Highlander: The Raven

Season 1 Episode 10

Passion Play

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

Lucy goes after an Immortal actor, Wilson Geary, to get revenge on the death of her husband Marco... another Immortal. However, Geary claims that Lucy seduced him. Amanda must find out the truth and keep Lucy alive.

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    Gordon Currie

    Gordon Currie

    Wilson Geary

    Guest Star

    Polly Shannon

    Polly Shannon

    Young Lucy Becker

    Guest Star

    Kirby Morrow

    Kirby Morrow

    Marco Becker

    Guest Star

    Patricia Gage

    Patricia Gage

    Lucy Becker

    Recurring Role

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      • Wilson: So lets talk about Cleopatra. Now what a pain in the ass she was! Now would she cop to it? No! That's why she got her nickname, Queen of Denial!

      • Wilson: Oh great, let me guess, a fan? (the stranger pulls out a gun) Even worse, a critic!

      • Marco: She thinks you're competition.
        Amanda: I hope you told her we were together over 100 years ago.
        Marco: You're beautiful and you're immortal. We had that springtime in Paris and she knows I still remember.

      • Lucy: You slept with him.
        Amanda: So much for small talk!
        Lucy: Life's too short, at least for some of us.

      • Wilson: How long has it been, Amanda?
        Amanda: I think the Old Globe, and I was probably the only one not throwing tomatoes.

      • Amanda: Wait a minute, Marco was an Immortal. You knew the rules when you married him.
        Lucy: I was a child in the middle of a fairytale. I didn't expect to wind up with my dead husband in my arms!
        Amanda: But that's the way we live, Lucy.
        Nick: No, that's the way you live, Amanda. Somebody killed my wife, I'd go after him with a chainsaw!

      • Lucy: At least you understand, Nick.
        Nick: About what? Mortals, Immortals, taking people's heads off? Lucy, I know what it's like to have killed. I mean up close, where you can see the light go out in their eyes. It's not pretty and you don't want to go there.

      • Man: Do I know you from somewhere?
        Amanda: Ah... well, possibly it was the court of Louis the Fourteenth. I vaguely remember something about perfume and feathers and a small yelping dog.

      • Wilson: Talk about rewriting history.
        Nick: History's five guys in a room agreeing on a lie.

      • Wilson: What do you get when you cross a mortal with an Immortal?
        Amanda: I can't wait, what?
        Wilson: A train wreck. Some things just aren't funny.

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