Season 1 Episode 2

Family Tree

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1992 on

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  • Duncan helps Richie serve for his dad Jack Ryan and finds a comman instead.

    A decent episode albeit a little predictable. Richie , Dunca's new friend wants to find his roots. He learns that his real mother is dead but that his real father might be alive.

    Meanwhile a conman Joe Scanlon gets himself in trouble with his boss who then tries to blackmail into erasing a gambling loss. The man poses as Richie's father so he can steal Tessa's artifacts. As mentioned pretty predicable however we do learn more about Duncan's own genealogy here and how he was outcasted by his own parents. There's a revelation there yet to be finalized so there was a parallel between Richie's problem and Duncan's past.

  • Richie meets a guy, who has gambling debts, who says he is his long lost father. Mac and Richie help him out of his problem while revealing the truth.

    OFF the heels of a great first episode...The SECOND episode is waaay too soon for a filler episode. The flashback was god to help understand McCloud's 1st death, but the story was so predictable I thought I was watching a 70's NBC sitcom. This eposode was phoned in and deserved better.

    Good to see Peter Deluise since his 21 Jump Street days...
  • While there is some good character development for Duncan and Richie this is only a good episode at best.

    Family Tree is one of the few episodes in season one that does not have an “Immortal of the week.” Which dominated so many of the first season episodes. In this episode we learn more about the character of Richie Ryan, the former foster child that MacLeod and Tessa have taken in. We see through flashbacks that the quest that Richie is on to find his birth parents parallels in some ways the journey that Duncan went through when he first found out that he was an immortal. Richie was shuffled from one foster home to another, while Duncan was declared an outcast and driven from his home. Leaving both Richie and Duncan to wonder ‘where do I come from.’ Richie believes that he has found his birth father but things may not be what they seem.
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