Higher Ground

Season 1 Episode 22

Because I Love You

Aired Unknown Jun 16, 2000 on ABC Family

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  • Gah! Too Corny

    As one of the few people who don't like the character Scott I wasn't the biggest fan of this episode. I loved the interaction betwee Daisy, David and Ezra and hell the Ezra and Shelby Kiss rocked.

    The closing scene, yup very puke worthy. Please Scott didn't come back because he loved Shelby he came back because his dad was still an ass and still blamed him for what happened with Elaine.

    It was a little annoying we didn't see Kat gradaute, I mean come on thats a little more important character wise then the annoying tales of Scott and Shelby.
  • Higher Ground as I wrote in the show's review is a extraordinary show and this episode shows why I loved it very much.

    In this episode all the problems just came to an end and everyone was happy. I just don't like how the series ended with that episode. the fact that you know that most of the characters are still in Horizon just kills me.

    I think they should have kept going with the show until all of them left and have them bring new untamed kids into the last show now that it shows that Peter's job is never over.

    I wish they still had this show running just because it felt more real than a lot of the kids' shows that they have on now. Degrassi over does it, One tree Hill has 20 year-olds and up playing the role of kids, and 7th heaven is one big happy family.

    Higher Ground Kept it real....O and I loved this episode! lol
  • Tear

    Seriously, I have seen this episode probably 50 times and from the first time to yesterday when I saw it, I can't help but tear up! this is the greatest episode of the season and the cutest! When your watching this episode you completely forget about the clock, time seems to move too fast and all of a sudden your left happy and upset. Does Scott come back to Horizon for good? that is the main question on my mind at the end. The one question that will never be answered, I wish that we could just call the producers and be like what was going to happen! haha anyway this was an amazing episode!
  • This was a great series finale !! I L0VED it !!

    Excellent is how to describe Higher Ground's series finale ! I really wished the show didn't have to end but this was a superb ending for it. I loved the MORP idea and how Scott was able to go back home but decided to come back and be with Shelby during the MORP. I know from the begining episode i was hooked and this episode completed a great circle to the show. I believe that before you watch this episode you should watch all the other episodes to be able to understand how much everyone means to each other.