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High School Confidential

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This WE tv reality show follows twelve different girls through a typical high school experience. They encounter sex, drugs, unplanned pregnancies, health concerns and more during their four years of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Season 2 : Episode 7

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  • Good but could have been better

    In a world of pointless and silly reality tv shows, High School Confidential is a welcome breath of fresh air. It tracks 12 girls through their high school careers and documents their triumphs and troubles. In each story, as different as they are, there is a strong theme of people trying to find who they are while contending with peer pressure and parental pressure. Some of the stories are sad; some of the stories are happy. You are left wanting to know so much more. All of the girls graduated in 2006. At the end of each episode, I am left wishing that they had told just a little bit about where each girl is now. You get the impression that most of them were changed for the better by their experiences and others will go on being who they are regardless. The only other thing that I really find disappointing is that the natural drama of high school is so down played that some of the stories are boring. I can appreciate that they film maker wanted to keep things real and honest, but she could have built the drama a little bit. Overall, I think this is a great show for mothers and daughters to watch together. I think it will fuel some great discussions that might not otherwise be had.moreless
  • A show about teenagers coming of age in high school through out their 4 years there.

    I have been watching this show since it first came out, and I am surprised with it. They definitely tackle issues that other shows pretend are not a problem- drugs, teen pregnancy, etc. Like so many other shows, it reminds me of the influence "My So Called Life" had on television and teen issues.

    While I praise the show for tackling such issues, I still have some problems with the show. As I read in one review, and I must agree with - the end of every episode seems forced as the girls say "My story is about a girl..." I do not think this is necessary, and really should have only been done if the girls wanted to instead of forcing them to come up with a summary of their years- leave that to the viewer! The last episode says it will capture final exams, prom and graduation (although one girl transfered, and her graduation was already shown in her episode). While I want to watch this I wonder about it. These girls' stories belong in their episode. Yes, they will go to the prom and graduation together along with their peers in the same grade, but these experiences are their own-- there is no mention if these girls know each other or interact in anyway except for group pictures which seem to have been taken during senior year. So with all this, why show the final days of high school separately?moreless

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