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  • WOW

    This show is great. The actors seemed inspired by their rolls. I was all around pleased with this show..A simple truth to reality. The only thing I thought was wrong at all was that the show had ended. I hope in the near future they may try to do something like this again.
  • I love this show just for the fact, I know this probably sounds bad, that their lives are worse than mine!

    This show has everything comedy, drama, love, hate and everything else you can imagine. Hayden Christenson is great at playing a corrupted kid trying to survive life. Jorgito Vargas Jr. is superb at playing the gansta trying to get by without his brother bringing him down again. A.J. Cook does a lovely job becoming the girl on the streets who just wanted to leave her house because of her stepfather. I HaTe the girl who plays Juliet, soo out there it is scary. The only thing I Hate beside Juliet is how the show ended soo quickly was it like a long min-series or did it get mad ratings. If it got bad ratings that is a complete shock because it is a great show. Anyway if you haven't seen this show you need to
  • Before reality TV became the 'hot' thing, higher ground was on puting reality into a fictious tv series on FOX (abc) family.

    Teens make mistakes and its the job of Horizon to find out why and make them kick their addiction and go back to function 'normally' in society. Each of the kids have their own problems that range from step parents who take advantage of their children, to inner city kids who get in with the wrong crowd. Most of the underlying issues seem to be the teens parents who in one way or another ignored their childrens cry for help and forced them to turn to the wrong soloution.
    Mount Horizon is no ordinary camp or privet school. It's run by a man named peter who in his own teen years had a drug addiction and was 'cured' during his time at mount horizon. He goes through his own personal issues (like falling in love with his former girlfriend and now co-counclor and making amends with his own father). The group of teens that are known as the cliff hangers, is the group that the show focuses on although from time to time another character comes into play. The teens come to share their secrets and become better friends and confidents no matter how unlikly those friendships would have been in the 'outside' world. They have their own group sessions when they are forced to talk although they also can share during those excruciatingly long hikes (which are not always the safest...but when is life ever that safe) or other 'friendship' tasks such as the 'buddy hike' where two enimies are forced to tie twine around their feet and work togetehr to find a way out of the woods that they were stranded in (although they are always being followed by a councilor-in-charge).
    This show had all the aspects of a reality tv series (in fact i think a new show known as Brat Camp may be the 'real' version) but it was a scripted and so had the ability to become a show that could open up debates on teenage issues while still being amusing to watch and filled with cool stunts and extreme sports. From its cute cast (hayden went on to a lead role in the star wars first trilogy) to the love storys all the way to the relationship between students and teachers.
    It's a personal favorite of mine, and i'm sorry it did not get more seasons.
  • I want them to bring it back and it was real not fake !

    Higher Ground was a show that was on the realer scale of tv shows ... its showed problems that are real in life. It showed how totally different kids can become friends or enemies. I loved the show for it ! I was able to see what some people have to do to get through life because of their situation. The show should be brought back because it was sooo good !! Hayden was amazing and his other cast members played their characters so well it made me emotional in watching some of the episodes. Especially A.J. Cook she did a great part as Shelby. If they get a dvd out i would sooo buy it!
  • Higher Ground, a realistic fiction drama based on several teens' lives at Mount Horizon, a recovery school for drug abusers, razor users, and rockbottom all out losers.

    I've seen reruns of this show on Encore WAM! and i have to say that it caught my attention especially with the super hot cast: Hayden Christiansen (Life As A House, Star Wars), Jorgito Vargas Jr. (Power Rangers Thunder Storm), and Joe Lando (Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman), etc. Follow these young teens and their counselors on a journey to find the right path and the strength to stay on it, but be prepared to follow them on the bumps too, meaning emotional breakdowns, temptations, and sexual interests. this show will have you biting your nails in anticipation, but the bleeding fingers is worth it for the surprising outcome at the end of every episode.
  • Why was it taken off air in the first place?

    This show definitly had potential ... why they took it off air is a mystery. The show was about a school for misfits. It showed troubles they went through before they arrived there and sometimes how they acted up in the school. I learned more about why some kids act the way they do because of this show and if you are one of those problem childs then you might learn how to control yourself from watching this show. I also liked how they presented each case. I wish it would atleast be re-runed if it doesn't come out on dvd.
  • Higher ground is about a group of kids that has some kind of problem in there life and there parents take them here!

    This show is so good and i dont get why they stopped making it! I use to watch this show like a few years back and then it stopped coming on tv then they finally brought it back on another channel! I miss watching this show and i know everyone will like this show!
  • I absoltely loved this show!

    I think it was a huge mistake to get rid of higher ground. i wish it would have stayed on the air. in my opinion back when it was on it was my favorite show! i know a lot of people liked it and even more would have if they would have given it another try. all they would have had to do was advertise it more and im positive they would have gotten more viewers. one of the main reasons why i loved the show was because it was different than any other kind of show that is on tv. now every show on the air is the same and we need a show like higher ground. i also wish they would put the episodes that were made out on dvd because i would really like to buy it!
  • I watch ALL THE TIME. Season pass on TIVO but the show is just BAD!

    I watch ALL THE TIME. Season pass on TIVO but the show is just BAD!THis is just a waste of time. Its quite bad acting! I just ccompletly understand why this was canceled. Its just like a teen soap. You know its bad but you have to watch it. But Its not that great
  • this show was awesome!

    I can't believe they took this show off the air! the actors were awesome, the plot was amazing, and all together the show was real! i could totally relate to some of the characters! I love this show even 5 years after it ended!:-)If you have never seen it, do everything you can to find it on tv!
  • If I had had a school like this when I was a teenager, maybe I wouldn't hate my father so much now!

    I've just started watching this show, but I'm already in love with it! The story line is unlike anything on television. I have no real idea why they would cancel this series. The charater interaction and dialogue is great. There are tears, humor, compassion, adventure and love all in one eposide every time I watch. Great job both actors and writers.
  • I say you need to bring it back because this show does help people in fact it helped me, so in my opinion you need to bring it back. Kids these days need to know that they are not alone and this is what Horizon taught.

    Horizon, a geninue good show kids could change there lives and get better on this show. Thats what they need these days. The kids on this show defiently helped myself to get better, I mean I have my own problems but at least I could deal with it when it was on. Television shows for me are usually not that easy to follow but this show was easy. The show Babes in arms, I fall in love with it. One of my favorite all time episodes of the Scott and Shelby scene, I mean don't get me wrong I loved all the characters, Especially Jules, Juliette Waybourne was at least my second favorite. Sometimes its hard to explain why I liked it so much, but I did, and there isn't any changing that.

    So in my wonderful words. Bring it back, I mean even if you have new characters it would still rock!

    Higher ground was a show I use to watch everytime it was on. If I had a school like higher ground that I could go to when I really needed it I would have gone in a heart beat. I believe that higher ground should be put back on the t.v.
  • I loved this show. It represented how kids go through a thinking process to help them deal with a variety of situations. I know it helped me a lot on occasion, and I identified with a lot of the characters on the show, especially Hayden Christenson.

    I loved this show. I watched it all the time. It helped me out on different ways to think through a problem(problem solving) I give this show a 10 and I truly believe that this show can be brought back on to tv and you can get rid of other channels to help bring this show back.

    I give this show a 10.

    Harrisburg, Pa
  • I really think they need to bring this show back, I watch it all the time and I have every episode on tape. I can relate SO much! They have to bring this back so other people can learn how to deal with they're problems.

    This is one of the most amazing shows ever. They cover so much, not being able to have children, abuse and bulimia. I think it's great then other people can watch and maybe realise they need to talk to someone and although there isn't a Herizon or a Sophie or Peter they can trust, there is people like Sophie and Peter who will help. They really need to bring this show back, I miss it so much!
  • If we're being honest the show doesn't have the best acting, from a technical perspective. But if you're looking to the heart of the show you'll see something more. That's what I saw, and I keep watching my taped copies of the show.

    Even though it wouldn't win an Emmy, the show definitely had a raw inspiring quality to it, that made you want to pick up your life and live it with the end of each episode. I'm probably older than the normal viewer of this show, but it is still a favorite, despite its imperfections. I do wish it had had a longer run. It is worth watching.
  • Higher Ground is about a bunch of troubled teenagers that have a choice to go somewhere with more punishment or to Higher Ground. Peter helps everyone with their problems. But through it all his problems decide to haunt him. He still makes it through it a

    Higher Ground is the greatest show ever! I watched every episode and have them on tape. I think that it would have been great to know what happened next and to see Peter and Sophie get married. I also want to see what happens next for Shelby and Scott. I think that it Higher Ground had a great finale though. It was beautiful. And the ending was just perfect. I also think that another couple seasons would have been great. I couldn\'t stop watching this show. Just by watching one episode when I first discovered it I was addicted to it instantly. I think that this is a wonderful family program that anyone will enjoy. It will also teach people some very important lessons in life. I even got my boyfriend addicted to the show. We both love it and wish it would come back. This show is perfect and it has very good acting in it. Too bad it went off. I wish it would come back.
  • Please put it on DVD.

    This show was one of my favorites. It was a touching and real show. Not many are as true as Higher Ground. The acting was good, the story line was better. The show kept you laughing, crying, and oooing and ahhing over some of the hott characters. However the story was more than just a bunch of kids, it was a story of a bunch of teens just like you and I. As a college student I wish I had the show because every episode you could take something away from it to get you through the day. It reminded you that life is not perfect but that people will always be there to help you if you need it. I just hope it comes to DVD soon. I know a handful of people that would most definitely purchase it.
  • the show is about a bunch of misfit kids who are sent to a boot camp like school of reform.

    The only thing that sucked about this show was that it got cancelled. I loved when I found the show again on the-n through my digital cable network. and was depressed when i no longer saw it on the channel. BRING IT BACK. THough i know the ensumble cast has made previous appearances this was the first time I had seen most all of them in anything. It was good seeing AJ Cook in Tru Calling two years ago and Jewel Staite in Firefly and of course Hayden in the star wars movies.

    I totally wish they would have let this show grow into what it could have been.
  • PLEASE!!!! bring this show back or atleast put it on dvd!! this show has tough me things and what i wanna do with my life.i swear i love this show soo much i would do anything just please bring it back or put it on dvd!! thank you

    PLEASE!!!! bring this show back or atleast put it on dvd!! this show has tough me things and what i wanna do with my life.i swear i love this show soo much i would do anything just please bring it back or put it on dvd!!

    thank you Steph
  • This show is awesome

    This show is absolutley fabulous
    Mostly because of Hayden Christensen
    They should bring it back because it was actually an interesting show that revealed the real things teens go through not, Oh I got a pimple,Real stuff for real people. Plus If they do bring it back more people would watch it because it would be like a new drama. It would rock!!!!
  • This programme is absoulutly amazing, i couldnt of asked for anything better! Put it on DVD!

    I Love this programme. Its so in touch with people. It reaches out to everyone whos ever had problems and is amazing.
    Its actually helped me with alot of things. I love it more than words could say.
    Ive never seen anything more enjoyable. Funny. Sad. Touching.
    It was definatly a winner.
    It should be brought back or clearly put on DVD.
    I can\'t believe this show isn\'t on DVD. It clearly should be. ITS AMAZING! It should\'ve got more attention, gratitude while on tv. I want it brought back. This review may not help you decided whether u love it or not but i hope it shows my passion for it. x x x
  • Amazing

    Higher Ground was one of the shows that I couldn’t watch without feeling something, it not only made you think about the characters but also about yourself. That your not alone with your problems or that you know someone out there has a worse life then you. Personally this show portrayed some issues very well, I was going through some of them and just watching the show made me want to get help. I don’t know how many people were touched and somewhat changed for the better by this show but I hope it was more then just me.

    It truly does need to come out on DVD.
  • When Scott a troubled teen arrives at the school for troubled youth, a tale is begun. A story of the power of love, and ability to heal.

    There is just somthing about this show that tugs at the heart. Maybe it's that the healing that takes place, and the stories that are told are so real. While watching it you just cant help but being taken to another time, and place. IT's there where you learn the meaning of higher ground. A place where you can go to to truly heal. And that's what happens at HOrizons. I love the show, and I admit I love Shelby, and all the other chars. Watching them grow and heal touched somthing that was broken inside myself. I loved it so much that I made an rpg for it with my friend Jenny.
  • I am completely hooked!!! I hate missing an episode! Please put it on DVD! I want to own it so I don\'t have to worry about missing a thing!!!

    This is the best show ever! It revolves around so many new issues! It was a shame that it got taken off! I felt it revolved too much around sex! But do you know what. That\'s life now so who cares! At least put it on DVD so the fans can watch them whenever they want! Come on!!!

  • i have only seen 3 reruns but i what i have seen is that troubled teens are sent to this place to get help and make new friends. alot of the teens get better!! shelby and scott both had bad pasts but they still fall in love and put aside there pasts!!!!!!

    i loved what i have seen because it has things in it that are acutally happining to people. it also has a love story to it! i really would like it to be on dvd and if it cant then at least still play reruns because just when i was getting into it they took it off the air and so now i have no clue what happened at the end. so plz help and if not a dvd then play it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know it was only one season but that season helped alot of people out and is in memory!!!!!!
  • I want more!!

    The first time I watched this show, I fell in love with it. It was an original show, with great actors and actresses that were thrown into the spotlight in a second. It is a shame that it was cancelled six months after its debut. It had a storyline that was good enough to go on for many years. For what I have been reading, it was a very popular show. If that is true, then why end it so quickly? Teenagers could relate to the story. Their problems were approached in this show and I guess that it helped a lot of troubled teens around the world. If it does not return, at least we will have in our memory that this was one of the best shows ever made!
  • I miss this show so much! It was so amazing.

    I miss this show so much. I happen to think that it was one of the best ever made. I mean it was so real in a lot of ways, which in itself is sort of freaky. When this show was on I was kind of going threw some hard times and it really helped me out. Jewel Staite was the best! I loved her character, but all the characters were well thought out, and interesting. The acting was fabulous I have not seen a more talented cast of teenagers before. I would love for this show to be brought out on DVD, because it was such a special show.
  • A great little drama filled with people you know now, then!

    This is what I like to refer to as a "knew them when" show. Mainly because it has so many actors who are famous today that weren't household names when they did the show. It had Hayden Christiensen pre-Anakin, Jewel Staite pre-Firefly (though with a dedicated fanbase, even then), Kyle Downes pre-Tudgeman, and AJ Cook pre-Final Destination and Criminal Minds.

    That said, it doesn't mean that the show was bad. Far from it; it was a pretty groundbreaking for a show on cable. Every single character had a very deep and compelling storyline, from Peter's troubled past, to Sophie's endomitriosis, to each of the kids' several problems. It also didn't shy away from addressing teen issues like cutting and suicide, and even delved further into them to give possible insight at what might make a teen troubled. And it did so in a compelling manner that wasn't preachy (for the most part).

    All in all, a very, very good and influential show that just happens to be a launching pad for quite a few promising careers.
  • Great show about a group of troubled and mis-understood teens that grow as indiviuals together at a "camp" where they discovery themselves and realize that life can be rewarding.

    Great show! I really miss it! Hayden Christensen in his early days...soo adorable. No one but myself even knew about this show.....so glad that it's featured on tv.com! It featured an amazing cast of amazing actors. It truly portrayed the troubled lives of teenagers all over the world. There was a character that everyone could relate to...someone for everyone. I never knew why the show was cancelled....the promos and previews made it seem that the show was doing well. They should consider putting the show on DVD box sets. I'd most certainly buy it. Wish the show lived on longer than it did, too bad it ended in it's prime.
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