Highlander: The Animated Series

USA (ended 1996)


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  • Season 2
    • Eagle Valley
      Eagle Valley
      Episode 27
      On their visit to a village raided by Hunters, Quentin and Ramirez find Doogie, an orphaned boy, with no one else to rely on except his grandfather on Eagle Valley. They decide to bring the boy to his grandfather, and along the way, Quentin trains Doogie to fight. However, only an abandoned home greets the group in Eagle Valley and Doogie needs to make a choice between his grandfather's release and the whereabouts of his new friends.moreless
    • Isle Of Grans
      Isle Of Grans
      Episode 26
      Arak's forces continue their pursuit for the immortal highlander and his team. Aboard a hovercraft over the ice, Quentin & Co. discover a forest island amid the snow landscape. The grans, the species to which Gaul belongs to, inhabit the island. To seek the approval of the grans, Gaul goes through a challenge that involves snow spiders and hand to hand combat with another gran.moreless
    • King Of The Ants
      King Of The Ants
      Episode 25
      Fleeing from the hunters, Quentin and Ramirez hide in an abandoned city, and stumble across a subway. As the hunters close in, Ramirez and Quentin are rescued by Zak, whose been hiding from the slave traders and is the only one left in the city. As Zak leads them deeper into the city to evade capture from the hunters, Clyde is taken by the anomas that occupy the lower levels of the city. Ramirez is forced to battle the queen of the anomas.moreless
    • Valka
      Episode 24
      While Ramirez is wiping out bureaucratic spies, Valka turns on Asklepios and opens up the city of Moganda. As she tries to escape the city, Quentin, not realizing who she is, comes to her aid. She makes a deal to hand over intelligence and make the bureaucrats neutral in the last Kortan-MacLeod fight. Asklepios is nervous that he may lose his job and Malone taunts him about it. Valka traps Quentin and helps Asklepios restore Moganda to order.moreless
    • Matsuda
      Episode 23
      Matsuda from the show Highlander: The Animated Series is a 30 minute children's animation program in 1995. The storyline tells of a figure in black by the name of Matsuda, the cybernetics Jettator who breaks into Moganda to kill Kortan. He belongs to the other immortals who have dismissed fighting among themselves and vowed to preserve knowledge lost to humanity. The show is from the creation of Serge Rosenzweig and stars Lawrence Bayne as Kortan, Miklos Porlus as Quentin and Benedict Campbell as Ramirez. It is under the direction of Frederik Dybowski and a production of Gaumont Television.moreless
    • Tricks Of The Mind
      Tricks Of The Mind
      Episode 22
      In the "Tricks of the Mind" episode of Highlander the Animated Series, there are a series of events that occur for an entertaining tale. First, the Hunters are chasing Ramirez and Quentin near a waterfall. Unfortunately, Ramirez falls into the water and loses the MacLeod sword along with his memory of the last seven centuries. Ramirez gets the MacLeod sword and tells Arak to issue a challenge to Kortan. Ramirez and Kortan duel on the same volcano where they fought centuries ago. During the duel, Kortan calls Quentin "Highlander" and Ramirez regains his memory. Then, the lava from the volcano consumes Kortan. Will he survive?moreless
    • Countdown
      Episode 21
      Countdown is the final episode from the second season of the USA network television show Highlander: The Animated series in which the villagers hunt Quentin in a bid to appease Kortan who has built a missile base. Meanwhile, Quentin takes on Kortan with the help of the Dundees. Countdown first aired in 1995.moreless
    • The Survivors From Outer Space
      The Survivors from Outer Space is an episode from season two of the USA network TV show Highlander: The Animated Series in which astronauts return to Earth after 700 years in space. Meanwhile, Kortan uses an invisibility gas to try to defeat Quentin. The Survivors from Outer Space originally aired in 1995.moreless
    • Cult Of The Immortal
      The episode opens with a mining village preparing to sacrifice their young children to the Immortal, a stone effigy which is revealed to be the face of Quentin. With many calling for the sacrifice to stop or delay, Quentin appears and many call for his beheading. Both Quentin and Ramirez try to reason with Margerie. Ramirez, Margerie and Quentin all take on the cult and Valka, leading to the destruction of the effigy.moreless
    • Playing With Fire
      Playing With Fire
      Episode 18
      In the Playing with Fire episode from Highlander: The Animated Series, Arak discovers design plans that raise peculiar inquiries. Asklepios constructs a domed tower that absorbs sunlight into fire lasers to eradicate the Hunters' existence. A Hunter follows Valka and uses the laser against him. Quentin disguises himself as Hunter 411 to make a report on the tower to Arak. After the report, Arak attacks the tower before dawn, and Quentin breaks in and forces the bureaucrats to fire at Moganda as the Dundees come and set explosives to destroy the suspicious tower.moreless
    • The Double
      The Double
      Episode 17
      Quentin nearly loses his head when an immortal finds him sleeping on a crashed aircraft. In the ensuing battle, Quentin badly injures the attacker, leaving him scarred. Thinking the attacker is another immortal that Ramirez knows, Jettator Fredrickson, he sets out to kill him. Quentin recognizes the truth, and they realize that the attacker is a clone, and set out to destroy him.moreless
    • Trick Of The Light
      Trick Of The Light
      Episode 16
      Trick of the Light is an episode from the second season of the USA network television show Highlander: The Animated Series in which Quentin McCleod encounters several holographic images of Kortan before the real Kortan emerges to do battle. Meanwhile, Ava escapes from Kortan but Hunters capture her once more.
    • The Revenge Of The Shantytown
      In "The Revenge of the Shantytown," Moganda invades Shantytown with anomas. Quentin decides to fight back against the anomas by using fear pheromones. The dissenters, led by Virgil decide to abduct anomas from an island in order to send them to Moganda, resulting in a large amount of casualties. Quentin tries to stall the anomas to give Ramierez enough time to put the pheromones into the ventilation system. The anomas then flee.moreless
    • Ice Dwellers
      Ice Dwellers
      Episode 14
      In the "Ice Dwellers" episode of "Highlander: The Animated Series," Arak's forces are making their move for an impending catastrophe. Ramirez gathers the people of the village and inquires them to take him to their submarine known as the "ice monster." Ramirez remembers commanding a submarine during a World War and takes control to ensure survival. Quentin steals a tank and gains the Hunter's attention within torpedo range. When the Hunters are in range, the torpedoes launch underneath the ice and sink their tanks.moreless
    • Orane
      Episode 13
      Orane is an episode from the second season of the USA network TV show Highlander: The Animated Series in which Arak pursues Quentin who is trying to find Clyde. After discovering an underwater city, Quentin learns that Orane built it and offers to help defend it from Kortan. Orane first aired in 1995.moreless
    • The Treasure In The Sand
      The Treasure in the Sand is the 12th episode from the second season of the USA network television show Highlander: The Animated Series in which Hunter 451 builds a new city. When Clyde discovers the city's library, Arak tries to destroy the books. Meanwhile, Quentin battles Arak and Hunter 451. The Treasure in the Sand originally aired in 1995.moreless
    • The Seige Of The Dundees
      The Siege of the Dundees is the 11th episode from the second season of the USA network TV show Highlander: The Animated Series in which the Hunters besiege the Dundee clan. Meanwhile, Quentin sneaks into Moganda to create a diversion as Kortan renews the attack. The Siege of the Dundees first aired in 1995.moreless
    • Oblivion
      Episode 10
      Oblivion is an episode from the second season of the USA network television show Highlander: The Animated Series in which Kortan frees Malone from the Room of Oblivion and replaces him with Neil Dundee. Meanwhile, Arak searches for Malone who tries to trap Quentin in the tunnels beneath the city of Moganda.moreless
    • The Eye Of Heaven
      The Eye Of Heaven from the show Highlander: The Animated Series follows the adventures of Connor MacLeod in a post-apocalyptic world where a chain of natural disasters led to the detonation of all the nuclear weapons on the planet. Connor happens to find an immortal in a space station that could have possibly stopped all of the destruction from happening.moreless
    • Lord For A Day
      Lord For A Day
      Episode 8
      When Volta, a Jettator, is captured by Hunters, Quentin MacLeod and Don Vincente Marino Ram?çrez must use subterfuge to free him. After tricking their enemies into starting a drunken bar fight. After a dramatic confrontation in which a major Hunter installation is destroyed, Ram?çrez and Quentin escape with the secret of nuclear energy. With Miklos Perlus as Quentin and Benedict Campbell as Ram?çrez.moreless
    • The Sword Of Evil
      Quentin is slumbering and engages in a nightmare in which he chooses to travel to Moganda to battle Zortan. The Shanty Town Rats approach Quentin on his way to Moganda when the Hunters begin shooting fiery arrows at them from above. Mazz is hit in his leg and Quentin quickly comes to his aid. Mazz then leads Quentin to the underground Shanty Town to meet their leader only to find out the boss is an old acquaintance of Quentin's.moreless
    • The Blood Of My Enemy
      As Arak makes an attempt to kill Ramirez, he seriously wounds Asklepios in the process. In a bid to save Asklepios's life, Valka takes Ramirez and Quentin to an abandoned fun house and attempts to make them donate blood. Later, Asklepios faces further peril when Quentin threatens to kill him if he does not help them escape the fun house. Eventually, MacLeod and Ramirez escape, leaving Asklepios and Kortan to account for the damage left behind.moreless
    • Rage Of The Hurricane
      Rage of the Hurricane sees Ramirez, Quentin and Clyde caught up in a terrible thunderstorm. Hiding away from the blasting winds and rain, they eye the Hunters sheltering nearby The Hurricanes clan. It soon becomes clear to Ramirez that their nemesis, Kortan, wishes to harness The Hurricanes' power to use for his own evil means.moreless
    • Orcane
      Episode 5
      "Highlander: the Animated Series" is a spin-off of the cult classic movie "Highlander." Instead of fighting, the Immortals now strive to preserve humanity's knowledge in the wake of a nuclear catastrophe. In this episode, Clyde of the Dundee falls overboard during a storm and the other Immortals must try to save her. With Katie Zegers as Clyde.moreless
    • Orion's Reign
      Orion's Reign
      Episode 4
      In Orion's Reign, the Kortan slaves have revolted. They are fighting everyone including the hunters. The slaves are following orders of Orion. However, to end the reign of terror, the hunters must discover Orion's true identity. After much turmoil, they discover that Orion is none other than Jettator Cornell. Cornell is looking to take over the world.moreless
    • Dead Ringer
      Dead Ringer
      Episode 3
      Kortan sends a duplicate of Ramirez to trick MacLeod into fighting him before he is ready.
    • The Secret Prison
      In The Secret Prison, Quentin, Ramirez, and Clyde become trapped in a labyrinth that is filled with prisoners who have no names. Quentin soon decides to befriend one of the prisoners, and bestows him with a name in an attempt to forge a friendship. At the same time, Ramirez discovers that Arak began his life in the prison. As Quentin leads the prisoners towards freedom, an army of giant ants is unleashed on them.moreless
    • The Price Of Freedom
      Due to Quentin's complaints of being deprived of the freedom to play, Ramirez takes him to a rundown city controlled by gangs. Two gangs, the Palees and the Rainbows, are fighting over who will run the city. Quentin meets aggression from the two gangs when he tries to break up a fight. Amidst the ruckus between the gangs, Kortan enters the scenario and makes things worse.moreless
  • Season 1
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