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ABC (ended 1997)


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  • One of the best kept secrets out there.

    I totally agree with the other reviews before me. This was one of the best television police dramas ever to grace tv. Not only was it realistic to what police officers go through on a daily basis, but it also had a large dose of humanity and spirit. It was the type of show you could sit down with the entire family and watch and enjoy. While it dealt with subjects from child kidnappings, murder, robbery, illegal immigration and rape, it used sensible language and just enough grit to draw the viewers in without sensationalizing violence. A breakout pairing I absolutely adored were the partnership of Blair Underwood (Officer Rhoades) and Lisa Vidal (Officer Helgado). They worked magic together and were always a treat to watch. This show just HAS to find a way to DVD so it can finally be appreciated by a new generation of viewers. This show deserves that much, at the very least.
  • Fun and dramatic look at real street cops.

    For some reason, if a police procedural gets made these days, it is all about very serious crimes like murder. The cops doing the investigations are usually seasoned investigators. The shows that dramatize the workaday cops on the street are just as appealing, yet there isn't one out there right now. If you recall the following list of shows, hopefully you'll know what I mean. High Incident was probably the best of the bunch that I remember, but let's not forget about Adam-12, 10-8: Officers on Duty, and -- with some of its elements at least -- Third Watch. I am sure there are other examples.

    High Incident did a great job of depicting the ups and downs of some interesting personal lives, while still giving a glimpse (albeit a dramatized one) into the realities of the job itself.
  • a group of great cops

    i can remember when it first aired in austraila how great it was. now this is another great american cop show i can add to my list of favourites. the cast where great and i loved the story lines. they were'nt made up. they showed us what its like to be a cop and the dangers that come with it. one of the cops in the show marsh i loved his character. hes a tought cop who can not stand men beating there wifes. this is because when he was a kid hes dad use to hit his mother. there where funny scenes as well as very sad and heart warming scenes. this cop show let us see that theses cops have a tuff job to do and that they have a human side to them as well. i hope they bring this show onto dvd.
  • Exceptional show. Amazingly real and wonderful. Real people, real heroes, real shame it got cancelled.

    This is another one of those shows I remember from my younger days, and I actually thought it was longer ago than it was. But in a way, I'm happy to hear that it wasn't.

    What a wonderful top-notch cast. Break-outs for me were David Keith and Matt Craven.

    I remember watching this show faithfully. I remember getting excited about it coming on and I remember being pissed it was cancelled. What that means to me is that it was a great show.

    I never thought I would use the Bring It Back label for a review, but I find that I will this time because, as a previous reviewer stated and made me think...bring it back can mean bring it out on DVD. I don't necessarily want an update or a redo of this show, but I would love to see it on DVD. So I can relive the joys of this wonderful drama again.

  • Short lived but incredible

    One of the best crime drama shows ever made. Short lived because it wasn't advertised enough. I think if they gave it another chance and made half as many commercials as they do for American Idol it would be one of the highest rated shows ever made. This show was one of the most creative, innovative, and dramatic shows that I have ever seen. The only show that comes close to being as good would be NYPD Blue. Even if we can't get them to bring the show back they should atleast bring it to DVD for people to have and watch. Hopeful that way people can see how good of a show it was to have more people fighting to bring it back.
  • Brilliant police drama series - deserved a much bigger audience

    High Incident remains as one of my all time favourite television shows.

    Great actors, characters, fantastic storylines - so why did it only last 2 seasons ?

    From what I have read, in the USA the show was pitted against the ratings juggernaut sitcom 'Friends' - which at the time was dominating the ratings

    I am stunned that the American broadcaster ABC cancelled this show - especially when you look at some of the rubbish that has been screening year after year.

    Even more surprised that another network did not pick up the series.

    The final ever episode of High Incident was brilliant, however the cliffhanger that went unresolved was just plain cruel to fans of the show.

    It really is hard to believe that it has been 8 years since the last episode was made
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