High School of the Dead

Monday 8:00 PM on AT-X Premiered Jul 05, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Drifters of the DEAD
      Takashi and company find refuge on a deserted island, since "they" cannot swim. However, the island might have its own dangers in store...
    • 9/20/10

      A nuclear missile blows up in the upper atmosphere, sending an EMP wave that knocks out all electronic equipment. Shido's bus stalls and crashes into a forklift, resulting in zombies breaching the barricade to the Takagi estate. The Takagis try to fight the advancing horde, while Takashi's group tries to escape.

    • 9/13/10

      The survivors at the Takagi estate get restless. Saeko gets a surprise gift from Saya's father. Takashi is given leadership of the group, but then Shido and his students arrive, much to Rei's dismay. Rei threatens to kill Shido; is this her chance?

    • 9/6/10

      Rei and the gang rest at Saya's estate. They discuss whether to stay with Saya's parents or move on their own to continue finding their parents. Saya's dad, Soichiro Takagi, returns from a mission with one of his followers who became a zombie. Soichiro's men want Kohta to surrender his weapons, but Kohta refuses.

    • 8/30/10

      Takashi and Saeko commadeer an all terain vehicle to help escape the elusive zombies and unfortunately crash on a sand bank in the middle of the river.

    • 8/23/10

      The U.S. President orders a pre-emptive nuclear missile strike as he turns zombie. Takashi's group crosses a river with their Humvee and make their way to Saya's house, but the zombies become more populous as they approach, and soon the gang finds themselves surrounded.

    • While resting at Rika's apartment, Takashi and Kohta discover a father and daughter trying to seek shelter at a neighbor's house. The father gets killed, and the daughter is left to the zombies. With Kohta providing cover, Takashi attempts to rescue the girl, while the other girls prepare to evacuate.

    • Takashi and the gang rest at Rika's apartment. The girls take a group bath, and the guys discover a locker full of weapons. Outside, the police forces are trying to stop civilians and attacking zombies from crossing a bridge, but a group of protesters congregate as well.

    • 8/2/10

      Takashi and Rei try to find a way to cross a bridge and reunite with the rest of the group, who have decided to part with Shido and his student followers.

    • 7/26/10

      Takashi and Rei have been split from the rest of the group, and must make their way through town by motorbike. Takashi recalls the events so far. Takashi and Rei stop by a gas station to refill the bike, but encounter trouble when a guy holds Rei hostage.

    • Takashi and company find more survivors and they try to quietly leave the school after discovering that the zombies react mainly to sound. But their plan is thwarted by some accidental noise and they must fight their way to the bus. Another group of students join them, but their teacher, Mr. Shido, gives Rei a very bad feeling.

    • 7/12/10
      Rei and Takashi are still trying to stomach the loss of their dear friend Hisashi, but as they move on, they team up with other survivors as they attempt to escape the school.
    • 7/5/10
      It's a normal day at school for Takashi Komuro, until he sees first-hand the start of a zombie attack at the front gates. He takes his best friend Hisashi Igou, and the girl he's been crushing on for years, Rei Miyamoto, to safer and higher grounds. Once they reach the top, they see that the entire city is suffering the same outbreak.moreless