High School Reunion - Season 2

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The WB Premiered Jan 01, 2003 In Season


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  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 8
    In this episode, all 17 classmates are once again reunited after the reunion and they talk about what happened with their host Ananda Lewis. Questions are answered and never before seen footage is showned. Some of the Questions of tonight's disscussion include: 01. Did Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" move on from her resentment of Denise "The Ex"? 02. Did LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" leave her boyfriend back home for her high school sweetheart Johnny "The Quarterback"? 03. Did Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" and Trevor "The Pipsqueak" find love and happiness? Back in Austin, Texas, other Round Rock High School classmates await and get to ask the questions they been wondering about. Also LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen's" boyfriend surprise's her and Johnny "The Quarterback" when he visits. We find out what were his thoughts about the whole situation. All this and more on High School Reunion The Aftermath. -Norrin Raddmoreless
  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 7
    In this episode, everyone gets ready for the prom. LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" makes a big decision about moving to Austin to be with Johnny "The Quarterback". Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" and Trevor "The Pipsqueak" have fallen in love and they want to end up together. After Gabe "The Jock" has held back his feelings towards Denise "The Ex" ever since he got to the reunion, he finally let's down his guard and makes a stunning revelation to Denise "The Ex" about their future. The classmates have the night of their life and is visited by the group Tag Team, who is famous for their hit "Whoop There It Is". Two lucky classmates get crowned King and Queen of prom. After prom everyone says their farewell as the Class of Round Rock High School Depart. -Norrin Raddmoreless
  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 6
    In this episode, LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" and Johnny "The Quarterback" once again go out on a Hall Pass and spend the night at the beautiful W Hotel in Honolulu. Denise "The Ex" and Gabe "The Jock" both spend a romantic evening at the Turtle Bay Resort on Sunset Beach on their Hall Pass. On their night on the beach they talk about their relationship and Gabe "The Jock" is not sure if he's ready to get back together when their divorce hurt him too much. Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" and Trevor "The Pipsqueak" travel to a private estate in Waimea Bay. They both grow more closer together and admit that they want to keep seeing each other after the reunion. -Norrin Raddmoreless
  • Episode 205
    Episode 205
    Episode 5
    In this episode, everyone is having fun during a luau, but the sophmore girls play a nasty prank on the cheerleaders' room. When the cheerleaders find out what happened, they get very upset. Emotions run wild when the prank sparks a confrontation between Denise "The Ex", Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" and even Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt". LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen's" feelings grow stronger for Johnny "The Quarterback", but she is holding back because she feels guilty about her boyfriend back home. Later that night, Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" invites Gabe "The Jock" out on her Hall Pass, but he gives her his answer she wasn't hoping for. -Norrin Raddmoreless
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 4
    In this episode, after their extended 2 day trip, LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" and Johnny "The Quarterback" finally return to the house. Trevor "The Pipsqueak" and Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" both have a romantic picnic on the beach. Denise "The Ex" confronts Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" about her attitude in the situation over Gabe "The Jock". Meanwhile, Lenny "The Geek" receives a Hall Pass and Jessica "The Teen Mom" and Laura "The Drama Queen" take him into town for a make-over he would never forget. His new look gives him the confidence to ask Stacy "The Sophomore Sweetheart" to go out with him. Later that night, Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" and Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" decide they go skinny dipping. Trevor "The Pipsqueak" and Tre "The Player" join them for a wild night. The senior girls have a little fun by taking the guys and the sophmore girls clothes.

    -Norrin Radd

  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 3
    In this episode, it is Daniel "The Gay Guy's" Birthday. The Classmates decide to throw him a surprise birthday party. During the party, Daniel "The Gay Guy" gets a visit from an officer who is not there to arrest him, but to show him a good time. Later on, Daniel "The Gay Guy" challenges TJ "The Redneck" to a boxing match. After the match they show good sportsmanship. The Hall Passes of today are givin to LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" who invites none other than Johnny "The Quarterback". They both have conversations about their feelings. Trevor "The Pipsqueak" invites Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt". They treat each other with massages and join each other in a rose petal bath. Finally, Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" gets what she wants when she invites Gabe "The Jock" on a day on Waikiki Beach. There is where she confronts him on their past, but she soon starts falling for him all over again. Denise "The Ex" is not happy about their Hall Pass. -Norrin Raddmoreless
  • Episode 202
    Episode 202
    Episode 2
    In this episode, new guest Trevor "The Pipsqueak" arrives and he is hardly recognizable with his good looks. He is first greeted by Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" who later on invites him on her Hall Pass. Stacy "The Sophomore Sweetheart" and Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" had both dated Gabe "The Jock" in high school, and are curious to find out what had happened 10 years ago. Late at Night, Gabe "The Jock" pays Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" a visit. Meanwhile, LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" and Johnny "The Quarterback" take a romantic trip to a secluded beach. Johnny "The Quarterback" then finds out that his first love has a boyfriend waiting at home. -Norrin Raddmoreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 1
    In the second season's premiere, we meet 17 former classmates from Round Rock High School in Austin, Texas, who are reunited for their 10-year reunion in Oahu, Hawaii. The 17 guests staying for 2 weeks are:

    01. Amanda "The Sophomore Flirt" 02. Heather C. "The Ugly Duckling" 03. Chris "The Class Clown" 04. Daniel "The Gay Guy" 05. Denise "The Ex" 06. Heather F. "The Sophomore Vixen" 07. Gabe "The Jock" 08. Jeralyn "The Wallflower" 09. Jessica "The Teen Mom" 10. Johnny "The Quarterback" 11. Laura "The Drama Queen" 12. Lenny "The Geek" 13. LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" 14. Stacy "The Sophomore Sweetheart" 15. TJ "The Redneck" 16. Tre "The Player" 17. Trevor "The Pipsqueak"

    In this episode, LouAnn "The Homecoming Queen" receives the first Hall Pass, but unable to invite someone else, she is surprised when she is reunited with her ex boyfriend Johnny "The Quarterback". Denise "The Ex" receives the second Hall Pass and she invites her ex husband, who she still has feelings for, Gabe "The Jock". TJ "The Redneck" quickly moves out of his room before he is even settling in, when he finds out his roomate is Daniel "The Gay Guy". 3 girls from the class of 1995 arrive later on to stir things up.

    -Norrin Radd

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