad for help. Wayne's Day Out: A police officer tracks down Wayne after he gets separated from his friends at a crowded fair.
  • 4/22/06
    The Fran In The Moon: In this Earth Day special the Higgly Kids are eager to help make their planet a better place to live in.
  • A Valentine For Miss Fern: The Electrician asks the Higgly kids to help plan a special Valentine's day surprise for Miss Fern. A Totally Secret Valentine: Someone is sending everyone in Higglytown Valentine's day cards. A detective and his dog are on the hunt for the secret admirer.
  • Kip Gets Swing Fever: Higglytown kids learn what a tree trimmer's job is like. Wayne's Pieces of Gold: Wayne wins 10 gold coins and goes to the banker for money advice.