Season 1 Episode 6

Bad Day in Building A

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1992 on
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While visiting the courthouse to clear up Tessa's traffic tickets, MacLeod, Tessa, and Richie are among a group that is taken hostage by a band of men bent on freeing their leader, Slade, from imprisonment. When Slade's demands are not met, he chooses a hostage to sacrifice. MacLeod makes sure that hostage is himself, and returns from the dead to hunt down the gunmen one by one, as the police watch helplessly from outside.moreless

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  • MacLeod accidently runs into a hostage situation.

    Fun episodes although this episode overall has no real significance to the Highlander storyline at all. Tessa has a whole mess of parking tickets to clear up. She and Richie head inside a courthouse where a murder, Slade, has just been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Like most murderers, Slade doesn't want to serve anytime whatsoever. He hires a couple of goons to make an escape for him. They get caught however and soon the whole thing is a media spectacle.

    In a way this was like the Die Hard movie, MacLeod hunts down all the goons till he gets to Slade. As mentioned not important part of the Highlander universe but still fun to watch.moreless
  • Poor man's Die Hard episode...Tessa and Rich go into a courthouse, the same time a criinal turns it into a hostage situation. Lucky for the criminal, there were only 2 cops in the courthouse??? Duncan plays the Bruce Willis role taking out the bad guys.moreless

    Good Characters, bad story...way too thin. I know the only havee 40 min....but only bits of the dialogue are the only good thing about the episode. They get a pass since its still under the 10th episode. Richie is still the kid that get beat up all the time. The bad guy in this one would have been a good recurring bad immortal.

    The DVD explains they had to do this epsode this way because they had to shoot an episode quick, and here they didnt have to switch locations. So this ends up being a true filler episode. Just like this review with the filler words.....moreless
Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff

Bryan Slade

Guest Star

Jay Brazeau

Jay Brazeau

Commisioner Cominski

Guest Star

Alfred E. Humphreys

Alfred E. Humphreys


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Duncan is shot, it is in the back. But when Duncan first meets the little girl (after being shot), there is only blood on the front of his shirt.

    • Each time we see Duncan in the room he was shot, the sun makes significantly different patterns through the windows, indicate a long passage of time.

    • The helicopter that lands on the roof has the letter GZPV on it, but when it flies over the commissioner it has GZL on it.

    • When the guard escorting Slade is shot, we hear a loud gunshot, but the gun it was shot from has what looks like a silencer fitted.

    • When Slade is brought into the court room, we can see three empty glasses set on the desk near the water jug, although when we first saw the court room, Kline was pouring water into one. Then when Kline approaches the bench, we can see that one of the three glasses has moved to the other side of the jug and been filled with water.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • SWAT Commander: We're taking the snipers off now.
      Cominski: Commander, next time you plan some of this Rambo crap, do you think you could inform me first, I'd really appreciate it.

    • (at the courthouse)
      Tessa: It says here the office is in Building A.
      Richie: You'll get lost.
      Duncan: Yeah, that's right, stay with Richie. He knows his way around in there better than anybody.

    • Slade: Are you a cop? You look like a cop.
      Duncan: I'm not a cop.
      Slade: Military then, right?
      Duncan: I've put in my time.

    • Slade: You're some woman.
      Tessa: You're garbage.

    • (Duncan appears behind a thug armed with a gun)
      Duncan: Now this is an interesting test of your reflexes. Can you turn and fire that thing before I skewer you? Good news is I'm rusty, I might miss. Do you want to know what the bad news is? (Duncan quickly knocks him unconscious) Bad news is, I'm really pissed.

    • Tessa: Would you look at this? I must have over a hundred tickets.
      Duncan: Some people collect stamps.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Cominski: Commander, next time you plan some of this Rambo crap.
      Rambo is a character from a series of movies by the same name. In these movies Sylvester Stallone played a expert military commando.