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What are your opinions?

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    I actually like this show. Idk what it is but it is such a unique choice of reality show so it keeps my interest. What do you think?
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    I had been posting on the TV Land message board, but the format there is lousy and they give you this RIDICULOUS 200 character limit (as you'll soon see, brevity ain't my bag)

    Anyways, here's my take on the show (my full unabridged assesment...YOU asked for it!) after taking in 4 episodes...

    In high school, I was probably the most like Cheryl-- an outsider but not on account of being a geek or social pariah. I got along with the "elite" crowd, but generally stuck with my own clique and was pretty much content with that arrangement. So, consequently, I most relate to Cheryl or at least, I *think* so. This connection I based on the half minute introductory blurb from the pilot (where she described her high school experience) but after that, the girl VANISHED. So it's sorta become a game of mine, watching this show...point and yell "Cheryl!" when she fleetingly appears on screen. Doesn't happen often. Girl is elusive. She's like the Carmen Sandiego of the show (or--if you prefer--Waldo)

    Also the show also has me growling (frequently) "UGH..Lana is SUCH a b*tch!!" I mean, I get that she wants to heal her relationship with Mike and that's a fine goal. I even get her jealousy about this burgeoning Mike-Heather thing. It's only human. But a well adjusted person--a person who wasn't totally self-obsessed (a la Lana) would try to rein it in a little. She seems to just continually rant or complain to whomever is unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. And when she's not ranting, she's ostentatiously sulking. I pitied poor Sean in episode 4..it really mystified me why she was cornering him for a heart2heart pow-wow...I wasn't aware they were close confidantes. Seems more likely that she chose him maybe due to proximity but probably because his going away on an overnight h.p. so soon after his arrival meant that he hadn't yet gotten an earful on the whole sorry saga. Wanted to be sure that HER rendition was the first he got, I'll bet...

    As for the whole Mike-Lana-Steve quagmire. Well, Mike's no prize, but I must rule in his favor on this one. I definitely think his anger and indignation is VALID. People seem to make a big deal about the fact that this dalliance was AFTER the divorce, but I think that's pretty unimportant. It was still underhanded. Steve really strikes me as a sleazeball. His genius first approach with Mike is "I'm not gonna bow down to you, BOY" but then apparently one of the production staffers tipped him off that if he wanted to mend fences, then "confrontational jerkwad" is NOT the ideal persona to assume. He tried for sweet& apologetic in this last episode but he was all overly intense (on the verge of schmoopiness I'd almost say) about how very SPECIAL his friendship with Mike is . I'm his bestest friend inna who' world! Yeah, it's swell that he wants to ask for forgiveness but he just needs to take it down a notch or ten. I noticed how quick he was to revert back to "confrontational jerkwad" mode when Sean was giving him grief. OK, granted, Sean was a little overly invested in the situation methinks. I think Kristen has him all **frustrated** and he's redirecting it elsewhere. I do like how tight-knit/ supportive "Team Mike" is, (*I* want friends so loyal!!) but they also could stand to chillax ...just a smidgen (especially Sean)

    As far as the Matt-Yvette subplot... I guess the whole "secret boyfriend" revelation will liven things up, but Yvette is still kind of a snooze. I find her bland, anyways. Still, she is blonde and she is sporty and that will take you far. I feel bad for Matt...I *AM* sympathetic but I get a little annoyed how they have to cut away to him in *EVERY* episode and have him do this teary expositional about how he just lost his wife, not sure he's ready to start dating again, blah blah, Yvette stirring up ol' hankerin's within him, yadda yadda yadda. It's not so much that it decreases my sympathy for Matt, but during these monologues I can virtually see those producers LUNGING for viewer heartstrings. It's not as if the whole show didn't just ooze contrivance, but this one just feels too low even for a guilty pleasure show like this, y'know??

    Other quick impressions...

    Justin: Tres adorable. How can you NOT love him??

    Rob: Likeable...I think he's got hidden depths.

    Deanna: If she has depth, it's REALLY well hidden

    Kat: Mehh..she's fine. Whatever..

    Heather: I think they'll try to portray her as some kind of antagonist in a feeble love triangle (rectangle?) But I don't feel (thus far) there to be any guile in her motives. She's just one of those harmless hedonists...

    Glen: A funny guy. I was concerned initially that he'd be hypersensitive and/or awkward but he's a pleasant surprise

    Jason: Is it just me or do they always film this dude eating? I'm not saying he's truly a glutton...just that the show kinda happens to be portraying him as such. Could be that they scrapped a lotta footage of him jogging, y'know....

    And I just gotta reiterate-- MORE CHERYL!

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    I don't think Kat was really a lesbian

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    It really didn't spark my interest until the new season started. It's okay so far, but I agree with the alum that Dennis needs to go. He's too much of an a$$.
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