High School Reunion - Season 1

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  • Episode 106
    Episode 106
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    Day 13 Only One Day to go and the passholders return home Dave and Holly return home from their 24 hour pass first. They are greeted by all the others still at the house. Tim tells Holly that he's asked Summer to the prom. Maya says to the camera that they had a good kiss (she and Ben). Ben says that she seemed interested. Prom will help them make a decision, Maya says. Dan tells the camera that they had a fantastic time while Natasha says she doesn't know what will happen and is again thinking about home (and that boyfriend she has). Everyone is back at the house and Dan asks Natasha to prom (who has been waiting for him to). A King and A Queen Mike calls them all together to tell them they have to nominate a prom King and Queen. Maurice says in high school they nominated the popular people, this time would be different and will be fun. Chris wants to be king. Back in the house Summer tells the others she received another gift, this time it's a bracelet. She thinks it's Tim, and is really eager to find out. Get ready for prom The guys are somewhere else getting fitted for their tuxes while the girls remain at the house. The guys look great! Tim is ready to fix what he did 10 years ago. (Not asking Summer to prom) Jason is going stag Jeff is going to go with Sarah Dave with Holly Dan with Natasha Ben with Maya (That leaves Chris, Dan (the jock), Amy and Patricia who we have no idea who is going with whom) Tim arrives back at the house He is the first guy to arrive. He tells Summer she looks amazing and gives her a note. OMG she yells and they head outside to a waiting limo. AHHHHH, she yells and off she goes alone. (Weird, only Summer). At the end of her drive she ends up at a spot on the beach. The note says to wait. Sitting alone waiting it's time for commercial and we find there may be troubled waters ahead of Dan and Natasha and someone is half naked on the dance floor at the prom. (Oh man..those are driving me nuts...stop that WB) Summer's Secret Admirer is....... Her boyfriend, Dave! He gets onto his knee and proposes to Summer. Awww....AHHHHH she screams as he shows her the ring. Awwww, she's so happy. Back at the house Tim says he was really looking forward to spending time with Summer at the prom-he's with some of the girls in the house talking to them. He's happy for her (he must know) but wanted a second chance in life to make up for things. (Awww....) Pick up your dates boys! The guys arrive and as the girls come down the stairs, they wooohoooo them. They all look great. Hmm, Jeff asks Sarah if she has panties on. Dan wants Nat to admit they have a chance (he tells the camera) In the limo, Jeff is feeling up Sarah's legs (he seems like he's been drinking a bit) Chris is at prom with Amy (it appears) which means Dan (jock) went with Patricia. They all get their pictures made as couples, Tim alone (they show) and then they all get together for a group shot. Time to eat They all eat dinner and they show Jeff doing something to Sarah, with her saying stop it (a couple of times LOL) Mike Richards (the host) shows up and announces the band tonight will be Naughty By Nature. They dance and sing while the band plays. They all seem impressed that they are the real band. Announcement: Summer and Dave arrive Naughty By Nature announces they are there and everyone goes to congratulate them. Tim reads a letter (up on the stage) he wrote to Summer as tears stream down her face. He completes the letter with a toast, may the future be wonderful and bright. Since Tim is on stage he gets to make the announcement, but wait! During all the confusion, Jeff and Ben disappeared only to reappear wearing...ONE sock and not on their foot...They do a little jumpy naked sock on their private dance and take off. No prom is complete without a streaker. (Tim says he was going to be part of that but ended up on the stage instead) Boy has our Ben lost his shyness, out there bare butted and all. To the camera, Natasha says that she doesn't want Maya to get the crown. She was already Homecoming Queen and it should be somebody different, like maybe her. (Insert eyeroll here) And the new King and Queen is... Patricia and Jeff WOOHOOO! Back to prom Holly and Dave are doing great. Natasha isn't doing so great. Summer's engagement has given her a reality shock and remembered her boyfriend again. (I would say spurred by jealousy, but who am I to say, this is only a summary) She tells Dan that she got carried away with him and ends up in tears. Dan says it's tough hearing I don't think it will work out. Chris says no prom is ever complete without One fight (Dan and Natasha) One crazy thing (streakers) and one surprise (Summer and Dave) and none of it surprised him. Home Patricia tells Dan (jock) the best part of being the queen is the crown when he asked what the best part was. Maya thinks she and Ben are unresolved. They go to the hammock and Ben tells her that he's having some issues. Ben is realistic, they've been in paradise for two weeks. They both decide with what appears to be some tears, they aren't ready. Back at home, Dan goes to find Natasha. She says he was more serious than she was. He says he can't understand how she could go from excited about them to he's not right and asks her to give him a chance. Her mind seems made up and he walks away. The next day Dan goes to find Natasha, she wants the ending to be a good one. Patricia and Dan go to find Chris. (they seem to be doing a lot together, there is a story there that we won't find out about--Patricia and Dan -jock) Packing and Good-byes In the house, they all pack, pack, pack. Mike bangs on the drum to call them all together and tells them thank you and to say their good-byes. Dave and Ben hug. They've made up and Ben says he's considers Dave a friend. (Progress made with the person he considered a bully in school) Chris has learned through his time spent with Dave that it's never too late to change (Another person who pegged Dave as a bully and a relationship improved) Dan (the player) says that the best part was getting to know Natasha and spending time with her Natasha says that she's enjoyed it but can't wait to leave Nicole says in high school she was really obsessed with Dan (player) and her time spent at this reunion has made her realize he's not for her and she's not interested anymore (Another happy ending) Ben talking about Maya says they had an awesome time Maya says it was incredible (They both seem to have grown with the experience) Dave gives Holly a necklace. She says he's perfect and can't figure out why no woman has snapped him up. Dave is just totally gaga and wants to get to know her in real life to see where it will lead. (Another happy ending) Patricia says it was a good experience Jeff says he had fun Tim says he was worried about it but stayed true to himself Summer said it was good that people didn't flaunt their successes Maya is sad it's over (We don't get to hear from Maurice, Dan (jock), Amy or Jason) They complete the show with highlights of the things they all did. Swimming, cliff diving, bike riding....and the show end with them all walking off in the beautiful Hawaiian sunset. Written By: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless
  • Episode 105
    Episode 105
    Episode 5
    Day 11 And the End is Drawing Near Mike Richards (the host) calls the group together. He tells them they have something special in store for some of them. 24 hour hall passes. They just need to sign up for them as a couple and then bids them farewell and leaves. Back at the house They have all dubbed the passes as the Sex Pass Summer invites Jeff who refuses. (Not sure if either of them were for real or not) The Popular Girls discuss the passes Maya says her and Ben have been touch and go since their date. She isn't sure if he's interested. (Of course he is! He's just shy) They are all excited about the passes Elsewhere, Dave gets his nerve up to ask Holly. She accepts and says she would love to spend more time with Dave. They kiss as the others look on and then clap. WOOHOOOO Holly and Dave are signing up! Jeff almost acts like he might ask Amy, but then goes off in a different direction and doesn't. Jason goes to find Patricia who is still with the Pop girls. He gives her a rose and she accepts. (Although she tells us she's not sure why she did) Ben in with the guys, tells them he wants to ask Maya, but being the procrastinator that he is, decides he will after he showers....which turns out to be a problem because Dan P (jock) heads to Maya to ask her out. She seems almost unsure, but knows that she likes Dan and would have a good time. (I don't think she wanted to hurt his feelings) Ben finally gets the nerve up (with Maurice making a strong argument to do it) after he realizes that he's too late..Dan already asked her. They think she needs flowers! That'll do the trick. Tim finds a horribly large arrangement that is on a wall unit and hands it to Ben. Ben goes and finds Maya and she tells him what happened with Dan. She thinks that after Patricia accepted to go with Jason, Dan asked her just to get out of the house. She tells Ben she'll go and undo the date with Dan. (WOOHOOO! Ben is your man!) In a shocking move...Natasha asks Dan (the player). Did we expect this, well, doh, yeah. She thinks they will have fun while Dan really isn't sure if she realizes that he's thinking long term. (OOOOH, NOOO, it's becoming clear, the engagement will be them.) Maya finds Ben and the date is on! They will be going on the 24 hour pass! In the meantime, Patricia has had second thoughts about accepting Jason's request for the date. She tells him she doesn't think romantic about him at all. (Jason's feelings are hurt and he tells the camera, Good guys finish last..awww....) Everyone gather! Mike calls the group together again to make the big announcement! It's going to be PROM night! There is 9 guys and 8 girls, so someone will be going to the prom stag. Jeff thinks it will be him, but Mike says he'll be his date. Hall passes will go to Ben and Maya, Dan and Natasha and Holly and Dave. Chris isn't sure what the deal is with Ben and Maya, they are both pretty quiet. Nicole and Jeff share the same sentiment about Natasha and Dave, they'll have sex Holly talks to the camera saying that she didn't know Dave in high school, but he's a great guy and really enjoying getting to know him Back to the Prom discussion Summer and Tim had a history in high school. Summer was really disappointed that Tim didn't ask her and has never really forgiven him for that. He didn't realize how important it was to her. (Awwww....) Sex Passes..I mean..Hall Passes The couples leave the house and start arriving at the hotels. The rooms are great, but all share one thing in common....One bed. Dave and Holly go on a picnic. They seem to really enjoy their outing and spending time together. Back at the House The Anti-24 hour pass people get to go on an outing themselves. Bike riding complete with cute little jumpsuits and helmets. Everyone seemed to have a great time as they rode down about 10 miles getting to see beautiful sights and even rode in the clouds. They think they are having a better time than the Sex date group (AKA, the 24 Hall pass people). Over at Sex Central Natasha and Dan get to go horseback riding. Dan is really getting hung up on Natasha. She's starting to have doubts if she can believe what he's saying. The Bike Ride ends They all appeared to enjoy the ride, but now they are at a lodge and having more fun away from the house. Summer standing off alone gets a nice surprise from Tim. He brings her a nice flower and asks if she will go to the prom with him. (awwww...) She accepts and Tim tells the camera that he wants them to have a beautiful time. All back together, they toast the fun they are having. Summer yells about loving Hawaii. (Actually she yells quite often...not sure whey they said that Sarah was loud...she's not made too much ruckus) Back with the dates Dave and Holly only seem to enjoy their time more every time we see them together. He asks her to prom after giving her flowers and she accepts. Two prom dates set. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Summer yells (does that surprise us?) She has another note from the mystery person! She starts suspecting Tim, since he was the person who found this one, but the guys say he was with them the entire time. She takes the note and puts it in her scrapbook. Date time again Ben thinks that the relationship he and Maya have is up in the air. He's just not sure. He invites her to the prom and she accepts (date confirmation number 3). She is curious about the relationship and if it will work and talks of a kiss that might happen. Over at sex central, Dan and Natasha do more kissing and getting to know you's. Dan tells Natasha he's not opened up to anyone like he has her. She's remembered she has a boyfriend again. (Happens at least once an episode, guess the time was right) Dan still thinks that their relationship will work, even when he thinks of her and her boyfriend. Back at the house The non hall pass group are bored. Ending the date evening Dave and Holly walk on the beach. Dave tells Holly that meeting her was one of the greatest surprises ever. She gets embarrassed and they share a kiss. Ben and Maya complete their evening laying on the beach. He makes his move and kisses her and she seems a little put off by it. (not sure if I'm reading this wrong or not) They talk about things and head back to their room. Maya says they'll evaluate what happened with the kiss after they get some sleep. Things are much better for Dave than Ben. Holly tells the camera that he's perfect. (Awww....and to think they called him the bully) GET OUT! Natasha and Dan head back to their room. She tells the camera that she's open to whatever happens (boyfriend amnesia again). The two of them share a kiss and Dan asks the camera crew to leave....... Next time on High School Reunion The 24 hour Hall Pass holders return home, Natasha asks Dan if he's going to tell anyone what happened, Naughty By Nature perform at the prom, Summer's mystery person is revealed and someone gets engaged. Written By: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless
  • Episode 104
    Episode 104
    Episode 4
    Day Eight: Rumor Mill The host comes to the house and gathers them together. They get to set straight some high school rumors or rumors floating around the house. At a house there is a podium set up for them to ask questions without a name attached to who wrote the question. They can go there anytime (it appears to write and submit a question until they are called back together). Payback Natasha and Patricia discuss the whole Summer pulling down Dan's pants thing that happened the night before. (They were all drinking and getting wild and Summer with Tim and another decided to play a joke on Dan who had fallen asleep ;-) in the living room. They ended the joke when they realized that Dan didn't have underwear on under his pants and didn't remove them) Back to the girls, Patricia thinks that the note Summer received has made her confidence level increase. Natasha does not like it one bit and vows to pay her back. (While they are talking, Nicole, who has a problem with Natasha for making time with Dan listens at the door and reports back to Summer) Those High School clicks come back While it's not 1992, the old clicks from way back then start surfacing. Summer confirms that the girls (Patricia, Natasha, Maya) seem very exclusive and Patricia confirms that they enjoy hanging out. What to do to annoy the others Patricia, Natasha and Maya have an idea. They will host a party for the boys (funny that they still call them that). They won't invite the other girls. The price of admission for the free drinks they will serve the boys will be a compliment paid to each of them. Oh, one other requirement, they have to wrap a towel around their waist. (The idea only gets more cheesy) Natasha just can't resist telling Dan. He thinks it will be fun, Patricia encourages the whole party. Hall Pass Maya receives the first hall pass. She admits that she dated very little in high school even though she was the homecoming queen and president of the student council. She enjoyed her time with Ben the night before, and would like to see what would develop with that relationship. She writes an invitation on an apple and Ben reads it and accepts. Summer gets pass number two. She's glad she'll be getting out of the house. Summer, the flirt, naturally wants to have a good time on her hall pass date, so she decides that she would have the most fun with Dan. (OH boy, this won't be good...but will be fun to watch) She goes downstairs to invite him, with Nasasha looking on and he accepts. Natasha tells the camera that she was surprised by her decision, since they have been spending time together. (Hmm..I recall you jumping on Dan as soon as Nicole dated him, but I know that's different) Natasha also comments that if she gets a pass, maybe she won't ask Dan. (yeah right) Summer goes off to her room to get ready for the date. Time to visit and ask some questions for the Rumor Mill that will happen later One from Dan: Summer, I heard something about you and a teacher Getting ready The guys both are get ready. Dan is looking forward to it. Ben is nervous. Maya wants to have a good time. Summer is getting ready. When she comes down the stairs and gets a couple whistles, the look that Natasha has isn't one of joy. As Summer and Dan leave, Natasha is worried how far the date will go. She reminds us that he kissed Nicole on the first date (and doesn't mention he's been kissing her ever since) On the ride, Dan and Summer talk about what will happen. Summer comes clean with Dan that Nicole told her to expect a kiss from him. (He doesn't say he will and doesn't say they won't) They arrive and have drinks (never saw food). They seemed to have a good time, Summer saying there was a lot of depth to Dan and Dan saying she was a great conversationalist. At home, Natasha is just miserable. Ben and Maya watch the sunset. Both are nervous, never dating much in High School. They seem to be hitting a comfort level with one another. Summer and Dan leave the bar and head to a place to dance. Dan tells the camera that Summer is fun and interesting. Ben and Maya have a blast once they got past that first few minutes of what they are calling their first date. They finish dinner and head to the dance place with Summer and Ben. Back at the house, Let's play a game Patricia suggests Truth Or Dare. The game turns to Dave and Holly. Dave ends up taking the dare and gets to give Holly a kiss. (They seem to still be on a good note since their Hall Pass Date) Dave gets to do the next question and ends up trying to get another kiss. (Good for you Dave!) The Gig is up...the girls know about the party for the "boys" Amy somehow gets the scoop on the party. She then tells Nicole about the whole thing from the inviting only the "boys" to the compliment part. You've got to be kidding me, Nicole keeps saying. She decides that she'll go ask. She goes to find Patricia and is told, yes, it is. Nicole warns of the reaction that they will get. Patricia calls Natasha up and tells her that the others know. Natasha doesn't think it should be hurtful or a problem since it wasn't a secret. (That's pretty funny, since it was) Nicole leaves saying I dunno. Dancing The group all hook up and end up having a blast on the dance floor. Ben is naturally nervous since Maya is a professional dancer. He does great. Back at home The gang sits around pondering the lengthy date. Natasha and the other Dan discuss the time, it's been over six hours. The dates return home and seem to have had a great time. Dan goes up to visit Natasha who is in the bed. She gets all gushy that he came up to visit her. (He tells the camera how much he likes Natasha and wouldn't disrespect her by doing something on the date) Day Nine: You are cordially invited to.... Back to the party, the girls go and put invitations out to the boys. The other girls (non party invitees) are calling it childish. Maya suggest they add to the party by having a "Fashionably Late" party for the other girls. (That didn't help the feelings of the others at all) Jeff has a rumor mill question. Did Maya get caught doing it in the Denny's parking lot. One for Dan, did he kiss a guy in college. Time to tell all in the Rumor Mill The person asked the question will sit in the hot seat to answer questions asked. First up: Jeff Is it true that you never dated, ever? Jeff is cracking up. He says that chicks don't dig him. He's a friend, not a date. Next up: Holly Host asks if she's heard any rumors? She says no. He asks her if she was a virgin when she graduated from High School. She says it was true Dan B Is it true that you've fallen head over heels for Natasha? Although head over heels is not a term he'd use, he's had a great time with Natasha. They ask Natasha and she stumbles but says she has too. Dan B Did you kiss Summer on the Hall Pass? No, he thinks someone is trying to get something going. Next: Ben He gets in the hot seat and looks very nervous. Question: Are you really a millionaire? Ben hesitates, but says yes, he's really a millionaire. Maya says (to the camera) that the only thing that makes him more attractive about that revelation is he's humbled by it. The masked man strikes again Summer has received one anonymous note from an admirer. This time it's a photo album and strike number two. She is excited and wants to find out who it is. They tried to check the handwriting of Tim to see if it was him and can't decide. There are two guys it could be, Natasha deduces. Tim or Maurice, then remembers Chris hasn't been on a hall pass date and it is possibly him too. I originally thought it might be Tim, but Chris seemed to have a look on his face, and I think it might be him now! Party time! While the guys lose their clothes and don their towels, the outsider girls aren't wild about the whole late party. Chris is the one guy who does not attend (that we saw). Ben starts the compliments and the party is on! Drinking Martini's never looked so fun. (hey, guys in towels, can't beat that) Downstairs with the others It doesn't look like they are moving to get ready or plan on attending. Upstairs, Natasha calls the others lame for not attending. Maya and the two others decide to head downstairs to find out if they are going to show up. Summer tells the camera they were read the riot act, but most of them head up the stairs. Nicole says she has issues (but does go up), while Patricia is enjoying the experience and while others have had enough, she's ready to stay. Written By: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless
  • Episode 103
    Episode 103
    Episode 3
    Day Five: Rise and shine The kitchen seems to be the place all great ideas are made in the house. During this episode, it is not any different. This time the idea is breakfast in bed for Holly (the shy girl). Well, not just breakfast in bed, but it will be delivered naked. Tim and Summer seem to be enjoying this newest idea. Tim is the designated naked guy. He gets the tray and heads into her room. She is shocked, but seems to get a kick out of it. Holly tells the camera they all thought she was conservative in High School. (Others to the camera commenting on her Playboy pictures describe her as HOT!) Dave is bound and determined to ask Holly out if he gets a Hall Pass. On the beach hanging out. Ben is just being Ben. Ben says he's going with nice. Ben says that nice guys finish last. (awww...) To the camera, Natalie says that when Ben is around her he has a lot of nervous energy. Ben just wants to gain some respect from his former classmates. Boxing Gear Arrives The guys are all excited as boxing gear arrives. They pick up the gloves and headgear and play around with them. Smacking each other in the heads, pretend sparring. Jason wants to find the two people who might have had a grudge and set up a match. To the camera, Ben tells about a time in HS when Dave spit on him. He's never forgotten or forgiven it. Jason must have figured it out because it's time to rumble. (he said so) Let's get ready to rumble (hmm..two rumbles in two weeks..) Ben and Dave gear up and get into a made up ring. Jason will be the referee and Patricia has the GONG/bell. Dave comes out immediately swinging. Ben takes over and it whacking Dave. They are now both whacking the hell out of each other. They look pretty intense. ACK...Dave hit Ben and knocked him down and out of their made up ring. Fight over Ben thinks that he gained some respect from Dave after getting in there with him. Maya tells the camera that Ben has come a long way, and is getting in his groove. Hall passes arrive This week the hall passes are given to Holly and to Jeff Jeff puts on a tie and heads downstairs (where everyone is) to ask Patricia . He thinks they have had a good time and wants to go out with her. She is in the kitchen and he asks her if she would go on a hike with him in the rainforest. She accepts and being the joker that he is, he asks her to then make him breakfast. The rest of the members laugh and he heads upstairs. Holly and her Hall pass is something a little different. No, the date isn't different, but she doesn't know who to ask. She decides to put all the names in a hat and draw. Well, that would have worked, except, Dave wants to go out with her and forms his own plan. He goes down to the area everyone is and asks her to pick him, his plea so to speak. She accepts and the dates are set. (She tells the camera she was very impressed with him doing that) Holly will go with Dave and Jeff will go with Patricia. Patricia thinks they will have a good time and Jeff thinks that Dave just might be the guy to lighten up Holly. Date time Looks like this is a group date. They all hike into the forest and to a beautiful waterfall. They strip down to their suits and all hop in the water. (Well, not Holly...she climbs in) Back at the house Maya says that Ben in the yearbook looked like a little boy. They have it off, she says to the cameras. Ben says that he didn't know her, but the others seem to, so she must have been popular. He also says she has a great sense of humor. Back to the date They are all swimming and having a great time. Patricia tells the camera that Jeff can make her laugh at just about anything. He could be a friend. Hally is glad that she and Dave got to spend some time together. He's satisfied, he tells us. Jeff says that he will keep Patricia in the rotation of girls, but wants them all. (Joker until the end, lol) The Romance of Natalie and Dan Summer talks about the two of them. Possible Romance. Natalie and Dan on the beach talking. They hung around in the same click in HS, but never really spent much time together, Dave tells us. Dan does worry though about her having to return home to her real life and boyfriend of seven months. (aww, he's growing on me) Day Six-In comes the Host Mike Richards, the host comes into the house bright and early to wake the house guests up. GONG... Today there is an activity. The guys and girls will go on separate places. They girls will go snorkeling and the guys will go deep sea fishing. They all seem pleased and all head to pack and get ready. Patricia says it will be refreshing to get away from the house and away from the guys. When they get out on the boat, they start talking. Amy says they were talking about having fun and old rumors that they could remember from high school, who dated who etc. Jason they discovered was hitting on them all. (hmm...so are the rest of the guys, from what I can see...but anyway) The girls decide the guys will miss them more than they are missing the guys. (yet all they do is talk about the guys LOL) Summer tells the camera that she is worried the guys are out there doing the same thing. Nope..We go to the fishing trip to find them competing for the prize. Well, Jeff came up with this plan (undoubtably in the kitchen) about whoever caught the biggest fish won Maya. Chris says the testosterone got pretty high when the fish started biting. Ben has the big one Ben hooked the granddaddy of fishes. He worked and battled a swordfish looking thing and finally got it in. Ben says he is surprised he gained the respect that he did by getting the fish in. Back at home The girls arrive and Summer finds a note on her pillow. It is from someone that remains a mystery. An admirer. She thinks it might be from either Tim or Maurice (hmm...do we ever see him??) Maya tells the camera that it's nice to get something like that as they all ponder who it could be. Guys are home! Ben comes carrying and tossing the big one on the floor. Jeff says that he is now the man of the house, the stud for the fish. Ben gets a knife and starts to cut up the beast. Ben is having a blast with this whole thing. The girls all swoon over him when he shows them his fishing boo boo. BONUS Hall Pass Dave gets a surprise hall pass. He tells Dan P he already knows who he'll pick (LOL, Holly no doubt) while they are cutting up Ben's fish. He finishes up and head upstairs to find Holly. She accepts but asks if he will wash off the fish guts. He tells her he'll be ready in ten minutes. Somewhere in the house...maybe the kitchen Summer, Chris, Patricia corner Ben. What's going on with you and Maya, Patricia asks with them all wanting to hear the answer. Jeff thinks that Ben has been waiting to make his move until now. BAM-Ben makes his move Ben and Maya spend a little time together on the patio. They talk and seem to really enjoy each other. Maya tells us that Ben has turned into Prince Charming. He's good to his friends/family and is now successful..great. Ben tells us there is a spark and interest on both sides They head to the hammock. (Yippeeee, he's getting the girl!) Hall Pass Date Dave is nervous this time. Holly didn't know Dave in HS, but has heard what the others have said about him. They arrive at a spa. They will both be giving the other a massage. (oh boy) Back at the house...they are partying like its 1992 They comment it is like being back in HS. They are running around just having a blast. Jumping on beds, you name it....but with drinks. Clothes are coming off, jumping in the ocean, skinny dipping, big party night. Summer tried to steal Dan G's clothes and ended up being grabbed and tossed in the ocean with Dan. Back on the date Dave tells us he never in his wildest imagination dreamed his HSR would end up like this (rubbing down Holly who is laying on a table) At home Nicole thinks she is living in a house of freaks. (They show Summer and Patricia running around doing something...it's sort of chaos) Dan G fell asleep on the couch. Tim, Ben and Summer decide it would be tons of fun to remove his clothes so he'd wake up naked on the couch and wonder what happened. They start stripping him down, but they end up in hysterics laughing when they realize he had no underwear on. So much for that. Summer thinks Dan would get a kick out of the fact that they spent time entertaining themselves with him. Date Part Two Holly and Dave move to the second part of their date. A romantic dinner under a tent on the beach. Holly is curious about Dave and if he's changed since he was in High School. She thinks he is a very caring guy. They seem to have a good time. She is a great girl, he tells us..smart and funny. Written by: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless
  • Episode 102
    Episode 102
    Episode 2
    As the day progresses, the tension seems to ease a little and they seem to be a little more comfortable, until Dan and Natasha hang out together. In the fifties, they would call it making time. New arrival Sarah is the next person to arrive at the house. She's a little nervous about reacquainting herself with the people in high school. Her nickname: the bitchy girl. She says that she hopes that they don't hate her. One by one she introduces herself to the others. Some remember her, some don't. One of the guys remember her as the loud girl, yelling. Amy remembers some yelling, but doesn't remember when or where and what it was about. Hall Passes The new hall passes are delivered and this time, Dan the player and Jason the pip-squeak are the recipients of them. Nicole thinks that Dan will ask her. Meanwhile, Patricia the gossip has the scoop on Natasha. She is dating on and off and says that she will get whatever she wants. (Patricia has some strong opinions of the Natasha situation) Jason is the first one to make the move. He decides to ask Patricia to go out with him. She accepts and is flattered. Dan the player manages to get some roses. (not sure where from, maybe he picked them) In a look at me moment, he walks down the path to the beach and where they all are hanging out (including Nicole who he walked past with the flowers). The woman of choice, Natasha. The other guys are a little concerned that with the flowers, by the time they get their turn, they'll need to do a lot more to impress. Patricia isn't impressed with his choice. She comments that kissing Nicole the day before, then asking Natasha is just high school. EEK There is a mouse in the house. All the guys run around trying to do something. They manage to trap it then it escapes again. (no wonder since they never shut any doors in the house) Not sure if they found it, trapped it or gave up. New arrival Maya is the next person to arrive. Maya was the homecoming queen and was very busy in high school. She did some dancing, worked the yearbook, but didn't consider herself in the popular group, but knew most of them. She goes around saying hello and the guys in particular think that her arrival will create a new dynamic in the house. Date Patricia is curious if Jason is as really shy as he appears. Amy (the chubby [not] cheerleader) is wondering why Natasha is pushing so hard since she thinks that there is a live in boyfriend she's involved with. Patricia and Jason are treated to a cruise and to watch the sunset. They seem to be having a good time talking, but Patricia thinks she might be too complex for Jason. Dan and Natasha also appear to be on a cruise. They talk about how comfortable it is hanging out together. To the camera, she says that she's torn because of her boyfriend that is at home. (confirmed now..not just gossip) She's dancing and hanging out and doesn't seem to be too torn. The others back at the house Sarah and Nicole talk about Dan. The word that they use to describe him now versus when he was in high school is cocky. Dan and Natasha are still dancing and hugging and nibbling. Let's play a game! While the four are on their date, the rest of the gang decide to play a game. Charades is one suggested, but they opt out. Ben has a suggestion, some sort of sex/drinking game. He throws out a sample question and ...WOW, it's bleeped out. They decide to go for it and give it a try. Dates ending Jason tried to kiss Patricia. Telling the camera, Patricia says that she is shocked by his aggressiveness on the date. He tried to kiss her and she didn't like it. She found him very immature. Jason tells her on the ride home that he had a good time. He tells the camera that he thinks there is a connection. (oops, so did Nicole when she went with Dan) Natalie and Dan return to the house all lovey dovey. To the camera, Nicole tells us that it's not the way it's supposed to be. She now doesn't want him as a husband and realizes after spending some time with him he isn't what she's looking for in a husband. More game time The others come in and are a little confused by the game the others are playing. One of the girls asks the question Who in HS had sex with an animal, which never seemed to get answered (thank God). Dave the bully wants to do a clothes switcheroo between one of the guys and one of the girls. Sarah seems to be game, but can't get Dave's attention. Let's get ready to rumble During the game, Sarah who can't get Dave's attention end up going at it in front of the group. She ends up telling him to F off and he asks her if she just said that. She says yes, they share some words and then she leaves the house. Talking to the camera: Chris says that during that particular moment, everyone was siding with Dave, Patricia says there will be more of those explosions from Sarah, Summer says that coming in late is difficult since the group has bonded. Out on the porch, Sarah calls Dave over to talk. He tells her there have been no arguments in the house and he hasn't been the problem. Sarah tells him that she tried to play his game, and he bit her head off. He raises his voice, she tells him to tone it down but they don't settle it and she takes off again. Back in the house, someone asks Dave if he made her cry. Dan the player goes to comfort Sarah. (hmm...why does that not surprise me) He tells her not to let Dave get to her. She is crying and very upset at being there. Dan leaves her sitting alone on the beach. The guys give Dave the it's okay you didn't do anything wrong spiel in the kitchen. On the situation with Dave and Sarah, Maya says that she doesn't think either of them were wrong, but in a situation like this (out of their elements) confidences aren't as high as they are normally. Starting over Sarah moves to the patio and talks to Nicole as Dave walks over to join them. He wants to understand what the problem is and also wants her to rejoin the others in the house. They end up going back arm in arm laughing. (All is well that ends well) New arrival Dan the jock is the last guest to arrive. The girls have figured it must be a guy since there is only one bed left and it's in the guys room. We learn from Dan that he played sports. When he thinks of high school that is the word that comes to mind. He's now out of grad school and has his first real job. He wants to have a good time. Dan the player finds the girls and tells them the new person is here. (bet he'll regret that later) Dan comes in and says hi to the members of the house. He knew most of the guys. Handsome, more mature, very handsome, very good looking, glad to see him, very hot are the descriptions the girls gave when seeing Dan the jock. Every one of them had a comment! Chris tells the camera that he needs to speed it up with the girls, since Dan has arrived and he will get all the girls. The girls find a few of the guys and try to get the scoop on Dan. What he's really like, but aren't given any information. (lol, like they want to give that to them..) As Nicole and Amy sit on the porch talking, Natasha and Dan wander off to the beach alone. Dan tells the camera that the few intimate moments he can share with Natasha are few and far between. She tells the camera that she is still confused. During the walk on the beach, they kiss. Written by: Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless
  • Episode 101
    Episode 101
    Episode 1
    Tonight we get to meet some of the Class 1992 (and let me add...they are quite attractive) *Jeff, the class clown, is going back to hook up and have sex *Holly, the shy girl is going back because everyone thought she was stuck up. (She's done a layout in Playboy) She wants them to know they were all wrong *Chris was the misfit. His objective is to hit on as many of the girls as possible (Sounds like the guys have one objective to share) *Patricia was considered the gossip. She wants to prove she is on her way to success. *Tim was the artist. He's now in a band. *Ben was the nerd. He wants to change that perspective to the others. *Amy was the chubby cheerleader. She wants to meet or re-meet a fabulous guy. *Jason was the pip-squeak. He's now HUGE and a police officer. He wants them to know he's now a man. *Summer was the class flirt. She tells us we can expect pretty much the same and to expect to see a typical 16 year old flirt in her now. *Dan B was the player. He doesn't say much but still talks like a player *Nicole was the tall girl. Nicole has one thing planned for this trip. To marry Dan B the player. She's had a crush on him for years. *Maurice was the loner. He just wants to see old friends. *Natasha was the popular girl. She is now a waitress and all the guys are very impressed how beautiful she still is. *Dave G was the bully. He didn't add much, but still acts a little bullyish They all congregate and one at a time either remember one another or have to pull out the yearbook. Some remember everyone, others remember just certain people. They were not told in advance who would be taking the trip and after they all gather they move to see where they'll be living for the next two weeks. The house is incredible in Hawaii. They seem to be sharing rooms two per room. It has a pool, hot tub and is on the beach. Hall passes are given to two of the people. They will be for special things and on the first show it was Ben and Nicole who ended up with them. They get to pick someone else in the house to take on a special outing. We learn a little about Summer and Tim. They had some sort of a relationship back in High School and somehow Maurice fits into the picture. They chat a little about what happened, but it's not real clear yet exactly what did happen. Ben is one of the hallpass holders and wants to get the chance to take out Natasha. He wanted to ask her throughout high school, but never had the nerve to ask. He wandered around the house trying to find the perfect moment to ask her if she would join him, but finally decided to do it in the kitchen in front of someone else, since it's hard to find her alone. She accepted. Nicole also has some nervous moments, and has decided to ask the man who she's had a crush on for years, Dan the player. While they are in the hottub she just asked if he would like to go and he accepted. Dates are set. Ben the nerd and Natasha the popular girl. LOL...that almost sounds like a movie, and Nicole the tall girl and Dan the player and the person she's had a thing for. While getting ready to go, Natasha said she was nervous, like getting ready for the prom. They head out for a snorkeling date and the others take that opportunity to talk about Ben. They think that he's a millionaire. Amy says she isn't surprised. The guys are shocked how he just up and asked her to go and think that she'll wish she was anyplace else other than being with Ben. Dan sort of sat back..probably dreading what they would be saying about him when he heads out the door. Nicole gets ready and very dressed up and they head off for dinner and a moonlight walk on the beach. During Ben and Natasha's date, she asks him who he dated during high school. He tells her no one. (WOW). She has a hard time thinking of not dating and living a celibate life during then. (she tells the camera, not Ben). Back at the house, they all decide to go to the beach. The girls are all standing around drinking and out comes....Jeff, the class clown. He's sporting a Speedo bathing suit and tells us he considered doing some exercise..but opted out. HE's looking pretty funny. They provoke him into the water.. He dives in, acting very silly. Yep, class clownish. He gets out of the water and wala...speedo is now a thong and they all laugh hysterically. Back on the date, Dan tells Nicole that he's glad to be there with her. (Nicole to the camera tells us that she stalked Dan during high school, but is smart enough to not tell him). Meanwhile, Ben tells Natasha that he wanted to date her, but never had the nerve to ask her out. She tells us she really is shocked that she enjoyed it. When she returned she did tell the girls that it was amazing. (Not sure if she meant snorkeling or spending time with Ben) In the kitchen, Dave isn't taking too much ownership of his bullying days. Dan and Nicole move to the moonlit walk. He tells her it was a cool date. He kissed her during their walk. She says she was shocked (to us) and then she spilled her beans. (BAD move!) She told him that she was totally into him. Dan the player then kicks into high gear talking about his options while at the house. He reminds her that others will get cards and he expects to be asked out again. He does tell her that he had a good time, but she tells him that if that happens, it will freak her out. (Oh, boy...) Dan tells her to be relaxed about it, it's not a huge deal and they return home. He tells us that he doesn't want it to be a pressure deal. (hehe...wants to see if there is any other interest before he puts his eggs in one basket) Nicole feels like she's right back in high school. Next week. Come to find out Natasha is also infatuated with Dan the player and Nicole isn't too thrilled about it. The bully will also get some air time when he will go into a boxing ring with a person who he verbally has sparred with in school. Also, three other members of the class of 1992 join the members already in the house. Pammi, TVRules.netmoreless