High School Musical: Get in the Picture

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

The theme this week is "Making a Connection." Stan and Shayna are already way ahead in that department, as everyone can see.

Faculty member Montré gives the a difficult challenge: They must get a hug from a stranger, get someone else to look up at the sky, and get a third person to give them some food -- all without saying a word! Christina hands out flowers and Shayna decides skipping will help, while Bailey credits eye contact with her success. Shy Ether is the only one striking out.

The girls in the chorus and the rest of the students reconnect in the common room. Some look at it as a chance to relax or get to know each other, but Anthony is annoyed that Shayna uses the time to learn a new song from James.

Next, the is paired off for duets, where their ability to connect will be judged along with the rest of their performance. The whole whistles when Shayna and Stan are paired up. Bailey is excited to duet with James, but is hurt when he makes a face. She starts to cry, but he assures her it's because of the song choice and not her. The faculty members notice the tension, however. Christina and Isaiah are well-suited musically, but both are nervous since they don't know each other very well. Rob coaches Tierney and her partner, Ether, to overcome their tendency to keep their emotions bottled up. T.J. doesn't know what to say when his partner, Anthony, goes off on Shayna for learning songs instead of socializing.

During rehearsal, Stan flirts shamelessly with Shayna and she admits she might be interested if she didn't already have a boyfriend back home. Their song, about a long-distance relationship, makes Shayna cry since she's missing her boyfriend so much and now doesn't even have time to call him. Montré advises her to channel that emotion into the song.

After the performances, Jen thinks Stan and Shayna's connection is actually too strong, because she felt left out watching them. Christina, along with Ether and Anthony, are judged to be on the weak side, while Isaiah is named the outstanding performer of the week. He reads off the names on the cast list, leaving out only Ether and Anthony, who will move to the chorus. Everyone gives them hugs and then the group breaks into a chorus of "You Are the Music in Me."
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