Higher Ground

Season 1 Episode 17

Daised and Confused

Aired Unknown May 12, 2000 on ABC Family

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  • Daisy faces her past..

    This episode starts off with Daisy reading tarot cards. She predicts death in her life. Then her parents, while drunk, crash there car. Her mother dies. Peter makes her go to her mothers funeral. So Sophie drives her to the place. Shelby comes along to keep Daisy company, and the two are really becoming good friends. They kinda pick on Sophie, and call her fake, but then she reveals she cant have kids, and they are both sorry. Daisy goes to the funeral all gothed out, and her father flips. He says its deirespectful and she leaves. Then she comes back all normal and her dad is there. He gives her a picture book and leaves, after a heartbreaking conversation about wanting real parents. Then she goes to her moms grave. She tells her that she cant cry for her, though she tried. In the car on the way back she does cry while looking at a family album. Elsewhere, the Cliffhangers read Frankenstein, and relate it to there life. I thought this episode was really good, and greatly enjoyed it. Im glad to see Shelby getting some emotion, and letting go a little.