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High School Stories

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Take an inside look at the outrageous antics of high school students all across the country. These stories are true-to-life reenactments of actual high school scandals, pranks and controversies starring the troublemakers and class clowns that made it all happen. You'll also see what happens when seemingly innocent pranks get out of hand and the students involved have to deal with the consequences on a brand new season of High School Stories.

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AIRED ON 8/19/2007

Season 3 : Episode 2

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  • Loved This Show

    The best episode of this show was when they had the one from Englewood High. The reason I say that is because that is the school that I went to and that was my graduating class. Watching it on TV is pretty funny considering I was there for the actually event and I think honestly people made it into more of a big deal than it actually was. It was random seeing the high school senior class prank on MTV, Englewood is just this small town high school in Colorado, who knew that is would be one MTV one day, crazy stuffmoreless
  • MtV pays a bunch of average H.S. students (or former students, floundering in community college or working at footlocker)to (poorly)re-enact "awesome" pranks they did. Drinking Hemlock is more refreshing.

    This show is TERRIBLE!!! The acting is AWFUL!!! Andy Warhol said "in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." This show proves that the future is now, unfortunately. Any way we can cut that time down to 2 min.? Anyone who likes it must not really be watching. Seroiusly, how many shows does MtV have to create that fit into the reality TV bracket...this show will be cancelled before the end of its third season. "the hills" "underaged and engaged" "maui fever" "super sweet sixteen" "lobotomies are us" "the one like the hills but with guys" how much crap will MtV viewers accept?moreless
  • It is one of the best shows ever!

    This show is classic. Also, it is funny. It is interesting all around. They have good stuff on that show. Its one of the good show on tv. Who thought of it really because that was a good idea of them to think of. It is exciting so much. It makes people be on the edge of their seats since it is so exciting. I like it. Its original. Its great. There is nothing I can say bad about it. It is also a favorite of my by a mile. It's cool. I heard people are into it so much.moreless
  • I love this show!

    This show is amazing, I personally love this show myself because I am in high school and some of the stuff that these kids do is just so cool! This show makes me want to pull a prank on my school so badly although many of the kids on the show get into big trouble. I love the Idea of this show so much, the people who thought of this really went somewhere and they really pulled off making a great show because all of the people I know have at least seen one episode of this show! This show is a A++ for me because its just great!moreless
  • Cool Sho~

    I think this show is pretty cool, and totally true. Not much fictional, and includes some pleasure. Its a good show, informative, by teaching kids the consequence for their actions, also teaching responsibility. Its also funny, because some of the jokes and pranks are pretty stupid, wasteful, or just plain dumb.

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