Highlander: The Raven

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Highlander: The Raven

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In this spin-off of the popular syndicated series HIGHLANDER, 1200-year-old immortal thief Amanda becomes involved with Nick Wolfe, a detective who resigns from the force after his partner is murdered by crooked cops, and his superiors try to cover up the incident. Working as a freelance security expert, a private investigator and occasionally even a bodyguard, Nick teams up with Amanda to thwart a number of dastardly doings, most of them involving other Immortals.

    June 14, 2005 Releases

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    • too bad it didn't lasted longer

      this was a good show. Amanda had been much loved in Highlander and having her own series was a good idea. they casted a good lead partner (yummy Paul Johannsson) but I'm afraid the stories just weren't there. Donald Bellisario is unfortunatly right, when you put a coulpe on a show, it better not be from the start, and they must have problems, or your show goes downhill (cf JAG, where the 2 leads didn't act on their feelings for 9 years...)

      it could have been a great show for sure... and I'm sorry it wasn'tmoreless
    • This show should be used as a guidebook for how to ruin a franchise and turn off fans.

      I LOVED Highlander. The movies and the TV series. It was a great world and concept and the TV series rarely misfired (except for the 6th season). With Adrian Paul deciding to pull a Shelley Long/David Caruso, the producers got the idea to spin it off as a female centered show.

      Then they started going astray. First, they thought it would be good to have a male love interest for the traditional Moonlighting will they or won't they tension. Then, they decided to make it more of a private investigator show, again, ala Moonlighting. Although they tried several good actresses for the role, they made a good decision and cast existing character Amanda (played great by Elizabeth Gracen) but since her character did not fit they concept, they just ignored the conflict. SciFi fans do not like characters who suddenly and without reason just change their history and motivations. Finally, they seemed to have looked at what made the Highlander series work well and made a concious effort to avoid any of it. Especially the great characters like Joe Dawson, Methos, etc.

      I think Amanda is great and beautiful. As I said, I loved Highlander. I could not watch more than the first few episodes before I became so frustrated I quit even trying to tolerate it. It died a merciful death and I hate that others may see its failure as a failure of the Highlander franchise. I see it as a good reason why Highlander and Moonlighting should not mix.moreless
    • Woefully unsuccessful spinoff of the great Highlander franchise, featuring the beautiful but shady Amanda.

      I was so excited for the premiere of this series, and I tried not to let myself get too disappointed early on. I loved the concept, the character and the actress, the oh-so-stylish Elizabeth Gracen. While the opening credits with the Raven and Wolf bit was weak and pretty much inexplicable, I liked the new characters, especially Nick.

      But it seems like no one really had a bible for this one. Were there specific plans of where it should go, where it should be set and what the basic scenario would be? I felt like we landed in the middle of the planning, not the actual series, with the producers trying this and then that and then this again. Amanda had always made such a memorable guest star, an equally charming and annoying foil for Duncan MacLeod, maybe we were now getting too much of a good thing . . .

      In retrospect it was difficult for Amanda to step into the starring role--the protagonist, for all intents and purposes. Nick made a good counterpoint, but there wasn't a clear direction for their relationship. Unfortunately, just when things got really interesting--when we were about to see some real dynamic tension--the show was over. This, of course, came when Amanda chose to shoot Nick so he could become immortal. Imagine how interesting it would have been to watch this develop, to see Nick forced to learn to survive all over again, a Nick who was angry at having been thrust into this new world.

      Elizabeth Gracen deserved more success. While Paul Johansson went on to many more roles (isn't he still on 'One Tree Hill'?), her career went the way of many women as they age--just seemed to fizzle. It's too bad there wasn't enough of a fan base to warrant a couple full length cable features of Amanda's story, maybe for the SyFy Channel. If they could start all over, I'd suggest starting with a new name and a stronger concept. Choose at least one city and establish a series identity. And get to the Nick-becomes-immortal thing waaay sooner. It might have saved the series!moreless
    • why?

      Why did they make this show? I mean its alredy been done. If they were going to make a spinoff of highlander they should have made one with Methos. I've only seen a couple of episodes but I didnt really like them. to top it all off it got cancelled after its first season. At least they used a character that every on was familiar with off of highlander and they didnt make up some other immortal. she probably has an interesting story but not that interesting. She's just a theif. if anyone reads this review and diagrees with me I wouldnt blame them if someone put down my favorite I be mad to. Later...moreless

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