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  • I decided to re-watch this show due to actors I love, but honestly, troubled teens at a school with trekking as therapy? Doesn't sound too good. But I was so wrong. It's absolutely fantatsic! Made me both laugh and cry. (review incl proper ep order)

    I watched this show years ago due to Hayden Christensen having a big role (and me being a Star Wars fan). I remember enjoying it on the weekend mornings for a month or so (yes, they aired like two episodes both Saturday and Sunday), maybe mainly cause it was what was on you know?
    Then ever since I fell in love with Firefly, and with that Jewel Staite, I've somewhat wanted to watch Higher Ground again, but never got around to it. Then not too long ago I found my way to the cast list again and realised that two other actresses from shows I totally adore nowadays were in it as Cliffhangers (A.J. Cook and Kandyse McClure if you're wondering). I just had to give it another go.

    I set out thinking that I would manage to watch it due to slight nostalgia and squeefulness over actors. That a show about troubled teens in a school in the mountains would be quite cringe worthy… oh I was wrong.

    I didn't end up gobbling up this show for the actors, but for its excellence. It just made me so happy. Despite the hardship these kids go through they still brought a big smile to my face… and even tears to my eyes on numerous occasions. And if a show makes me cry, it sure is a good one.

    I'm so sad that it never got a second season. But I do think that the end works as the end for the series, everyone being happy and looking up at the 'falling stars'… even if it would've been better as a season finale of course. Because I do think they had set it up nicely for a second season, with a new character seemingly there to stay (I would've loved to see David evolve into someone we could actually like) and a way for us to not lose Kat even if she's graduating.

    And oh man, I wish they would give this show a proper DVD release.

    To those of you who might be reading this and wondering if you should watch the show: DO IT!
    But please keep in mind… the original order the episodes aired (which is the order here on TV.com) is WRONG. Very much so actually. Stuff makes very little sense if watched in that order. You have a character there all of a sudden that you've never seen before but everyone seems to know… and a couple of episodes later you get her intro episode. Not too good. Therefore I want to give you what I (and many others) believe is the proper order (at least it worked very well watching it like this):

    1x01 – Scott Free
    1x02 – Babe in Arms
    1x03 – Our Strongest Link
    1x04 – Walking the Line
    1x05 – Hope Falls
    1x06 – What Remains
    1x07 - Crossroads
    1x08 – Worlds Apart
    1x09 – Seductions
    1x10 – Close Encounters
    1x11 – The Kids Stay In The Picture
    1x12 – Best Behaviour
    1x13 – Wherefore Art Thou
    1x14 – Attention Deficit
    1x15 – Exposed
    1x16 – Innocence
    1x17 – Daised and Confused
    1x18 – One of These Days
    1x19 – Because It's There
    1x20 – Falling Up
    1x21 – Mended Fences
    1x22 – Because I Love You