High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 12, 2005 on BBC Three



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    • Shirley: And remember, if you don't believe, your days are numbered. Spook to 'ya later!

    • Shirley: Ok, who is it that likes travelling? 'Cuz I'm getting a foreign country, do you understand? Ok, all right. I'm getting the country Brazil. Right, just bare with me sweetheart, all right? It's definitely a connection between you and Brazil, and lets just work on it and see where we get, ok? It's something Brazilian, ok? This is, is it a coffee? Is there a drink? A Brazilian drink? Ok, come on. The words they're using is 'this lady has had a Brazilian', and I don't know what.

      Woman: It might be a waxing.

      Shirley: A waxing? Am I right? Ok, now it's all very nice ok, but at least she's being honest in making a connection ok, so I thank you to shushy. Brazilian, and what, it's a waxing?

      Woman: Yeah.

      Shirley: Is that hair removal?

      Woman: Yeah.

      Shirley: Ok, 'cuz what they're saying to me is 'don't worry, it'll grow back. Ok? All right? You might have some itchiness all right? But it's gonna' be all right. Love and light, god bless, ok. All right, come on.

    • Keith the farmer: These are Venus, Serena and...

      Shirley: ...I can do the names, I can do the names. Ok? All right. I'm getting, one of them is named after a planet, erm, one of them, I'm getting something calm so it could be serene or something like that. Or, I don't know what the other one's called. Is it..? (mumbles) I don't know.

    • Shirley: Whose boobs leak when they get excited? Do you understand?

    • Shirley: Err, before we start, ok, I would just like to say, having Googled at you through there, all right, You are a very beautiful audience. Especially you (Whispers to young man in audience).

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    • Shirley: Today I'm hot in front of the heels of Sir Richard Branson to find out what it's gonna' be like on his last day on the planet.
      Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin empire.