High Feather

PBS (ended 1987)


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  • Eight summer campers learn how to get along with each other and get through Nutrition Camp as they learn about good nutrition, as well as about themselves.

    To anyone who\'s ever been in summer camp, and were forced to \"make do\" and bunk with other kids from varied backgrounds, they would find this series enjoyably nostalgic.

    It\'s a good mixture of kids with varied backgrounds and how Camp High Feather impacts upon them in particular.

    It was filmed with many outdoor shots in the brilliant sunshine, first of all. You\'ll find
    some \"period\" touches when you see the summer clothes of the campers and counselors. The musical background of guitar, piano, harmonica, and whistling, just adds to it.

    There are still timeless tenets of basic good nutrition that the series teaches.

    Though the acting is a bit stilted and unpolished at times, the writing, plot flow, and resolve makes it enjoyable to watch over and over.

    It covered all aspects of camp - from introducing yourself and staking out your territory (bunks), to having to go home early and bringing a bit of that \"good camp feeling\" with you.
    Indeed, I wish there had been more episodes.

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