High School Reunion

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The WB Premiered Jan 01, 2003 In Season


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  • Season 6
    • PROMises Of Love
      Episode 8
      Everyone's got a date for the prom except Cyndi 'The Nerd'... but someone awaits her! All tear up when an unlikely prom king gives a moving speech. Joe takes Rachelle aside and makes a bold move to change their destiny forever.
    • 2/24/10
      John 'The Troublemaker' pushes everyone to the breaking point as the CheerleadIRRS' wild party spirals out of control. One classmate leaves the reunion for good. Then a surprise proposal leads to a fairy-tale wedding in paradise.
    • Invite Only
      Episode 6
      When the "Summer Girls" throw a party with an exclusive guest list, the "Cheerleaders" counter with a bash that's less discriminating. Meanwhile, Joe confronts Liko about the former's relationship with Rachelle, Liko's ex-wife; Eric shows his classmates a side they've never seen; and Cyndi shocks the reunion with a secret.
    • Hearts Are Wild
      Episode 5
      Mark The Secret Admirer and Lori The Party Girl go power-gliding. Rachelle The Late Bloomer gets scared when she hears her ex-husband wants to meet her.
    • Ante Up
      Episode 4
      The reunion is in an uproar after John The Troublemaker says the unspeakable to Marcel The Prankster. Antanus The Ladies' Man makes an impassioned appeal to reason, but John sees nothing wrong with his actions and the frustrated classmates give up, for now. After all the tension, the classmates are happy to spend the day at the beach for some fun in the sun. Detention sends Antanus to a surprise reunion with his best friends Tracey The Jock and Treda The Class Sweetheart. Tracey hands Antanus an engagement ring and tells him it's time to give up the player life and propose to his long-time girlfriend, who happens to be waiting for him on a nearby cliff. A stunned Antanus reunites with his girlfriend and the two couples return to the reunion estate, where the classmates are excited to see the new arrivals. That night, Tracey is offended when he hears about John's behavior. The hulking former athlete marches into the house to confront The Troublemaker.moreless
    • Pair Of Jokers
      Episode 3
      Two troublemakers from a rival high school irk the Chaparral alumni by taking Elena and Rachelle on a boating outing and causing a scene at the house. Meanwhile, Lori's secret admirer arrives on a motorcycle, and Antanus asks Cyndi for a date.
    • Reunion Crashers
      Episode 2
      Returning from a party at the beach, the classmates find that a couple of troublemakers have crashed the celebration, and their behavior is so offensive that it threatens to get one of the classmates thrown out along with them.
    • Aloha Cowboys
      Episode 1
      In the third-season premiere, 11 members of the class of 1989 from Las Vegas' Chaparral High School reunite in Hawaii, where the "Summer Girls" instantly resume their rivalry with the "Cheerleaders" and a "Troublemaker" shows he hasn't lost his edge.
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