High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode Six

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 05, 2005 on BBC Three
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Episode Summary

Episode Six
Shirley swigs from a bottle of champagne and has a trophy in his hand. He tells the audience he has won the best international TV psychic award. His prize looks like a football trophy though. Shirley visits Harrow Borough F.C. and trains the team from a psychic's point of view. The team don't take kindly to Shirley's tips and advice though and constantly mock him throughout training. Shirley storms off the pitch when one player kicks a ball at him. Shirley teaches the Spirit Academy contestants how to deal with troublesome spirits. Kim is voted out of Spirit Academy in the first of two vote offs. Shirley sets the contestants the task of producing ectoplasm. Maria produces the most and is rewarded for her effort by being able to vote off a second contestant. She chooses Erol to leave. Shirley asks which member of the audience has broken wind. The Paranormalists: Shirley's apprentice Ian Jackson (Marc playing another character) meets Gaynor Fairweather, a Shamanic Trance Dancer. She teaches Ian an ancient dance involving spirit animals. Ian becomes over excited and channels animals out of Hollywood blockbusters. Ian jumps off a table and hurts his leg. G is for Ghosts as the psychic A – Z continues to reveal itself. Shirley channels Frank Sinatra. He warns the audience not to mess with him and not to make fun of Shirley. Frank shows his dark side and threatens to kill the audience. The other side of Shirley Ghostman: Shirley visits a hypnotherapist and joins a gym in order to get back in shape. Although Shirley has a gym instructor, he takes a shine to another instructor and insists he do a work out with him. Shirley is still channelling Frank Sinatra. He finishes the show by performing a gay version of New York, New York. Shirley finishes the show by speeding away on a motorcycle.moreless

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    • QUOTES (6)

      • Shirley: I'm out of here, faggots.

      • Shirley: All right, ok. Who, has just let one go? That's the message I'm getting. It might sound funny, all right? Laugh it up. All right? Get it out. Because the end of the day, it's not. Someone just let one go, that's what they're saying. It's got a deeper meaning than it appears on the surface, all right? This person doesn't want to own up. But the people either side could probably let me know. And then I can give the message to the person, would you understand? I know some of you are reluctant to claim it, all right? That's 'cuz the phrase, 'whoever smelt it, dealt it' right? Just pop your hand up. Ok. How about if I rephrase it, all right? Who's just let fluffy off the lead? Come on somebody? I've got my suspicions, all right? But I don't want to point them out. Is it you?

        Woman: No.

        Shirley: Are you sure? I don't want, I just wondered. Ok. All right, all right, No it's, it's fine. I know, you can talk to me afterwards. We will be having a break in a minute so you can use the toilet. Ok. All right, ok, come on. Come on sweetheart. Come on Sheba.

      • Shirley: I feel ya' pain, I feel ya' shame, but ya' not to blame. Sometimes wet clothes do need an extra spin. You only sit on top of it to stop it vibrating around the room. God bless, ok.

      • Shirley: Did you know, in every ball there is a spirit? What's he saying?

        Footballer: He's saying, 'I can't talk, I'm a ball'.

        Shirley: All right, ok I understand. All right.

      • Shirley: Now, your manager deals with team spirit, ok? Shirley deals with team spirits. Do you understand?

      • Shirley: Right. Who feels like they're better than everyone else here? That is a feeling I am getting. Someone feels better than everybody else. Who is it? I've got this impression of someone standing there, looking at everybody else in the room and thinking, 'I am better than all of you put together'. Do you understand? Ok, let's part that. Come on. Come on Sheba darling.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Before tonight's show airs the BBC makes an apology to Harrow Borough F.C. A trophy was stolen from their grounds when Marc filmed there as Shirley. The trophy is in Shirley's hand at the start of the show, claiming it is an award he has won.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Shirley: You wanna' take a pop at someone? Make it Derek Acorah. That pr**k makes two bit s**t from people who buy their satellite dishes with a loan from Ocean Finance.
        Derek Acorah is a psychic medium and one of the people that Marc Wootton is lampooning with this show.

      • Shirley: That's 'cuz the phrase, 'whoever smelt it, dealt it' right?
        This is a phrase, often said by children, referring to toilet humour.