Highlander: The Raven

Season 1 Episode 12

A Matter of Time (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1999 on
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A Matter of Time (1)
A ruthless Immortal, Andre Korda, once forced Amanda to train with him. In the present, the Watchers are trying to find Korda after he robbed an armored car, which puts Nick on his trail.

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      • Joe: It's not a choice, it's a privilege. For some it's passed on, father to son. For me it was a chance meeting, an Immortal that saved my life in Vietnam. If you are interested?
        Nick: Oh by all means.
        Joe: See, someday the Immortals will be gone. People need to know they were here, their part in our history, and that is the gig.

      • Amanda: Look, Watchers are a sort of necessary evil. Kinda like mosquitoes, every once in a while you have to swat one away. But most of the time, you just get used to it.
        Joe: Gee, thanks!
        Amanda: No problem.

      • Amanda: Who are you?
        Korda: I am he who has the honor of deciding your fate.
        Amanda: In your dreams!

      • Korda: There are two kinds of beings, Amanda-–sparrows and hawks. Immortals are the hawks, the others exist for the sole purpose of feeding us.

      • Korda: This is not the work of a week or a month, Amanda, this is the discipline of a lifetime. You must learn to use your whole body as your weapon. Resistance is useless, you yield or you die. If a cat bites your hand, the more you pull away the deeper it sinks its teeth in. But if you let your hand go limp, the cat lets go. Your enemy is defeated. Remember, Amanda, suppleness without strength, agility without force, and surrender without resistance.

      • Amanda: I can't imagine Andrea Korda even remembering me.
        Joe: Yeah, well one of my people is dead around the corner. His memory must be improving.

      • Crysta: Korda's waiting for you.
        Amanda: That's because I'm worth it, darling.

      • Crysta: Raphael and I have a message for you from Korda.
        Amanda: Is it one of those singing telegrams?

      • Nick: I don't get it, Dawson. Where's your spine? How can you just sit there and watch?
        Joe: Faith.
        Nick: Oh come on, faith in what, rolling heads?
        Joe: I believe we're all here for a purpose, even Immortals.

      • Joe: Tell ya, I've been a Watcher a long time and there are no guarantees of happy endings.

      • Amanda: You didn't ask for this, I know. It's just happening. I guess it's fate.
        Nick: I don't believe in fate.
        Amanda: Oh, you have to. Otherwise nothing makes any sense at all.

      • Amanda: He's gonna be fine, he'll get over it.
        Joe: Well next time, do him a real favor, run over him with a truck!

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