Highlander: The Animated Series

USA (ended 1996)


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  • With the Highlander TV show in full swing at the top of it's popularity, and seeing how well BatMan:The Animated Series was doing, they decided to make this kiddie-friendly, family-values drek of a show.

    Animation is on par with Thundar the Barbarian, stories that make He-Man seem intellectual, and what this has to do with the Highlander conceived by Gregory Widen is beyond me. Very preachy and moralistic stories about topics like "Nature is good" "Technology is bad" "Be nice to Mother Earth" and "Guns are bad". Yes, one episode is about how bad and dangerous guns are. Good thing all the villains with their tanks, laser cannons, flame-throwers, and swords don't know anything about chemically-propelled projectiles. Every week, Quentin MacCleud breaks into the overlord's fortress. Reasons range from rescuing hostages, being captured and escaping, to the dog needs a flea-bath. Guard #417 is the real star of the show. He's in nearly every episode. Even more than enforcer #471. I'm not sure which is more cute and disgusting: Quentin's sister, or her hexapodial dog. "Quentin MacCleud, the elf-highlander." Why do all Ramirez's speak with scottish accents, even though the Scottish Clansmen are inconsistently wavering between Scots and American? "Oi'm a Schpanisch Grahndee." Yeah, but you're no Sean Connery. I suppose it is good for a giggle. It is moderately better than the Anime Movie,"Highlander:Quest for Vengence" in that you can, if you're into self-inflicted torture, sit through the entire series.