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MacLeod's old Immortal lover, Kristin, returns to town seeking a new lover: Richie. However, she also wants revenge against Duncan for leaving her for another woman. Duncan must both convince Richie that he's in danger, and defend himself against Kristin despite his code of chivalry that forbids him from fighting a woman.moreless

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  • Personal Favorite. Duncan tries to make Richie learn from the error of his ways when Richie falls for an Immortal that Duncan once loved.

    The return of Methos, his presence in an episode just makes it better. His character always seems to get the best one-liners. This episode is no exception. Methos returns to let MacLeod know that Richie as fallen for the Immortal Kristin. Mac had once been a lover of Kristin’s and she tired to kill him when he broke of their affair. Methos spends most of the episode trying to figure out why Mac can’t simply take Kristin’s head and save others from her duplicitous ways. Another episode that shows the different ways that Immortals view the game. Methos sees it in black in white terms, if an Immortal is bad you kill them. While MacLeod sees more shades of gray, how can he kill a woman he once loved? All in all a great episode and one of the best episodes of Season 4.moreless
  • hold on Methos, I think my gay-dar is picking up some activity.

    Not that I blame Methos. First of all, Methos has been around for 5000 years. You just know in that time he has done everything and everybody. He was alive in the time of the ancient greek. And you know how those people were. ;)

    And most important of all, if you have to be gay for somebody, might as well be for a fine piece of scottish tail like Duncan MacCloud.

    Anyway, I liked this episode! Very funny, but also very scary. Because of Kristin. That is one creepy lady. I really liked Duncan and Methos's showdown, specifically because whew, that Whigfield can sure swing his sword around. But at the same time, he was really laying it on thick with the "You have to kill her" speeches. Add that to the pressing of Duncan agaisnt the wall, and hopefully you'll see what I mean about gayish vibes. But then again a homosexual would never be cought dead with those sweatshirts on so, who knows.

    Methos got to be badass. Duncan got to be chivralous and Richie got laid (albeit, almost got killed in the process).

    Great episode.

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Maria Alcobar

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Ann Turkel

Ann Turkel


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Beverley Hendry

Beverley Hendry

Louise Barton

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Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield

Methos aka Adam Pierson

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Duncan says at the end of the episode that he met Kristin when he was 75. Yet the years for the flashbacks are 1659 and 1660. If he was born in 1592 like the opening credits state, that would make him 67 or 68 years old when he first met her.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Richie: Mac, I know how to hang a door.
      Duncan: I'm sure you do.
      Richie: You don't trust me.
      Duncan: No... I trust you with my life.
      Richie: Oh, sure. But just not to hang a door.

    • Duncan: Does knowing about wine or silk give me a stouter heart or a stronger sword arm?
      Kristin: No. But it may make you into a gentleman.
      Duncan: Oh, thank you. The gentlemen I've known I'd care not to imitate.
      Kristin: Well, if you choose to remain Duncan MacLeod, the Highland barbarian, for the rest of your life, so be it.
      Duncan: Duncan MacLeod is who I am, not some silken fop. Och, all this, the wine, the clothes, 'tis all appearance. It has no meaning to it.
      Kristin: And me? Is there no meaning to me?
      Duncan: No, that is not what I meant. Och.
      Kristin: I thought you enjoyed it here with me? I thought I brought you pleasure?
      Duncan: Aye, you've given me great pleasure.
      Kristin: Then you do care about me?
      Duncan: I care about you a great deal. But all this? Tis not me, tis not right.
      Kristin: Then I'll make it right.

    • Kristin: (about Louise's painting of Duncan) I believe you have captured the subject beautifully. But he should look a bit happier.
      Louise: I cannot paint what is not there, madame. Perhaps he has little to be happy about.
      Kristin: Don't be foolish. He has me.

    • Richie: (to Duncan) You know, sometimes you knowing everything gets to be a real pain in the ass.

    • Methos: Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod…
      Duncan: That's who I am.
      Methos: Well, I guess someone has to be.

    • Richie: We have this thing between us, Mac, it's like...it's like an electrical connection. Why can't you understand that?
      Methos: They didn't have electricity when he knew her.
      Richie: Don't you get tired of him always being older and wiser all the time?
      Methos: Yeah I can see where that would get annoying.

    • Duncan: Maybe you'll be racing spaceships instead of Harleys.
      Richie: You really think things will change that much?
      Duncan: When I was your age, the fastest way to travel was by horse, and if you wanted to fly, you had to be a bird.

    • Richie: When you first told me about renovating this house, I kinda thought you were going a bit crazy, like going through a midlife crisis. Come to think of it, do Immortals have midlife crises?
      Duncan: Only if they live long enough.

    • (Kristen is on the ground with her sword beside her)
      Methos: Pick it up.
      Kristen: Who are you?
      Methos: Someone who was born long before the age of chivalry. Now pick it up.

    • Methos: Candygram!
      Duncan: Methos. Or should I call you Adam?
      Methos: Only you and Joe know that I'm Methos the Immortal. To the rest of the world I'm still Adam Pierson, mild mannered Watcher.
      Duncan: Well, mi casa es su casa. How's Paris?
      Methos: It's a lot quieter since you left. Taking up origami?
      Duncan: No, I'm just renovating an old house.
      Methos: Yeah, it's good to keep busy.
      Duncan: So, what brings a five thousand year old man to me?
      Methos: Kristen's in town. She just opened a new branch of her agency.

    • Methos: You've got a friend, Richie Ryan. He met Kristen yesterday morning.
      Duncan: He didn't tell me that.
      Methos: Maybe he hasn't got out of bed yet.

    • Methos: MacLeod-san, that katana is a lovely piece of art. May I? I washed my hands this morning. Quite a blade. (Methos holds the sword to Duncan's neck)
      Duncan: Not funny, Methos.
      Methos: Not meant to be. Not only are you naive, now you are weaponless. How have you lived this long? Do you know how many Immortals she's killed? Do you want a list?
      Duncan: All right, you've made your point.
      Methos: Have I? One day she is going to kill you.
      Duncan: She's tried already.
      Methos: You're better with a blade than her, yes. You are stronger than her, yes. But if you keep letting her walk away, one day she gets lucky and takes your head, yes.
      Duncan: Oh, I dunno. Maybe she'll stop to gloat like you. (Duncan knocks Methos down) You wanna play?
      Methos: Great! You knock me on my bum because I make a bad joke. Very macho! But you keep letting her walk away without even taking a shot... that is very suicidal.
      Duncan: You know what she was to me.
      Methos: Yes, and I know what she is, a killer! You treat her like one.

    • Duncan: He's already made his mind up. He wasn't listening to a word I said.
      Methos: Well, that happens. Guess this must be what it's like to have kids.
      Duncan: You think so?
      Methos: Yeah. You do your best, teach them what you know, try and show them the right path and then they just have to get on with it.
      Duncan: Yeah, and then let them make the same idiotic mistakes that you did. I tried to warn him, what else can I do?
      Methos: Well, you could tell him the rest of it.

    • Richie: She went nuts! She would have killed me.
      Methos: Round two to Kristin. You dump her, and then you turn your back on her? Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged!
      Richie: Thank you.

    • Duncan: Did you know Mencius?
      Methos: Student of Confucius, yeah.
      Duncan: I dislike death, but there are things that I dislike more than death.
      Methos: Therefore there are occasions when I will not...
      Methos/Duncan: ...avoid danger.
      Methos: Death before dishonor.
      Duncan: For some of us. (holds up paint strip samples) What do you think?
      Methos: Get someone in.

    • Methos: A couple of Medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day.
      Duncan: This isn't about chivalry.
      Methos: And you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was trendy when you were a kid.
      Duncan: Would you rather that I had no code of honor at all?
      Methos: I would rather you survived. You put that first.
      Duncan: Do you think it's easy, killing a woman that you've held in your arms? A woman that you've made love to?
      Methos: Take it from me, it's easier than dying.

  • NOTES (2)