High School Reunion - Season 4

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The WB Premiered Jan 01, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Only the Lonely
    Episode 6
    The prom marks the season finale, with a surprise guest making it unforgettable for the former classmates. But love takes a tumble as several of the couples struggle with whether or not to remain together, and Justin re-evaluates continuing his relationship with Deanna.
  • 4/2/08
    Mike takes a few classmates to play golf. Jason and Glenn bonded. Mike and Steve stopped making progress with their friendship. Steve left. Then Lana and Mike had a hall pass and discussed things out. They came to an agreement, so Lana felt it was safe to leave with her goal accomplished. With Lana gone, Mike began to relax with Heather. Matt had a date with Yvette where she revealed that she had a boyfriend at home.moreless
  • Bros Before Ho's
    Episode 4
    Mike and Steve confront each other while Heather's presence affects Lana. Matt and Yvette go on a revealing Hall Pass.
  • 3/19/08
    Steve tries to make amends with Mike. Justin and Deanna go on an overnight Hall Pass, while Sean reveals something personal.
  • 3/12/08
    Matt and Yvette's bond grows, Mike and Lana have a confrontation, and Kat asks Rob on a hall pass. More classmates arrive.
  • Meet the Mustangs
    Episode 1
    TV Land brings together 14 alums from JJ Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas, who have not seen each other since graduating 20 years ago.