Higher Ground

Season 1 Episode 22

Because I Love You

Aired Unknown Jun 16, 2000 on ABC Family



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    • Shelby: Why did you come back?
      Scott: Because, I love you.

    • Mr. Barringer: I don't know where my head was. The clues were everywhere, like rat droppings. How could I not have known, not have suspected, not have trusted my own son? Rat droppings. I saw them and I just...swept them away and I swept my son away with them.

    • Sophie: Peter, I have a class in five minutes.
      Peter: Good, then we can talk for four.

    • Sophie: Peter, you'll always be my rock, my touchstone. Always.
      Peter: So why won't you marry me?
      Sophie: Because…
      Peter: Because why?
      Sophie: Because I love you.

    • David: We're too screwed up and backwards to have a prom.
      Katherine (as she writes 'MORP' on the blackboard): Then that's what we'll have.

    • Auggie (walks in and sees 'MORP' written on the blackboard): We having a prom?

    • Peter: This will be a good opportunity for us to work on our social skills.
      Auggie: What social skills?
      Peter: My point exactly.

    • Scott: I was thinking, you should come to some of my games.
      Shelby: Oh, um…yeah, maybe.
      Scott: And then next year you and I can go to my prom together. You think that's stupid.
      Shelby: No, I just think that you live 1000 miles away.

    • Sophie: I'm just so afraid I'm gonna lose you.
      Peter: Lose me? I just asked you to marry me. The last time I checked, that's the opposite of losing.

    • Sophie: Peter, do you want a family?
      Peter: Of course I do. Don't you? I mean, what could possibly be better than a bunch of little Sophies and Peters running around our big back yard, huh? Think about it.
      Sophie: Practically all I do is think about it. Thing is, Peter, I can't have children.
      Peter: Why can't you?
      Sophie: I can't. I'm damaged. You want the medical details? You want kids and I am incapable of giving them to you. Or me.

    • Daisy: You ever hear the theory that the people who are the most alike have the most conflict?
      Shelby: Me and Juliette? What are you, demented?
      Daisy: No, no more than usual.

    • Shelby (to Scott): There are no happy endings, okay? Just endings, and this is one of 'em.

    • Shelby (to Juliette): Another word and you're going to eat that camera. That should get your calorie count up.

    • Daisy: Well, figures. The guys get fitted for tuxes in town and the girls get second hand thrift store dresses with crusty sweat stains. Nice to know that sexism is alive and well at Horizon.

    • Shelby (to Scott): In my whole life, no one has ever looked at me the way you do. No one has ever touched my face, or brushed my hair out of my eyes like you do. And maybe this is really selfish, but it's not just you that I'm going to miss. It's the way I feel when I'm with you that I'm gonna miss even more.
      Scott: It doesn't have to be over. It doesn't have to be the end.
      Shelby: Yeah, it does.

    • Juliette (watching Scott heading home): How can a person be happy and sad at the same time?
      Peter: It's easy, Jules. Happens to me every time.

    • (After Hank shows up at the prom to surprise Katherine)
      Katherine (stunned): Who? How?
      Hank: Peter. Gave me a call and said you wouldn't mind a date for your senior prom. Guess she's got a heart in there after all.

    • Shelby: Life sucks, doesn't it?
      Ezra: Only during the waking hours.

    • Sophie: Got a question for you, mountain man. I was thinking, if you've got nothing better to do, will you marry me?
      Peter: I thought you'd never ask.

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