Season 4 Episode 5

Double Eagle

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1995 on
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After a 107-year run of bad luck, MacLeod's old Immortal friend, Kit O'Brady, comes to town and asks for helping buying a lucky race horse. However, Amanda shows up to visit MacLeod and she and Kit have a history... and Duncan is caught in the middle.

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  • Double Eagle was one of the light-hearted comedic episodes.

    Duncan tries to keep his two Immortal friends Kit O'Brady and Amanda apart. The two of them have a feud going back to San Francisco 1888, when Kit lost his Saloon the Double Eagle to Amanda in a poker game. Kit is trying to get Duncan to buy a racehorse with him so he can end his unlucky streak that goes back to that fateful day in 1888. Duncan just wants to keep the two of them from killing each other and enlists Richie’s help in doing so. All the actors have done a great job with their comedic timing in this episode. The scene where Amanda is trying to seduce Richie to find out where MacLeod has gone was simply brilliant. Nicholas Campbell as an Immortal with an allergy to the immortal feeling was hilarious. One of the best comedic episodes of the series. Also one of the few episodes without a quickening.moreless
Mario Azzopardi

Mario Azzopardi

The Count

Guest Star

Nicholas Campbell

Nicholas Campbell

Kit O'Brady

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Tim Henry

Tim Henry

Jim Rainey

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Elizabeth Gracen

Elizabeth Gracen


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    • Kit: (after preventing a man from shooting Duncan) MacLeod, I'm mortified.
      Duncan: Oh, there's really no need. After all, my life wasn't in danger.
      Kit: No, but he would have ruined a perfectly good shirt and that would have been unforgivable.

    • Kit: Boy, have I been on a bad run, MacLeod. You wouldn't believe it.
      Duncan: How bad?
      Kit: A hundred and seven years.
      Duncan: Ah, maybe you should quit gambling.

    • Kit: No thieving French harlot with a coiffure is going to steal my place from me and get away with it.
      Duncan: He didn't mean that...
      Amanda: (slapping Kit) I'm not French!

    • Richie: Amanda found out where you were.
      Duncan: What do you mean, she found out?
      Richie: Well, I didn't mean to tell her, Mac. But she started talking and doing things and, well, I didn't stand a chance.
      Duncan: You wouldn't be the first.

    • Amanda: (thinking Duncan is cheating on her) Would you just stop it? Tell me... what you see in her.
      Duncan: All right. Beautiful brown eyes, amazing legs.
      Amanda: Better than mine?
      Duncan: Well, what can I say? She has powerful chest, endless stamina, doesn't let up in a final stretch.
      Amanda: MacLeod!
      Duncan: Ow! And four great feet. (points to the horse he's bought)

    • Amanda: It reminds me of that Kit O'Brady.
      Duncan: Really, Amanda, you don't still remember him?
      Amanda: You don't forget the Black Plague.
      Duncan: After all these years? How long can you stay mad at someone?
      Amanda: Oh, just until Hell freezes over.

    • Amanda: For the first time, I've made something I can be proud of.
      Duncan: Amanda, you've won it in a card game.
      Amanda: That's not the point.

    • Kit: But what kind of a person steals a man's lucky piece?
      Amanda: Ha, I didn't steal it. I threw it in the sewer.
      Kit: You threw it away?
      Amanda: Yeah.
      Kit: In a sewer?
      Amanda: Yeah. Some rat's got it and he's probably winning.

    • Duncan: Now, can't we just discuss this like reasonable people?
      Kit & Amanda: No!
      Duncan: Just checking.

    • Duncan: No, not here.
      Kit: This is not holy ground, MacLeod.
      Duncan: No, it's my home. What do you want me to do, watch you two kill each other?
      Kit: I suggest you go over there and don't look.

    • Kit: Burn down the saloon? You really think I'd burn down the Double Eagle?
      Amanda: Queen of Spades. Besides, how was I to know? You were such a sore loser.

    • Amanda: These (earrings) are worth twenty-five thousand. A prince gave them to me.
      Kit: A prince? A piker maybe, maybe on a good day.

    • Kit: You remember I told you a full house was good...that's three of one kind, and two of another.
      Amanda: But all I have is two pairs.
      Kit: That's not very good.
      Amanda: Of queens...

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