Season 2 Episode 5

Eye for an Eye

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1993 on
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Richie must face his first Immortal opponent when he opposes an Immortal Irish terrorist who is one of Duncan's former lovers.

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      • Richie: Mac, I can't die!
        Duncan: That's right! You take 50 slugs in the chest and you survive; how do you explain that? Yes a man died, and he's not coming back.
        Richie: He deserved it.
        Duncan: Did he?! Did you have a good look at his soul? You better start learning The Game and I mean now!
        Richie: Fine! You teach me.

      • Annie: Why don't you stay? It'll be a beautiful war.
        Duncan: War's never beautiful, Annie.

      • (Duncan presents Richie with his first sword)
        Duncan: Take good care of it, live with it, make it part of you. Might be the only friend you have.

      • Duncan: You're still who you are. You don't change when you become immortal, you just live longer.

      • Annie: (to Richie) Don't worry, I will take your head. But first I'm going to hurt you.

      • Richie: I keep thinking I'm going to need to be different, like someone is gonna tell me how to be, what to do.
        Duncan: What were you expecting, a set of instructions?
        Richie: Well, Mac, even Superman had 'em.
        Duncan: You're not Superman, Richie.

      • Richie: I was staring right down the barrel of that goon's gun. I can't believe it, Mac! Right down the barrel and I didn't even blink. Mac? Is that how it feels every time?
        Duncan: No. Only when you're a damn fool.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Originally titled "The Training of Richie Ryan", but changed due to the release of a similarly named movie at the same time. This episode marks a major change in the dynamics of the series, as Richie becomes Duncan's student, fights his first immortal, and (at the end of the episode) is given his first sword.

      • For the first and only time in the series, the entirety of Queen's extended "Princes of the Universes" theme is used, during the training sequence between Duncan and Richie.

      • Flashback: Ireland, 1919

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