Higher Ground

Season 1 Episode 18

One of Those Days

Aired Unknown May 19, 2000 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The opening quote for this episode - "You don't lie in a world all alone. Your brother is here too." -Albert Schweitzer

  • Quotes

    • Peter: How's 'Bobby-joe and Gillian' doing?
      Sophie: Oh, I think Shakespeare's probably turning cartwheels in his grave.

    • Peter: So they want you to come home and help take care of things.
      Shelby: Take care of things. Like, uh, emptying bedpans for the man that abused me? Cooking for the man that abused me? Cleaning for the man…?

    • Marc: I had some business on the west coast and you're nearby. Thought I'd come by and see you. What?
      Peter: Nothing. It's just, uh, that's exactly what Dad said when he came here.
      Marc: At least I'm not gonna die on you.

    • Sophie (talking about the play): What sex?
      Ezra: Um, it's implied sex. Very tasteful.
      Sophie: Let's read through it. I wanna see how implied is implied.

    • Sophie: I have endometriosis. Do you know what that is?
      Daisy: I'm a woman. I know everything that can go wrong with us.

    • Peter: I see. So why would you come 3000 miles when a phone call from your lawyer would of done the same job.
      Marc: 'Cause I didn't think that a phone call could possibly convey how ticked off I am.

    • Ezra: Listen, Kat. I've worked really hard on this play, and let me tell you something; calling upon the muse, it isn't easy, believe me.
      Daisy: Oh, the torment of an artist.
      Katherine: How about the guilt of a plagiarist?

    • Ezra: I never read it, okay? I mean Romeo and Juliet. I never read it in high school. I was sorta absent that month, a little rehab problem.

    • Peter: Shelby? There's always room for hope. Don't give up on us.

    • Daisy: I don't have boyfriends, Ezra. I never have.
      Ezra: Here's a flash. I'll be your first.
      Daisy: No, you won't. I just don't feel that. You have no idea how much I truly like you, how much you mean to me. I'm so sorry.

    • Daisy: Room for one more?
      Sophie: Depends. How you feeling?
      Daisy: Like a girl without a best friend and no hope of true love.
      Sophie: Just what I'm looking for. Slide on in, sister.

    • Sophie: It's not that. It's Peter.
      Daisy: Why?
      Sophie: 'Cause I think he wants me in his future.
      Daisy: Finally figured that out, huh? Over a hundred students here coulda hipped you to that.

    • Daisy: When there's only one person in the world for you, you take them as is.

    • Peter: Our dad loved you very much. He loved both of us, Marc, except he had two very different ways of not showing it.

    • Shelby (in a letter to Daisy): As for the other dolts at Horizon, they're all a bunch of pains, and I'm glad to be rid of them. And you were the biggest pain of 'em all, Daisy. Thanks for that.

    • Shelby: My opinion is that from the day you're born people start taking pieces of you, and you're lucky just to survive. And people have taken a lot of pieces away from me. I don't think I ever had a chance.

    • Sophie: This is weird, huh?
      Daisy: Yeah. Let's go back to counselor and profoundly dysfunctional adolescent.
      Sophie: Deal.

    • Daisy (to Sophie): Just a quick reality check, here. You realize you're baring your soul to a troubled teen.

    • Daisy: Saying goodbye hurts. Especially if someone really cares.
      Shelby: I keep rehearsing it in my head. But there's too much to say.
      Daisy: Not so much. Don't rehearse. Ask for the words and they'll be there.

    • Peter: Nobody gets your bed, Shelby. We'll figure something out...
      Shelby: Stop trying to give me hope! ... (quieter; sad) I don't have any more room for it.

    • Peter: You had your chance to tell them the entire truth. You had your chance, and you denied it ever happened. Why Shelby? Why are you protecting him?
      Shelby: I'm not protecting him!
      Peter: Then I don't get it. They could have you removed from home.
      Shelby: You don't get it?? After you sat here and watched them take Scott apart? Humiliate him? And after all of it tell him...tough luck? You don't get it. I'd rather empty bedpans.

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