Highlander: The Raven

Season 1 Episode 22

Dead on Arrival

Aired Unknown May 22, 1999 on

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  • I wasn't all that surprised that Nick Wolfe's an immortal.

    I had a feeling that Wolfe was an immortal. I mean the way Amanda latched on to Wolfe and told him her secret almost mirrors when Duncan Macleod latched on to Richie and revealed to Richie his secret. And when Wolfe was talking Liam, Amanda's priest friend who's also an immortal, he revealed that he's an orphan. Upon hearing that I thought that maybe he could be immortal. Now it has never been mentioned, but in my personal observation, it seems that most immortals are orphans and/or adopted. Richie's an orphan, Morgan D'Estaing from Double Jeopardy, and Michelle Webster from Rites of Passage were adopted. Even Duncan himself--it was revealed in Homeland that he was adopted. It just didn't seem all that surprising.