High Tide

(ended 1997)


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High Tide

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Two brothers like to enjoy surfing the waves and the girls on the beach, but somehow their attention always make them help others with serious problems.
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  • A killjoy of a show

    Hated this show from the time I first saw it which certainly wasn't on purpose. Our local NBC affiliate switched up from WWF Superstars to WCW Worldwide the year prior. A tough change, but I rolled with it. Exactly a year later in 1994, they swapped that out for some weak, Baywatch wannabe knockoff which was this show. Not having cable, all wrestling, WWF or WCW, was shut off for me with this move replacing good in ring action for 2 beach going dopes with surfboards and it was infuriating. I'm glad to know this show is so unimportant, it doesn't even have it's own article on Wikipedia.moreless
  • Where can this be found on dvd?

    I've tried Netflix, amazon. And can't find this show anywhere. Has anyone had any luck finding it?
  • Great Light Entertainment

    High Tide is a mixture of action, humor, beach scenery, and philosophy which never seemed to get the attention it was due. This, despite the inclusion of George Segal and Rick Springfield among the regular cast the first season. Perhaps it's because I should have liked to have a little brother like him, but I think Yannick Bisson as the exuberant "Joey Barrett" really stole the show--or carried it. His relationship with his much older brother gave the very dated (1990s) show a feeling of that kinder and gentler era which preceded his own time. As any good show does, it depicted life not as it is but as it should be. Bring on the DVDs!moreless
  • 2 brothers with great eyes and teeth, hit the beach to surf, sell surfboards and solve crimes. George Segal is their "boss" who gives them interesting, diverse assignments. Older bro was a cop which makes them crime solvers.moreless

    Definitely underappreciated. Ok, it was a bit of fluff meets private eye - BUT Rick Springfield is so handsome and the great detective and Yannick Bisson is charming as the younger bro. Fun watching their interaction; who can resist the humor of George Segal and did I mention, Rick Springfield is just great to watch!? Loved it, just to watch for fun.

    Beats Batman & Robin every time.
  • Come on...two brothers who look nothing like surfers or detectives keep helping people they don't really know...you can't get more 90's than that.

    I have been looking for the name of this show for ages, now that we see so many shows in the millennium trapped inside the same procedural formula (CSI, Without a trace, NCIS, Cold case and Law and Order), is good to look back at those show in the 90's that even if when lacked plausibility (or a very long storyline) they made up with chemistry, wit, humor and just plain good old fun…. It didn't matter if the episode was far fetched as long as you can have a damsel in distress (did you notice how tan and well toned they were) and a clear antagonist (someone who was evil from the get go), giving us a much needed escape from reality.moreless

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Comedy, Suspense