Highlander: The Raven

Season 1 Episode 19

The Manipulator

Aired Unknown May 01, 1999 on
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A journalist hires Nick and Amanda to protect him from his father's killer, only to discover that the man is an Immortal.

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    • Amanda: This is so nice. A cup of coffee, early morning stroll. I love getting up at the crack of dawn.
      Nick: It's the crack of noon, Amanda.
      Amanda: Well, it's sunrise somewhere!

    • Amanda: Well, you know, I do know a few things about women. I'm an Immortal and, in case you haven't noticed, also a woman. But above all that, I am French.
      Nick: Which makes you an expert on...?
      Amanda: Just about everything.

    • Novak: Peace will happen, it has been decided.
      Rankov: But the men who will sit opposite you at the conference table are animals, killers. No, not like us.
      Novak: So why do they look just like us?

    • Amanda: Of course it's booby-trapped. If I put in the wrong code, we'll have a total meltdown.
      Nick: Then don't put in the wrong code.
      Amanda: Good point.

    • Christina: If my father finds out, I do not think that this will please him.
      Amanda: What pleases your father is far less important than what pleases you.
      Christina: Amanda, I don't understand you.
      Amanda: Why, because I ask you to make your own decisions and know your heart and act upon it?

    • Nick: The guy's a journalist just like he said, he checks out.
      Amanda: Journalist, maggot. You know, there's a fine line between the two.

    • Nick: He's on the run, what do you want him to do, advertise?
      Amanda: No, I want him to have an accident, preferably involving sharp pointy objects!
      Nick: A little less obsessive, a little more objective. Shall we give it a try?

    • Christina: Why do I always seem to be afraid?
      Amanda: Because you're young and everything seems large and very important. You feel a misstep of a hair's breadth will cause certain ruin and destruction.
      Christina: Yes, that's it exactly.
      Amanda: Well you will learn, Christina, we all fear what we do not know. Whether it be the thousands who will look to you as their ruler or the young man beside you in bed who will look to you as his wife.

    • Rankov: What's another war to we who have seen so many? What a pair we would make, you with your beauty and me with my acumen. There's enough profit in this war for both of us.
      Amanda: It has gone on for far too long, Rankov.
      Rankov: And so, dear lady, have you.

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