Higglytown Heroes

Season 2 Episode 3

The Fran In The Moon

Aired Daily 8:00 AM Apr 22, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

In this Earth Day special the Higgly Kids are eager to help make their planet a better place to live in. In one short day the kids learn how to plant a tree, clean a park, and recycle cans. To top it all off, these Earth helpers are invited to contribute their favorite things about the Earth for the Earth Capsule that will be shot to the moon! But, in a twisted turn of events, on the day of the rocket launch, Fran gets shot into space with the Earth capsule! Though Fran is safe and enjoying the fact that she is the first squirrell on the moon, the kids scramble to get her back down. The only hero for this job is the Astronaut! The kids turn from green cadets to space cadets and join the Astronaut to bring Fran back to Earth! Safe at home, Frans remarks there is no other planet she'd rather live in, so it's best to keep it clean and healthy!