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  • To Get into? Looks like I am

    I don't like the vampire makeup. Do like that it's heading into non vampire territory.

    11 ep of season 1, no buffy ep, 1 ep of season 2 (2010, June-July 2015) ABC Family
  • Much needed reunion

    I could see a new movie or even revival of this show really working out for this show. Hey Full House, Girl Meets World, Scream movies turning into a television show the 90's are making a comeback ;)
  • Best Show Ever

    I got into Buffy Two years before it ended I was 12. I remember seeing Scooby doo and wanting to see more of Sarah Michelle Gellar , so two days later I was flipping through channels and found the most incredible show I ever saw. this show has everything Great Acting, Awesome fight scenes, Incredible writing. It is a show you will get addicted to
  • What To Watch

    I'm stuck on what to watch now. I've already watched Angel, Buffy the vampire slayer, supernatural, Arrow, Charmed, and even The vampire Dairies, if any one could give me suggestions on what to watch that would be a huge help
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover.. . . .

    Very often, when you find a particularly negative review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you find someone whose glancing opinion bounces off the surface "appearance" of the show and does not delve into the actual substance therein. Frequently, they are people who haven't really seen enough episodes to form a well thought-out opinion on the series, the content, and the characters as a whole--especially, people who have only seen a few eps from season one. Season one is the most shallow end of the series. It really gives you no clue as to what the series ends up being. Believe me, it gets more intense and complicated and dark as it goes on. If you decide to give it a try, I suggest checking out a handful of episodes from season three on before passing judgment. Some good examples are S3--The Wish, Helpless, Doppelgangland, S4--Something Blue, Hush and Restless, S5--Fool for Love, Triangle, Weight of the World, The Gift (I'd also say The Body but that one gives too much away) S6--Bargaining, Tabula Rasa, Older and Far Away, S7--Beneath You, Selfless, Conversations With Dead People, The Killer In Me, Get It Done (I'd say Chosen but it's the series finale which also would give too much away).

    About the show itself--Buffy is the antithesis of the "pretty-blond-victim" who runs from the "psycho ax-murderer" in horror films past--the girl who always twisted her ankle and fell in her attempt to get away. How many times did we see that scene and feel just a little bit disgusted with the victim for not even trying to fight back? How many times did we see that scene and feel disgusted with the directors for typing female victims in this way over and over again? Buffy, herself, isn't the "traditional" feminist TV icon. Many of those are women who have forfeited the ultra-feminine symbols of their gender--love, compassion and vulnerability in order to maintain equal footing with men. Buffy doesn't do this. Buffy embraces those symbols in one hand and hones and wields them to fight evil in the other.

    The show appears as a bubble-gum program, aimed at teens and while it's fan-base is largely younger viewers (teens-twenties), it's major themes profoundly confront the more mature ideas of good vs. evil, life and death, friendship, religion, the soul and the true meanings of power and love in such a way that is rarely addressed in current entertainment. It challenges the traditional ideas of religion as being an "institution" and asserts that it is something to be lived, that real love requires self-sacrifice, that true friendship requires far-reaching forgiveness, that true power is rooted in love and compassion and that good and evil, while in shades of gray can still be defined.
  • Still the best ever !!

    It's been more than 10 years and I still havn't seen anything as good as Buffy.

    It was clever, fun, tough... and so real... the metaphores with teenage issues were just perfect.

    I think there is not a single day when I'm not thinking about it

    I'm still hoping for a special episode or a movie !! you know.. see what the world has become since the end of sunnydale.

    Thank you Josss Whedon for sharing your worl with us...
  • In the World of Joss Whedon

    I'm still looking for a show that has so much depth and originality. You just have to love Joss Whedon's work! A budget doesn't make a show, the script and actors do. He did an amazing job on both parts. 10/10 with no hesitation.

  • partly living in the Buffyverse for the half of life...

    "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is brilliant TV-show. and I even think it's my MOST favorite one!!! it's ended like 10 years ago... and now re-watching the whole show I discover, realize and figure out smth new for me -- and I guess I like it even more than when I was a teen!

    the show made me laugh so hard and cry with all my heart almost in every episode. it still does. so how can you not admire smth that is so powerful and great? I love "Buffy", I can't stop loving it! believe me, I've tried -- it didn't work. it's the show I was growing up on. and I guess it's smth that you'll carry through all of your life. at least, I hope so, 'coz I don't wanna forget! and I really miss it...

    it's hard to say which episode is my fave 'coz there were many great episodes and many special ones (like "Hush", "One More, With Feeling", "Chosen"). it's hard to say which episode I don't like 'coz it's impossible for me to dislike smth from "Buffy". I can't even say who is my fave character 'coz there are so many of them -- well, top 5 is (without any order): Buffy, Spike, Willow, Xander and Anya, I guess... in fact, I love them all, even Clem :) though I can tell that my fave season is 6th -- and the reasons are: I'm a huge fan of Spuffy; I love Willow (especially, the Dark One); there is this most unexpected awful death of Tara; there are such great epis like "Once More, With Feeling", "Tabula Rasa", "Grave"; and I admire the season finale every time I watch it 'coz it is the only time when the destroying of the world is stopped just by expressing human love -- no Slayer, no magick... just friends for life Xander and Willow.

    plus, I really wanna mention one of my fave actresses of all times Sarah Michelle Gellar. there wouldn't be "Buffy" we know without her. there wouldn't be 7(!) seasons without her. and who knows... probably we even wouldn't fall in love with the show without her!

    so in conclusion, thanks to all cast and crew that let us to admire this fairy tale!
  • One of the greatest shows ever

    This show was an institution growing up. It was something every single person had watched, and if you missed an episode you were behind with the times. It was wonderful, and have seen every episode at least twice!!
  • Something Everybody Should Watch

    There was no hesitation involved in giving this a perfect score. This show has more depth, character development, foreshadowing, thematic relevance, and emotional resonance than 99% of shows that have ever graced television.

    The title and main plot may seem silly to some. "Buffy Summers, a vampire slayer, must handle living a normal school life and supernatural evil doer-fighting life without the two combining too title itself is meant to seem like a B-movie on purpose, which contrasts heavily from the show itself.

    Although the first season is hardly as deep or 'brilliant' as the ones that follow (even though I prefer it to the seventh), it does a good job at introducing the characters and the show itself. It's hard not to begin to feel empathy for the characters because the writers do an excellent job at making them seem like real people. The finale was also something special. Aside from its heavy use of standalones, the cheesiness of some of the "teenage" word use and special effects also plague the inaugural season.

    The second season (particularly the latter half) has what one could consider the best story arc of the show, and it's finale is one of the best episodes of television ever, that is one of the most emotional ways I've seen a season end.

    The third season is my personal favorite, and has, in my opinion, the least flaws and most fluidity of any of the seasons. Almost all 22 episodes are consistently great, with another amazing finale.

    The fourth season wasn't as consistent as the third, but had more episodes that constituted as absolutely mind blowing, which created a good balance. It also had to do the difficult task of introducing a new setting and characters.

    The fifth season returned to the third season's general consistency and also had a shocking twist and crazy finale. One of its mid-season episodes is one of the most heartbreaking and well-written, directed, and acted of any series.

    The sixth season goes into the darkest place the show has seen, with depression being an underlining theme for the entire season. It was the biggest risk the show took, and it payed off excluding a few mid-season episodes.

    The seventh season returns to a lighter format for the most part, dealing with more happy standalones, contrasting much from the prior season. I like the season, but it's my least favorite of them all. One supporting character takes a very heavy role, stealing much needed spotlight from the main characters, and then their airtime is further depleted from a large group of underdeveloped girls who in theory were a great idea and worked well in the end, but mediocrely executed. This still, however, was better than most seasons of most tv shows.

    Overall, watch this series. The show is mainly character driven, which is its biggest strength. All the characters who hold any importance (even minor) have their own special story arc. No main character is underdeveloped, and there's at least one that you'll fall in love with.

    Also, since the show has an ensemble cast, which had, at its lowest, five main characters, and at its highest, nine, there are many episodes focused less on Buffy herself, and more on a specific character. The episodes which do that {ex. The Zeppo (Xander), The Wish (Cordelia), Doppelgangland (Willow), Fool for Love (Spike), Family (Tara), Selfless (Anya), Passion (Jenny), Who Are You (Faith), Phases (Oz)} are usually very strong and unique. The finales themselves also always proved strong, with all seven being absolutely crazy amazing.

    If somebody watched this series, it changes the way they watch television. The complex, underlying, realistic themes that are in every episode truly show its brilliance. One will not regret watching this series, as you could tell by the exceptional ratings, everybody who watched it absolutely loves it.
  • Oh my god

    Oh my god this show this show guys oh my god this show omy god this show.

    I love it it is my favourate show i love it it's interesting funny it is so amazing i can not even explain it.
  • This review will briefly sum up the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with a few statistical facts.

    Buffy the vampire slayer is undeniably one of the most loved television series there is. It wasn\'t just a programme, it was a programme that people from all ages could truely relate to.

    The Actors/Actress\' were amazing.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar had the leading role as Buffy Summers, a teenage girl who found out her destine was to protect the world from demons, vampires, and forces of darkness.

    Anthony Stewart Head played Rupert Giles, or just \"Giles\". It was his job to assure that the Slayer was safe, and \"watched\" over.

    Alyson Hannigan acted Willow Rosenberg, Buffy\'s best friend. She was the typical Geek in her high school days, but as the series progressed we saw, well lets just say, her other side.

    Nicholas Brendon has the, what some might say, unfortunate role of Xander Harris. A commical character, with a IQ of barely anything.

    David Borenaz played the Vampire with a soul, Angel. He was supposedly buffy\'s \"soulmate\",(no pun intended).

    James Masters acted the \"Big bad\" as he liked to put it. A vampire with a reputation of killing slayers, but what stopped him killing Buffy?

    Emma Caulfield plays Anya, and ex-vengance demon, who has had her powers taken from her, and now she has to live the life of a human, which she isn\'t too great at.

    The Series made an incrediable 144 episodes, all for a duratiion of 42 minutes. There were 7 seasons in total, with roughly 22 episodes a season.

    - Although it\'s left our screens, it\'ll never leave our hearts.

  • One of the greatest stories ever Told! Joss Whedon is an impeccable writer!

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the few things that I watched on my own without anyone reccomending it to me. This series is wonderful simply because it is about so much and it uses nearly every genre in the book to tell its magnificent story. This is a Drama with a lot of humor, Action, Adventure, Dark Romance and Mythology. The Acting and the chemistry between the cast members is near spot on perfect. Sarah Michelle Gellar gives it her all as Buffy Summers and creates a character that will remain a legend for years to come.

    The Story Begins with Buffy at age sixteen. She is entering a new school with the hopes of having a normal life. Buffy and her mother Joyce Summers move to Sunnydale California unaware that below Sunnydale High rest A hellmouth. Many Mystical forms of evil rest below Sunnydale and its up to The Slayer to stop them. In every generation one girl is destined to defeat the Vampires, demons and The forces of darkness. She is given enhanced physical strength and visions of the lives of past slayers. I love this set up but it wouldn't really add up to much if the character wasn't interesting. Buffy reactes to this the way that any normal angst ridden teeanger would. She panicks and is quick to Avoid the responsibility. Buffy is an extremely relateable character and she experiences all of the emotions that a normal person would but she is also an Epic Role Model and is able to triumph over all of her weaknesses. Her Friends are just as compelling. Alyson Hannigan as Willow is adorable and perfectly cast as the modest nerd who later on becomes a Fearless Witch. Nicholas Brendon is Great as Xander Harris the everyman of the group. Buffy's mentor is Rubert Giles The Watcher. His job is to teach Buffy about Slaying and to train her in combat. Cordelia Chase is played perfectly by Charisma Carpenter. Cordelia is a popular girl who reminds Buffy of the type of girl that she used to be before she was discovered that she was the slayer. She is a Frenemy of Buffy's throughout her high school life and their rivarly is very entertaining to watch. Another important character that we meet in the first year of Buffy is the Mystery man named Angel. The Buffy and Angel Romance is one of the greatest tragic relationships in Fiction and I would be doing a great disservice to it if I where to spoil it here. I will just say that the real meat of their relationship is in the second season. The first season is more about extablishing the world of Buffy and introduce us to the show's Monster of the week formula. It allows for great fun but season 2 is when The show becomes Epic and Deep. The show quickly evolves into something unique and unlike any show that I have ever seen. All of the seven seasons of Buffy contain something special and larger than life itself. The Series can be hilarious at times and it can also be a tear Jerker. I don't think that I have ever cared so much for characters in a television series as much as I have with this one. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Angel, Anya, Dawn, Oz, Drusillia, and Faith will own your soul. They are all so three dimensional and engaging. My personal Favorite character of the series is Spike. In my opinion his character shows the most growth and change throughout the course of the series. James Marsters shines in the role and showcases his amazing talent as the infamous vampire. The ending to the series is perfect and brings Buffy's life full circle. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the deepest and one of the best Young Adult stories of all time in my opinion.
  • great but finale wasnt as i had hoped!

    Dont get me wrong the entire series was great but i have a few concerns. First being, Angel shouldnt have left in series 3 he should have stayed throughout the seasons. I think most Buffy fans watched Buffy and end up missing out on Angel. Ive watched Angel only recently, realising that it actually crosses over with Buffy episodes. Not only that the best episode ever is in Angel "I will remember it was amazing! Buffy and Angel fans MUST watch it!

    So anyway, the ending was good for Buffy as a slayer but the series wasnt ENTIRELY CLEAR on who she loved more Angel or Spike. There are small hints here and there and i honestly think Angel she loved more but it was left very open ended. she had said no to having a future with Spike but had kinda said no and yes to Angel it was very confusing and ambiguous.

    I think the series finale should have focused a bit more on the love triangle after all the series spent most of the time developing on Buffy's love interests. Dont get me wrong the series sealed the deal for Buffy as a slayer but not as her teenage problems that were dwelled on over the years.

    Angel and Buffy for one were focused on for the first three years and then continued to do so in parts in Buffy and Angel so why wouldnt Whedon just close that part of the story too in the series.

    Bottom line if a show is going to hype up a love story over the entire series should complete it. There are many shows that do this . Gilmore eventually disappoints fans!
  • Overated, but still good

    Having watched all seasons but season 7, I'll give my thoughts.

    Buffy could be very good at times. The arc in the later half of season 2, for example, for very strong, and I liked season 6, unlike most people seem to. But it could also be very weak, and for me there were more weak, or average, areas, than good bits. Season 1 ranged from weak to average. Season 2 started off average and ended very strongly, with great character development and story arcs. The introduction of Faith in season 3 was good, but I just didn't buy her motivations for turning evil, and The Mayor just didn't work for me. It was a pretty average season in total. Brownie points for Anya and Wesley. Season 4 had its moments, but again the arc wasn't very strong; Riley was dull, Adam was a terrible villain and the institute or whatever it was called bored me. The show also didn't feel the same without The Library. This series also began the mostly terrible arc of Spike; his falling in love with Buffy was annoying, unbelievable, and poorly done. Season 5 was mostly good. The introduction of Dawn was very intriguing, and Glory was a good character. The arc worked well. It also began Willow's various arcs with regards to her magic and Tara. A strong season. Season 6 was also very strong, with engrossing yet depressing arcs. However, The Trio were mostly terrible and were given too much screentime.

    I find the acting and dialogue in this show very overated by the fans. The dialogue was mostly average, with some especially clumsy bits and some good bits, and the acting really was just average (improving from poor near the beginning). Neither the dialgoue nor the acting can compare to a show like Breaking Bad, for example. I want to take the time to point out the standout episodes, Especially The Body, but also Hush and a few from the particularly strong arcs. There were weak episodes, but for something so long that's bound to happen (there hasn't been a weak Breaking Bad episode yet, but it's much shorter). But average acting, dialogue and episodes as a whole means I can't rate this over a 7. There was very good character development at stages, but a lot of character development was unbelievable, sort of negating the strong bits.

    Buffy could sometimes be weak, sometimes be average, sometimes be good, and sometimes border on great. However, I struggle to put the series as whole in the 'green' area of the 7s and above; I'll be generous give it a 7/10. It's just not consistently good enough to rate higher; arcs can be very strong or very weak, and the dialogue throughout the series is only average. In my opinion Buffy is highly overrated, especially compared with TV like Breaking Bad, House, Torchwood (excluding series 1 and 4), Doctor Who, Homeland, Life on Mars /AtA, LOST (first few seasons, at least) etc. I knew it wouldn't live up to its hype, and it absolutely didn't; as a series as a whole, it's good, but not good enough to put it close to the shows above (I'm still not sure whether to give it a 7 or 6.5; 7 seems a little too generous and 6.5 a little too harsh).
  • Still great

    I just rewatched the entire series, and it has aged remarkably well. Still one of the finest shows ever.
  • a great show

    this show has everything. It funny, action pack and just full on awesome
  • So how did i get hooked on this again???

    OK, so you have to admit that this show can be really weird (especially later seasons), is sometimes stupid (harsh but true), and the visual effects of many of the 'monsters' are laughable. However, I do understand the draw; the great overall concept of the show and of course Sarah Michelle Geller make for one addictive series! However, I did feel like the first four seasons were of a higher standard and just more viewer friendly (plot-wise)!
  • One In A Million!

    Buffy was not only a ground breaking show that helped to bring vampires, werewolves and a whole array of mythical creatures alike back into the mainstream but it also had such originality. The cast chemistry along with the great story-lines makes this show one that you can re-watch time and time again. I personally have been trying to find a show as good an addictive since Buffy ended with no luck. I really do believe that this show (and its counterpart, Angel) is one in a million show!
  • Must watch for any Joss Whedon fan!

    Love this show! It's stylish original, witty with great characters
  • The Original, the Best, no Comparison...Well Maybe Angel.

    The word iconic tends to jump out whenever this show is mentioned, and with good reason. Joss Whedon brought vampires, werewolves etc, back to the masses and made it cool. Combining mild horror with Joss's unique humour was a masterstroke, geniuinely affecting peoples lives. It started off innocently enough, with the typical freak of the week episodes, but quickly changed into something completely different. Heavily scripted with smart, fresh, quirky dialogue and storylines. The show also has truly amazing characters, from the main cast to the secondary cast, who were just perfect in every way.

    Buffy literally opened the flood gates for other vamp shows, but they will never (even though some of them are pretty darn good themselves) reach the pinnacle that Buffy did.

    I write this review confident in the knowledge that I have watched every episode numerous times, not just the odd one, which some people find is sufficient to review a show as a whole, well it isn't. The later seasons are every bit as good as the earlier ones, in fact the show probably peaked season 4-6, with season 6 widely considered the best. My personal faves are 4 and 5, but the rest are still brilliant. Heck, the show deserves 10/10 for the musical episode alone. Bottom line, this show is a top 10 most iconic show of the last 20 years...Fact!
  • Buffy is one bad ass bitch!

    I remeber watching BTVS back in the day and it scared me lol. Then once I got older I gave it a go and I loved it. Buffy is so badass, this show has lots of action, she's always kicking ass I love a show where the woman is strong and independent and fierce. This show has some scary episodes but it really is amazing. It's a classic. I didn't care for season 7 though :/ I didn't like how they added in Dawn and then the whole Buffy and Spike lustful relationship... I really wanted it to get back to how it was... just Willow,Buffy,Xander,Giles and sometimes Cordelia... but other than that great show
  • The Chosen Televsion Show. It alone stands against the bad dramas and unwatchable reality programming. This is the best show ever.

    I guess the reason Buffy is my fave television show of all time, and always will be, is because it was the first show I ever watched religiously. I can't exactly remember what age I started watching it, but it would have had to be about the age of nine or ten. I know that's young to start watching such an adult show, but as I've grown and continued to watch Buffy, every now and then I get a joke or something from the episode(s) that I didn't get before. Although I knew of Buffy's presence, because I was young I didn't get a chance to start watching it on T.V before season five (although I had seen season one on tape). From then until the end I watched it, and in the meantime I collected all the other seasons on DVD. Words can't express how much I like this show, and I will probably continue to watch it so many times over until I am very old.
  • All hail Joss Whedon! Oh, and the Emmys suck.

    First, the rant. There's been a lot of talk about how the Emmys are a joke. To me, this argument can be won simply by uttering "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I know this show had some stiff dramatic competition during its run (West Wing, Sopranos). But, the fact that "Buffy" garnered only technical nominations (and not even wins for those) during its seven year brilliance...proof the Emmys and its nominating posse suck. Putzes.

    Now the rave, Joss is the man and I'm glad "The Avengers" is once again proving that. He turned a corny "Buffy" movie into an intelligent, darkly humorous masterpiece of a show.

    He aced top-notch dialogue but, he knew how to really mold characters. Think about it, mid-way through its run, he shipped off two of the show's more popular faces - Angel and Cordelia - to "Angel", and lost the beloved Zen-like Oz - and he still was able to keep this show sailing and bringing in the praises.

    I'll admit, I think overall, season 4 suffered a little compared to the prior epic seasons (and is anything ever going to compare to Becoming 1&2?). But, I think seasons 5-7 are right up there with the caliber of seasons 1-3. And I think the main reason - Spike. He became one of the deepest, most complex, richly developed characters on this show. Through gem James Marsters, Spike could be evil but vulnerable at the same time. His journey from soul-less vampire who couldn't handle his limitations with Buffy, to a vampire with a soul who stood by her even after he gave up hope of being with her - amazing. The whole season 7 relationship of Buffy and Spike was hauntingly beautiful and so well done. I think that's why season 7 actually gets top ranking from me.
  • Great for free but not paying for any of it.

    It's a good show, but I watched it about 5 years ago because my then fiance insisted I watch. It was fun to watch and enjoyable. But once is enough. If you get a chance to watch this from start to end without a cost to you then do it. But I wouldn't actively search it out. And no, we didn't get married. Seems like I just wasn't brooding and depressing enough.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its lasting appeal

    What is the lasting appeal of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Why do fans keep quoting and discussing episodes five years old? Was it the fine cast of actors and actresses? Yes, the acting was all you could hope for in a TV show, usually better. Was it the great production and direction of each episode? Yes, each consecutive episode and season raised the bar for what you came to expect from television as a visual medium. These things made for a good television show but what made BtVS great was the superb writing, the attention to character development on a week to week basis. Episodic television had never seen anything like this. A show that could be accurately described as a fantasy-comedy-drama. The subject matter was engaging enough. Buffy, with her close friends and allies Willow, Giles, and Xander, would battle the forces of evil across the town of Sunnydale CA. Vampires, demons, werewolves, and monsters of all shapes and sizes would be stopped week-in and week-out. An interesting premise alone isnt gonna keep people comming back every week. The jokes helped. Pop culture was laughed at and with each week. Buffy's writers were as good with a subtle one liner as they were with elaborate visual gags. Thats what you hear most people discussing when the subject of BtVS is brought up. How funny and how witty this show was. They are correct of course the show was laugh out loud funny and sly, with a knowing wink, kinda funny all at the same time. Of course there was the dramatic element as well. The ability to tell an interesting story and to have it filled with monsters and fighting, yet at the center of that story have very human content was at times breathtaking. Now we come to it. Why I wrote this review. Why I think BtVS is such a great show. The writers, though putting the characters in fantastic situations, never let the action dictate the characters responses. The characters became so well devolped because it was as if they were making their own realistic decisions when facing a problem. The show to me was about choices. Not the kind we were accustomed to seeing in most television, choices without the fear of consequenses. No, these problems the characters faced and how they solved them could have unforseen consequenses that stretched for the rest of an episode or season, even for many seasons. With each new episode the characters grew as a direct result of previous decisions. They made good choices, and best of all, they made bad choices. They were human, or nearly so. The writers allowed the characters to live, not to be contained by formula, even when Buffy saved the world for the third time or another of her close friends switched teams and became evil. That is why Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to surprise and impress after all these years. The characters of BtVS, though fictional, were still the sum of all their past experiences and choices. Just as you the reader have been shaped and influenced by the countless choices you have made in your life.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the kinda show that makes you want to defend television even after its near death at the hands of "reality" programming. Well thats it, my first posted review here at tv.com. I'm sorry if i didnt spend enough time on the cast and crew, or the debt BtVS probably owes to other shows like Twin Peaks or the X-Files but those are subjects that can be considered on their own in the future.
  • Don't be put off by the movie!

    Despite being a spin-off from a rather sub-standard movie, this TV series was definitely one of my all-time favourites. Not only was the acting always top quality, but the humour in the writing made it addictive.
    Some of the lines that were written for the scooby gang were simply hilarious, with the best often coming from Giles, but if you lost concentration for a moment you'd miss them.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar really did a great job giving the Buffy character some real depth; it would be easy for this to just have been a two dimensional charactiture (as per the movie)
    Great series with a spin-off that was pretty good too.
  • Best show ever!

    Love this show, goes to show how good it is that even 5,6,7 are good when they have shitty characterslike dawn, riley and tara in them. Those are probably the only bad things you can say about the whole 7 series
  • A 90'S Classic

    Buffy is THE coolest slayer I've ever encountered. For a young actress, she plays her role VERY VERY well. Better yet, she is a good role model for young women around the world when she goes head to head with vampires. She is fearless, a sweetheart, a great martial artist, and compassionate. What more can you ask more in a hero?
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