Higher Ground

Season 1 Episode 21

Mended Fences

Aired Unknown Jun 09, 2000 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The opening quote for this episode - "If we really want to live, we'd better start at once to try." -Wystan Hugh Auden

  • Quotes

    • Shelby: How I feel is, I'm done. I'm done with feeling bad and hating myself, being a victim, being abused. And I'm done with wanting things I know I can't have.
      Scott: You can have me. I want you.
      Shelby: You don't want all of me; you just want the good parts.
      Scott: What's it gonna take for you to believe that I can deal with your past? What's it gonna take?
      Shelby: Having lived it yourself.

    • Peter: I just wish…I wish I knew how to get the feeling back. How do you do that? I wish I could have some kind of sign that just said keep trying.
      Sophie: Keep trying.

    • Daisy: It's not an atom bomb. What are you all the way over there for?
      Shelby: Daisy, with an axe.
      Juliette: Never know when you could freak out and go chop shop on us.

    • Daisy (chopping wood, poorly): Didn't need that toe, anyway.
      Shelby: Well, at least you still got 11 toes left.

    • Auggie: Y'know what I think? I think this fence falls down way too easily to be natural. I think we fix it and they sneak out here at night and kick it down again.
      Ezra: Ah, it's good for us, teaches us co-operation in the face of hardship.

    • Daisy (reading banner): Welcome Horizon Parnets. There's a good advertisement for our school.

    • Auggie (asking if Ezra's parents are coming to Parents Week): How 'bout you, EZ?
      Ezra: Ah, no. Their last visit put me in the ER, remember? Decided not to do that this time.

    • Shelby: So why's Peter been acting so weird, anyway?
      Sophie: He's not acting weird. He's acting human. It's just that none of us are used to it.

    • Auggie: Ma, Pa, this is Juliette, my best friend.
      Mrs. Ciceros: Ola. Sit down. Too skinny! Eat!
      Auggie: Mama, Juliette…she's not a big eater.
      Mrs. Ciceros: Ach! Okay, I'm gonna give you some beans so will get some hips. You need some hips.

    • Mrs. Ciceros: How does a girl with your appetite stay so skinny?
      Juliette: Must be my metabolism.

    • David: You could feel me?
      Daisy: Yes.
      David: And what'd it feel like?
      Daisy: Like something creeping up my spine.

    • Sophie (referring to the kids): If you just bail on them, and bail on me, then what hope is there for any of them? They need you, Peter. I need you. Don't give up on it.
      Peter: I haven't given up on it. It's given up on me.

    • Scott: So, is that how it happened to you?
      Shelby: More or less.
      Scott: But you didn't jump out of the car.
      Shelby: No. I didn't have any signs. I didn't know where to go.
      Scott: I understand.

    • Sophie: Peter, you brought me here, and you gave me the courage to stay. To stay in one place and do something. You gave me that gift. And I'm not going to let you take it away now. You can leave, but I'm staying.

    • Sophie: Think about this, they'll probably all outlive you. Yeah, they'll still be living when you're gone and they'll have kids and grandkids, whole new generations. And they won't know it but they'll have you to thank. This is where you need to heal, Peter. Right here, healing these kids.
      Peter: Hannah once said that healing them helped to heal me.
      Sophie: Smart woman.

    • Mr. Barringer: Last night, you were willing to give up your self-respect, just for my forgiveness. Don't ever give that up, Scott, for anyone. Look at me. I need to ask your forgiveness.

    • Jess: Shelby's always talked a lot about you, and all you do, and everything you've done for her. And she's always said that 'Peter saved her life.' That you saved her life. And, well, there was something I was wondering.
      Peter: What's that?
      Jess: Could you save my life, too?
      Peter: I can try.

    • Sophie: No one has ever scared me like you do, Peter Scarbrow.
      Peter: Is that a good thing, Sophie Becker?
      Sophie: Much as I hate to admit it, yeah. Good for me.

    • Peter: Hey, Soph? Got an idea. Want to marry me?
      Sophie: No.
      Peter (laughs): I don't want you rushing anything, of course, but I think that if you really digest it…Do you mean no for now, or no forever?
      Sophie: No for now.

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