Season 5 Episode 12

Comes a Horseman

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1997 on
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MacLeod knew him as Melvin Koren, a desperado who left a trail of death and fire across the Old West, but Cassandra remembers him as an evil far older. He is Kronos, leader of the Four Horsemen, mounted Bronze Age raiders who murdered, raped, and pillaged their way across two continents. Never was a band of Immortals more cruel or more feared. He destroyed Cassandra's people and she's been hunting him across the millenia. But Kronos has a different target now -- Methos.moreless

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  • Highlander vs the 4 Horsemen of the Appocolypse.

    OK, so this is the bid dramatic vision for the series: Duncan MacLeod vs the Four Horsemen of the Appocolypse? Really? Wow, that's almost as stupid as the Three Musketeers vs Satan (don't laugh, they actually made that movie). As a "twist", Methos was one of the Horsemen. As a bigger twist, he was the Immortal who found and first killed the Oracle/Witch Tracy Scoggins character. And because he is the most practical, pragmatic character, he sides with the Guest Immortal of the Week (Pestilence?) Cronos to get the team back together. And sadly, this is one of the better episodes of the season.

    They were so desperate for ideas, they made it a 2-parter.moreless
Tracy Scoggins

Tracy Scoggins


Guest Star

Richard Ridings

Richard Ridings


Guest Star

Marcus Testory

Marcus Testory


Guest Star

Valentine Pelka

Valentine Pelka


Recurring Role

Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield

Methos aka Adam Pierson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Even though the "Horsemen" flashbacks seem to take place at least two thousand years in the past, Methos and Kronos (as well as the other two Horsemen) have the exact same accents and speech patterns as they do in the present.

    • The flashback scenes with the Four Horseman are identified as occurring "in the Bronze Age". However, Kronos' armor and all of their weapons are made of steel.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Koren: Look what we have here, the famous Texas rangers, (looks at Duncan) and they brought a friend.
      Tippet: Melvin Koren, I'm obliged to place you and these men under arrest for murder.
      Koren: I like it fine right here... saloons, women, whiskey...no, I think we'll stay put.

    • Tippet: They say Koren's been shot, stabbed, some claim he was even lynched, but I find that hard to credit. The Comancheros call him El Gato, cat... say he has nine lives.
      Duncan: No, he only has one like everyone else, and like everyone else he can lose it.

    • Duncan: If the Horsemen existed at all, that was ages ago, maybe even thousands of years, they can't exist anymore.
      Cassandra: I'd give my life to believe that, but it's not true. One lives. I remember them, they were monsters. They rode across the world and brought fear and terror. They were without mercy, they were without fear.

    • (From the alternative cut)
      Cassandra: My people, take me to them.
      Methos: You want to see them? (points) There they are...Caspian keeps the heads, he'll think it'll make him smarter...so far it hasn't worked.
      Cassandra: You killed them? All of them?
      Methos: Including you.

    • Caspian: I fought as well as you. I killed more people.
      Silas: Women and children don't count.

    • (a dagger is thrown at Methos's chest)
      Kronos: Greetings, brother.
      Methos: Kronos!
      Kronos: I missed you too.

    • Methos: I think they love me.
      Duncan: They'd love a hammerhead shark if it had a nice smile.

    • Joe: Are we talking the Horsemen from the Bible?
      Duncan: No Joe, the Kentucky Derby.
      Joe: Fine, we'll get my bookie on the phone, who we betting on? War? Famine?
      Cassandra: Death

    • Methos: Look, I might not know who Chubby Checker is...but I know when it's time to leave.

    • Kronos: Well, you can either lose your head. Or you can join me.
      Methos: Well, since you put it that way ... welcome back, brother!

    • Methos: So I'm a little weak on pop culture. Well, who the hell is Chubby Checker in the grand scheme of things, anyway? I mean I know how tall Nero was, Caesar's favorite food, I know Helen of Troy didn't have that great a face and it only launched a hundred ships not a thousand, and...
      Duncan: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

    • Methos: I killed, but I didn't just kill fifty; I didn't kill a hundred; I killed a thousand; I killed ten thousand! And I was good at it. And it wasn't for vengeance; it wasn't for greed. It was because I liked it. Cassandra was nothing; her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death. (Methos laughs) Death, Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is that what you want to hear?! The answer is yes. Oh, yes.

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