High School Reunion

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The WB Premiered Jan 01, 2003 In Season


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  • Looks like TVLand is heading down the same path that MTV and VH1 had gone…the path to an all-Reality TV hell!

    As a ten-year fan and regular watcher of TVLand, I greatly fear this program is the definite "jump the shark" moment for this station. Something tells me from here in on it's gonna be more and more "A TVLand Original" and less and less "Leave it to Beaver", "All in the Family", and "MASH".

    I mean this show didn't stand much of a chance with me anyway. TVLand had been constantly promoting this show since Thanksgiving '07, which was a good three months before the first episode aired. Just watching "Star Trek" every morning before work I don't know how many times I heard that annoying "popular girl"saying in that incredibly annoying voice "Alo-HA…you look good teewwwww!" (no wonder she's been divorced four times). Then when the show starts it airs Wednesday nights at 10PM-and is repeated a half-dozen times throughout the week! The second episode airs and it's repeated a half-dozen times …along with the first one a half-dozen times! Then there were weekend marathons of the first four episodes. By the time the final episode (thankfully aired) TVLand had episodes of this show on 30 hours for the week, and I'm not making that up! Talk about overkill!

    So with TVLand cramming that show down my throat so often I figured I might as well check it out, or it may never go away. Was it that bad? Well it didn't totally suck, but it really wasn't all that memorable either. "From the creators of "The Bachelor"…which means to me that all the major-and minor-networks quickly passed on this. This show was just typical fourth-rate reality show stuff that might appeal to those who like bad soap-opera acting and watching late-thirtysomethings having make-out parties and skinny-dipping. The characters--part of me suspects these people are all just actors and no "reunion" actually took place--themselves are forgettable at best or just incredibly annoying (the "popular girl" and the "drama queen" being the worst). It's ironic that the one character I did like was Cheryl "The Outsider"-and naturally she was rarely shown and had little to do with the whole thing. The only other kind thing I can think of is…they didn't have an annoying narrator or a Jeff Probst-type ("Listen up, guys") host.

    And if you want to see how popular this show is with other TVLand fans, check out the "TVLand originals" message board at TVLand.com. If anyone likes this show they don't want to post that they do. And what's sad about that? TVLand has already announced a "High School Reunion" for next year-so I figure the promos for that one will start probably around Halloween : (