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Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1993 on
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Episode Summary

Tessa claims to see a woman murdered, but there's no body and only Duncan believes her. Duncan realizes that an Immortal is behind the killing...the chief of detectives who is in charge of the investigation.

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  • An Immortal targets Tessa when she sees him as a mortal kill another woman.

    A decent episode at a social gathering. Tessa witnesses a couple arguing. He then sees the man attack the woman and possibly throwing her off the bridge.

    The guy then targets Tessa because it so happens he's the Chief of Police. A bit clicheic but the episodes gets the job done. For a change it's not Duncan being targeted and this really seemed to make it a bit more dangerous. Duncan had to be more sly than usual as the cops were involved. In the end, he stopped the corrupted officer.

    Panzer in the DVD talks about the stunts and how others were concerned they were dangerous but they took the shots they needed.


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    • Duncan: Tessa, you're stronger than she was. If something happened to me, you'd be fine.
      Tessa: You only think so because it suits you.

    • Tessa: Duncan, when the time comes, if you ever have to leave me, (Duncan groans) I won't be like Ann, I'll leave you first.
      Duncan: You do that!
      Tessa: Yeah?
      (they kiss)
      Duncan: Yeah! And I'll follow you, wherever you go, for as long as you live.
      Tessa: Mmmm... then maybe, just maybe, I won't leave.

    • Richie: Well, I forgot what to say, so I just told her I don't know the difference between a Picasso and a piano, and she doesn't care.

    • Randi: I wanted to talk to you.
      Tessa: Really?
      Randi: You're right - it's just pretext. (to Duncan) We were deciding your place or mine.
      Tessa: Don't let me interrupt. (leaves)
      Randi: Why doesn't she like me?
      Duncan: It couldn't be your personality, could it? Or tact.

    • Tessa: Do you think I'd go to all this trouble if I didn't think something was very wrong. I'm not hysterical. I'm not doing this for attention. I just want something to be done.
      Bennett: Of course. Just don't expect miracles.
      Tessa: I just expect you to do your job.

    • Tessa: I reported a murder, not a flying saucer!

    • Tessa: Go talk to her.
      Richie: Tess, you can dress me up, but I know what's out of my league.

    • Richie: Whoa. Damn, check me out. I am one sharp dude.

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