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  • Love the action. The commentary could be improved.

    The action is great. Love seeing every hand rather than just highlights. It's nice seeing real cash action instead of just the big hands. This way you can see the mood end tempo that leads up to the big hands. There is much more to poker than just the highlight reels.

    Overall, it;s a great show. But the commentaries are kind of stupid at times. Corny jokes and not as entertaining as they could be. The ESPN guys do it better. Great production and true poker action on this show. Just improve the commentator personalities and you would have the best poker show on TV.
  • My favorite poker show.

    Out of all the poker shows, this is my favorite. It features all of my favorite professional poker players playing real cash-money Texas Hold'em. It's fun to see them lose big pots because it's actually their own money which is different from a regular tournament buy-in. It's really exciting to see how the hands hold up since they are professionals and can bluff each other out and make excellent reads on each other. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes a person will be at the table, but won't be shown playing a hand the entire episode. I want to see everyone play! Great show, though.
  • Good show which clearly demonstrates betting strategies when real money is at stake every hand. More betting details would improve the understanding of shat is going on. I.e. blind levels, and current betting levels. Also what is a straddle?

    1. Please show clearly how many players there are.
    2. The betting patterns need to be displayed better. You coudl show the blind amounts, betting position, and current amount of bets or totals in the pot.
    3. What is a straddle??

    I do like the show, I dont like too much abusive type chatter, and verbal slights by the commentators. I do like Abe's analysis fo what the players are hoping for, what the appopriate level of betting is, and what they are fearful of.

  • High Stakes Poker is a cash game poker television program broadcast by the cable television network GSN. This emission sees to clash the best players of cash game world within enormous limits of cash

    Doyle Brunson the best player ever , Johnny Chan ,Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen, Sam Farah, Antonio Esfandiari and many other players are playind no limit texas hold'em.

    Unlike tournament poker, the chips involved represent real money

    Most Of the players are professionals but some times we see some amateurs on the table ( a lot of them loose a lot of money)
    The minimum buy-in to the game is US$100,000, but players have bought in for as much as $1,000,000.
    If you like poker and especially No limit texas hold'em you will love this show! The biggest pot in the show's history ($575,700), occurred between Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu. When Gus' 5d 5cl outdrew Daniel's 6sp 6h on a board of 9cl 6d 5h 5sp 8sp. Giving Daniel a full house, fives full of sixes. And Gus four of a kind (quads)

    u gonna love it!!
  • THE best poker show on T.V..

    Bottom line, anyone who has evern played poker should watch this show . The mixture of the semi-crazy, the rich, and the incredibly talented make this very very good t.v.. It is simply amazing to watch these people make decisions of thousands and thousands of dollars based upon aggression, reading people, and just experience at playing similar hands before..

    I have never come across a poker player who watches t.v. who has NOT watched this show and agrees that it's the best show on t.v..

    Honestly, give credit to Kaplan -- his knowledge of the game (and ability to play as shown in the third season) makes him the best host out there too - even if he is a little corny at times.
  • no tournament poker here, this is the real deal......THE CASH GAME. gabe kaplan co-hosts this awesome high stakes game including some of the best poker minds the world has to offer. buy ins range from 75,000 to 1,000,000 in cold hard cash.

    ill admit it...........im a poker freak. that being said, i think this show is top dog in the poker world. poker great after poker great can be witnessed making ungodly bets for huge ammounts of cash. players to watch: doyle brunson(living poker legend, and greatest of all time), daniel negraneu(my personal favorite), mike"the mouth"matasow, gus hansen, todd brunson(doyles son), jennifer harrman(the ultimate woman player), sammy farha(awesome), shawn shiekhan(he and matasow hate each other), barry greenstein and even co-host gabe kaplan, who is a cash game specialist and bracelet winner. this show can be slow for some, but to me its like going to school, as i actually learn as i watch. besides, poker school is fun, and theres a definate upside if you have the stones.................all in all this is a keeper.
  • Excuse me we need episodes 301-304 reviews up! They've started back up and it's better than ever!

    This show is great, I love how it's cash games, which is all I play. It really shows you that sometimes even the greatest just want to have fun. I mean, we all see the professional, and the WSOP and all that which are great games, but to get there you need to dedicate your life or really play a lot of poker, and I mean a lot. Here in High Stakes Poker, anyone can connect because these are cash games and who hasn't played a cash game?
    Plus it shows another side to some of our favorite poker players.
  • Professional poker players play a cash game with a 100,000 buy in.

    In a world gone poker crazy, this show is often overlooked. It seems like every station has some late night poker tournament featurinf 1 or 2 well known players, who may or may not survive in a sea of internet wannabes. High Stakes Poker is a show that turns the idea of poker shows upside down.

    Instead of a tournament, poker pros are playing in a cash game. They buy in for 100,000 but if they lose it, they can rebuy (over anad over and over again). After awhile the players seem to forget about the cameras and are just sitting around playing the game, telling stories, and teasing one another. (Mike Matasow earns himself some nice moments).

    The great part of this show is that all of these players know one another, and they know each other well. They make sidebets, they tease each other, girlfriends and parents join in. AJ Benza and Gabe Kaplan host the show and run commentary during hands. They can be a little annoying when all you want is to hear the stories and watch the action, but they aren't unbearable. At one point, Daniel Negreanu even takes his turn at announcing the action.

    OVERALL: For true poker fans, this show is can't miss. It shows the other side of professional poker. The fun, no pressure, more like my own home game side (of course my stakes are little bit lower).