Higher Ground

Season 1 Episode 11

Best Behavior

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 2000 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Juliette is devastated when she isn't invited to her mother's wedding; Ezra is devastated when he learns that his parents' apparent reconciliation is a sham.

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    Jim Byrnes (I)

    Jim Byrnes (I)

    Frank Markasian

    Jewel Staite

    Jewel Staite

    Daisy Lipenowski

    Joe Lando

    Joe Lando

    Peter Scarbrow

    Deborah Odell

    Deborah Odell

    Hannah Barnes

    Anne Marie DeLuise

    Anne Marie DeLuise

    Sophie Becker (eps 2 & 6-22)

    Hayden Christensen

    Hayden Christensen

    Scott Barringer

    Rob Freeman

    Rob Freeman

    Richard Freidkin

    Guest Star

    Tasha Simms

    Tasha Simms

    Liz Freidkin

    Guest Star

    Kwesi Ameyaw

    Kwesi Ameyaw

    ER Doctor

    Guest Star

    Dmitry Chepovetsky

    Dmitry Chepovetsky


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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • TRIVIA: The opening quote for this episode - "False face must hide what false heart doth know." - William Shakespeare

      • After Kat sees the blood on a shirt in Juliette's dirty laundry, she runs into the room and tears off the sleeve of Juliette's shirt. In the next shot, it's not torn, and in the following scenes when Juliette is being taken away and in the lodge it also isn't torn.

    • QUOTES (21)

      • Peter: Sometimes I don't know how these kids make it through. Some days, I don't know how we make it through.
        Sophie: We've got them. And they've got us.
        Peter: Is that enough?
        Sophie: No. It's never enough, Peter. But it's more than they had before.

      • Sophie: How dare you adopt a child to save your marriage! And then use that child as a bargaining chip in your divorce! How dare you be so weak that you can't even tell a boy the truth, so that maybe, just maybe, he won't blame himself.

      • Ezra: Peter, I'm fine. Does it hurt? Yeah. Can I be responsible for their anger? No. You taught me that. I'm a separate person, and I'm okay.

      • Scott (about Juliette): The entire time we were together she never told me one thing about herself. I don't even know what landed her here. 'Cept for that whole barfing thing.
        Shelby: She killed a guy in prison.

      • Scott: So what about Ezra's folks?
        Shelby: You mean the Stepford parents?
        Scott: I heard they used to be, like, totally Springer.
        Shelby: They all but trashed the place last time they visited.

      • Ezra: Did I ever tell you what they paid for me?
        Peter: No.
        Ezra: Looked at my dad's files once. $21,000. Worked out to about $3000 a pound at the time.

      • Shelby: It's from Leo. The delivery guy.
        Katherine: The one you…
        Shelby: Bingo.
        Katherine: Behind his truck?
        Shelby: Yeah.
        Katherine: For a carton of…
        Shelby: Yes, okay? He loves me. We dated for about 10 minutes and now he's in love.

      • Shelby: By the way ... you look really stupid.
        Daisy: Good. I look the way I feel.

      • Shelby: What are you doing in here?
        Daisy: Hiding.
        Shelby: From what?
        Daisy: Life. What are you doing in here?
        Shelby: Hiding.
        Daisy: From what?
        Shelby (thinking): Life...

      • Richard: Well, you are an exceptionally articulate young lady, however. What are your plans for the future?
        Daisy: I'm considering the field of mortuary cosmetology.
        Ezra: Hair and makeup for the dearly departed.
        Daisy: I consider it a humanitarian act to beautify someone who can't do it for themselves. Death ... can be beautiful.

      • Peter: Rule number one, Soph: first take appropriate action for the child's immediate welfare. Then use your heart. Always in that order. Omitting neither.

      • Juliette: It makes the pain inside of me go away. So that I don't have to think about it. It doesn't leak out. Where everyone else can see it.

      • Peter: Cutting is a disassociative action, like chopping off your foot to take your mind off a headache. Kids who suffer physical and mental abuse from a parent often begin to dissociate pain with security. Thus expressing her anger gives rise to separation anxiety. So the kid takes their anger out on themselves.

      • Daisy: You're hiding something. And its taking all your energy. Using it up. There's less and less left. Soon there'll be none.

      • Daisy: You're wearing a mask.

        Shelby: That's a good one, coming from Goth-girl.
        Daisy: My mask was an honest one for all the world to see. Yours is invisible.

      • Juliette (about Shelby): You'd rather be with the skank!?
        Scott: She's not a skank. She's a woman, and she's my friend...Three things I can no longer say about you.

      • Juliette: Feels good to sweat, doesn't it?
        Scott: No.
        Juliette: I can make you sweat and like it.

      • Auggie: So, when you packing up?
        Juliette: Um, actually, I'm not. See, I thought I got an invitation but if you look closely, its just an announcement. Turns out it's just a small affair for close friends and business associates. Apparently, Hal--his name's Hal--is a big shot in Hollywood, and Mother thinks its best if I just stay here and keep improving before meeting him.
        Auggie: Gee, Jules. I'm sorry 'bout that.
        Juliette: Well, its my fault. I misread the announcement. I flaked. (she walks off, hiding her disappointment)

      • Shelby: I wish I lived in Juliette world. A land of wide green lawns rolling up to great mansions where ladies sip tea and chose bridal gowns. And money just comes from nowhere.
        Juliette (sighs happily): It's a beautiful place.

      • Juliette: My mother's getting married!
        Katherine (confused): I thought she was already married.
        Juliette: She was. Four times.

      • Daisy: Ugh!
        Katherine: What's the matter?
        Daisy: They always shred my copy of Mortuary Sciences Monthly. Apparently we're not supposed to think about a career.

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